LN Media Analysis ala R-Lim

by Firepower

Valuable analysis of our complex Propaganda Media Structure is always welcome.

Rushi is still the best for thorough and simple descriptions, although he could use an editor. Being A God, he’ll never admit it. Even with his massive audience, he is but a big fish in a little pond compared to the Triumvirate of LN Media network nazis:

“…the conservative-media revolution has caused the liberal media to abandon any pretenses of objectivity and fairness and actively advocate on the Left’s behalf. This has led in turn to the hyper-partisan nature of our politics today. When Republicans were perennial losers and happy about it, the media could stay hidden behind their wall of phony objectivity. But they were called out. Now there is a fierce competition for the hearts and minds of the American people, which the Left used to believe it owned.

Yet what crucial next step Sir Rushi still does not grasp is: The….….. total, valid reality of his assessment means nothing because the potential number of revolutionary combatants dwindles in degeneration each year, leaving his multiple Palm Beach oceanfront mansions only more isolated as bastions in Fortress Cities.

How odd it will be in 2065, to be a “conservative” surrounded by LNs in their remaining FFOL Stronghold city-states,  living only at their pleasure. Call it at-will tolerance of a despised minority.

It wont last long. LNs will eradicate all who disagree with their pogrom.

35 Comments to “LN Media Analysis ala R-Lim”

  1. Rush is nevertheless still as good as it gets without crossing the WN line.

    He is also honest about the show being a business first:
    Rush Limbaugh: Why Is This Show So Successful?

    For true gitmo nation media deconstruction i recommend the No Agenda podcast.

    Yes they coined that, gitmo nation.

  2. Dude, Rush is a conman, FP. He’s running this con that he cares, but he’s just after the $$$$$$$$$$.

    He’s more interested in his next fucky-trip to Santa Domingo than America’s future. He’s strung along his audience of conservative cuckolds for the last 30 years.

    If America fell, he’d be the first in the breadline, because he cash-cow would have died.

    I like the way this page is set up. The title to the right is : WILL America survive to 2025 by Pat B. Buy my book and find out! He runs the same con.

    I’ve got a lot of hope for the future. It is in less education, not more. The white man needs to get more primitive and obey his instincts. He’ll do it too. Whitey knows what to do. He always did.

    • It’s not a con when he openly says… quote from above:

      “The reason I am here is to attract, and then hold, the largest possible audience, so i can then charge confiscatory advertising rates, period. This is a business, not a political party, not a political think thank and not a part of any conservative cause.”

      >but he’s just after the $$$$$$$$$$
      That’s what business does, you make it sound like an insult.

      Like him or not, but de-constructing leftism for decades isn’t nothing either.
      And who else can you mention to make liberals foam? That’s priceless!

      • It is a strange thing to regard the death of one’s race as a “business.”

        I bet if we offered him enough $$$, he’d become a liberal. In fact, I bet he’d actively promote the death of conservatism and the white race for enough.

        Hey, do you think that if someone held his family for ransom, that he’d be so detached? Would that be a business? His wife and kids perhaps?

        I don’t like Rush. I can “smell it” that he doesn’t give a rip. His faux-anger does not confuse me. He’s a pimp, profiteer and a capitalist. I’d rather see him on the corner selling pussy than selling phoney outrage.

        It’s entertainment for him. He doesn’t have the conviction to fight for it. WN is only partly teachable.

      • I believe multiple marriages (3-party contract with the State) and no children. Rush is “conservative” in the modern conception of the term. I think both guest and Ryu are correct in their analysis. Theirs aren’t mutually exclusive. Clearly, from “our” standpoint, the aim would be to convert Rush to a “white supremacy” that very much aligns with his current course… A radical autonomist deconstructing radical liberalism. He is, in the final analysis, bashing and smashing his ideological lessers… SHOWING them how to live like a modern “conservative.”

      • the aim would be to convert Rush to a “white supremacy” that very much aligns with his current course…

        Condemning cons who disagree with us or lack our pure radical view is a form of self-sabotage – and itself, a variant of that Self-Annihilating Thing that is your trademark.

        Rushi simply refuses to call The Spade a spade, so, he also (by default) refuses to validate Voltaire’s maxim:

        You know who rules by whom you can not criticize.

        If rushi cannot call a Spade a spade – or a jew a jew – then even with self-professed ‘media powwwwer’ he is a slave. He is therefore, not free.

        If he is not free with his influence and his hundreds$ of millions$ then…what are we?

      • Rush is free. As free as the birds.

        Freedom has to be used. Like a muscle, it atrophies with disuse. He’s just afraid of losing his pile of cash. He doesn’t own his money, it owns him.

        Just goes to show it won’t be the rich leading the revolution. They’re scared. Scared to be poor, faceless, irrelevent – just like the rest of us.

        We must not compromise just because a rich white has a smidgeon of WN in him. He’s got 1% of what any of us have. His millions can’t buy it.

        What are WNs after? A headline? Their own TV show? Or an ethnostate and an army? Some sympathy and a tissue?

        I want an ethnostate, like Israel. That’s what I’m in it for. Nothing less.

      • Rushi just has more to lose than you, and us.

        No one is free in the LN Police State:
        If so, you’d write under your real name.

