NYC DeBlasio Security Shoot

by Ryu

…sometimes, it is the shots a sniper WON”T take that display his ability.

Pulling the trigger is the fun part. The other 99% is intel, setting up the shot, avoiding detection, and GETTING AWAY WITH IT IN THE LONG TERM.

The sniper in this case took his shot from within 100 meters, downward, from the inside of a lit-up apartment, from within the windowsill. The shooter was nailed within 10 minutes and was immediately identified. He used an airsoft rifle, which …..…..does not produce fatal injuries.

It is a shot that should not have been taken. The sniper didn’t leave himself an out.

Military and police snipers don’t have to be as good. They’ve got coverage on the backside and are virtually never charged for their actions. This is not the case with civilians.

A good hunter knows which shots to take, and which shots not to take. He’s looking ahead to AFTER the shot, when he has to clean up and leave the scene. It is about “technologies” like patience, control, and discipline. These take years to develop, and cannot be bought at the market.

11 Comments to “NYC DeBlasio Security Shoot”

  1. Every “attack” on a LN fascist SWATZI triggerman is an “outrage” when done with a toy “assaulty-ASSAULTRifle!”

    Thus, Channon Christian and her broken table-leg rape by gangs of rape-crazed coloreds remains ignored.
    Even whites are “outraged” at the fake whop DeBlastio attack.

    Savvy snipers never backlight themselves in lit windows – or in any place such as rooftops or ridges.

    • Found an interesting story, FP.–abc-news-topstories.html#

      [ed note: LMFAO: does the gullibility of flagwavin’ WarHicks know NO bounds? Nope.]

    • FP: Do you think there will be a mass eradication of coloreds in the future of Murka? What are your predictions?

      • “Capitalism is needed to fund The Eradication Machine, and valued for the busywork it gives trailerpark whites.”

        Your comment from 2014.

      • FP: Do you think there will be a mass eradication of coloreds in the future

        Yes, but it comes with a caveat. Once on Eradica I explicated this complex theory in more detail; search both posts and comments.

        Conditions will have to deteriorate to such a level forcing 2065 GENJustin to act. The year of prognostication is just a symbol as it is most likely a long way off in the future; so far off, that maybe your grand kids might be too old for the wetwork party. By then, I suspect whites will have degenerated into H.G. Wellsian Eloi. Science fiction provides a broad picture or exaggeration. History does not repeat itself, but it rhymes. Likely a poem of Rome where all that glory fades like a fallen Forum.

        It seems more likely the black will fight the Migger and vice versa. Probably over the last fat white girls. They’ll have primal reasons to clash – food, money, pussy and power. Some whites will rekindle their Viking-Redcoat dominance but I have deep doubts if that – along with sheer numbers – is enough.

        I cannot emphasize strongly enough that most future outcomes are predicated on trends. These are numeric and replicable, not hunch.

        One must put aside prejudices and biases to honestly look at who gains who who is losing to determine a valid future strategy.

      • It is a hard thing to kill, JS. One has to be either very stupid or very smart.

        On one hand, is the average soldier/cop/gang-banger. They are not smart, but are either protected by the law or by their mino status.

        Very smart killers would be like Kaczynski, Ted Bundy, Or Osama. Sometimes they can actually get away with it too.

        The new generations of whites are stupider, just as I am stupider than the 50s gen, and they are stupider than the pioneer gen. But the new kids don’t care about the holocaust or WW2, which is progress. Get stupid enough and they’ll lose respect for “the law” and finally fight back.

      • Just look at our colleges/universities. That predicts the future of this country. Dumb coloreds are now infested in our school system at the expense of the wheatie demographic. Who benefits from this? College presidents who bang several million dollars a year in salary, who get to rub shoulders with the Clintons, Sheldon Silvers, and other higher profile FFLNs. They know coloreds are useless and avoid them as neighbors with their money, but as long as it benefits them in social status and line their pockets, the more the merrier.

      • FP: I think one thing that WN types including Stormweenys failed to understand, is the main source of the problem, which you elaborate a lot, but it eventually ends up in the back burner.

        WLNs/Wheatie Eliteys and FFLNs in general, are the main source/focal point of the colored vermin in Western Nations.

        I point out the college presidents, another type at the educational institutions. Politicians flood White nations with colored vermin and school bureaucrats do the same with our learning centers.
        [ed note: yes. the full blame is on whites; they began – and continue – the party for MINOs and coloreds]

        Picture this: College prez here with Mayor dumblasio, who graduated from the same school (he’s wheatie who actually became a converted Jew, how about that for a new yawka, and acts likes one when it comes to abusing perks. Jews are the biggest offenders when it comes to abusing privileges in the elite world – see next link)

        Maria Bartiromo, Mayor Bill de Blasio and NYU President John Sexton before the event

        If GI Gleeny steals money from his SWATZI team to indulge in porn. LNs do the same when it comes to theirs. The only difference is that high order LNs are above the law, where as GI Joe is not.
        [yes, indeed; you have learned well. now, once you control your Niggerspickiking, you will be invincible in Telling Truth to others]

  2. Here’s a NYC minute news for you guys: Wheatie wussified!

    If you think GenBrandon is dull, dumb and doof, this lady will make them done for good.

    How do we sponsor tough wheatie youths to visit places like NYC, and teach someone a lesson?

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