        All fear the LN. It is why they rule all others – wns included. Hell, wns most of all. The FFOL wields power VRWs only masturbate of.

        I’m sure Pat Haniggin is still jackin’it to ww2 PeterPanzer vids imagining Germanic rallies in Melbourne – instead of the reality of Miggers flooding his farflung 2nd world shithole.

        The good thing is rushi has no kiddeez. That way, he can maybe grow some guts and nuke it all when he’s 89.

      • FP, did you see GI Joe’s wifey? She’s like a warpig. Must have luved the uniform.

        This arty has some good pics:

        [ed note: lol. yep. that gomer kept himself ripped for – what? prolly gloryholing in a boy’s school]

      • FP…

        So you must flip the script BECAUSE it is not so much that Rush cannot call the Jew qua Jew the “premier” anti-white Supremacist, but that he cannot, will not and self-annihilatingly MUST NOT CALL THE GREATEST OF white man genuine white Supremacists. So in effect, EVEN THOUGH Rush’s most frothing enemies think him a “white supremacist,” Rush, himself, doesn’t actually “see” his greatness in relation to the white Supremacist’s struggle. He is, in fact, not a genuine white Supremacist and so he, in the best case scenario, simply plays to his enemies worst delusions at the expense of the greatest of white men, ie., white Supremacy.

    • Yes, the ‘famous’ conserVagina writers are all ‘grecyclers concerned only with getting white canonnfodder clodhoppers to die protecting their palaces while fighting MINOs.
      Firepower’s Hierarchy of Blogging http://wp.me/p2kmGE-iu

    • Dude, Rush is a conman, FP.

      Remember to avoid your Pure Rush Hate when it interferes with the validity of his media quote contained in my main post: The Propaganda Media lost a major tool of deception – its ploy of ignorance. Now, it must openly operate as a biased source. They are as informers when their cover is blown.

      He describes the why in why “blown cover” and subsequent revealing discovery is the vector of suspicion.

      • This is a leadership site, FP. We should not be decieved by Rushi’s crocodile tears and faux-outrage.

        I listened to Rush too, when I started. He was amazing! For about a month. Then it got tiresome.

    • Most Murkans are after the $$$$. This is the reason why our police state exists. Again, the same logic!

  3. El Rushbo is most valuable in exposing media bias and dishonesty, that’s plenty! A steppingstone at least.

    And there is no mere pretense of objectivity in the msm, it’s much worse, leftists are true believers, doomsday cultists used to wait for the mothership hidden away, now they run the media and one of them is even the president!

    Liberals really do believe they are above it all, that they shed partisanship, ideology or mere subjectivity like the Homo sapiens shed it’s tail. As far they are concerned, modern science affirms all progressive premises. Calling them partisan is almost hate speech.

    The apocalypse? That’s crazy bible thumper talk, but climate doom, pure cold logic (no pun intended), so why not strong-arm people into it?

    You can see this phenomena with aforementioned Rush, he is always prefaced with “conservative” radio host, you don’t ever hear his name mentioned without the word conservative, or another insult, in the same sentence. On his Wikipedia entry the word conservative appears 23 times and Republican 14 times!

    While on the Wikipedia page for Charlie Rose, for example, the only reference to his politics is that he did an internship in the office of the Democratic North Carolina senator, the words liberal or democrat are otherwise mentioned zero times! Same with Jon Stewart Leibowitz from the Daily Show, the only nod to his politics is “When he was labeled a Democrat, Stewart generally agreed but described his political affiliation as more socialist or independent than Democratic.” He is just a little bit of a leftist, but generally objective, wink wink. The word liberal is again not found once on the whole page, same for Brian Williams or Anderson Cooper, who just moderated the first Democratic presidential debate.

    And when it is mentioned, it’s with a spin, from Rachel Maddows wiki:

    “I’m undoubtedly a liberal, which means that I’m in almost total agreement with the Eisenhower-era Republican party platform.”

    Oh snap!

    “Maddow further said she’s a national security liberal and in a different interview that she’s not a partisan.”

    Or from Bill Mahers wiki (the one who donated a million to Obama):

    “Maher eschews political labels, referring to himself as practical.”

    Yet those very same “objective” liberals have a literal comic book villain view of everyone on the right, it’s hilarious. Of course all we do is swirl our mustaches, hate women, drink beer and rape, everyone knows that!

    Rush exposes all that, that’s why i applaud him.

  4. Just came across this: http://www.politico.com/story/2015/11/ben-carson-west-point-215598

    I just KNEW this West Point story way BS. I’ll bet all these famous operations where he supposedly separated co-joined twins are BS too.

    • He’s black. There must be a ton of stuff on him. He must have gotten a lot of affirmative action goodies.

    • I was meaning to ask. Is it true that the GOP is planning on running a nigger? I’ve read a couple of articles here and there, but couldn’t comprehend it. Are they looking for someone to emulate King Kong’s success?

      • Colin…. This just shows how deeply pathologically deracinated is the “conservative” mass… ALL ARE anti-white Supremacy from far left to far right. There is no ideological spectrum.

      • So it is true then TD? Carson was his name.
        Euromedia has gone full trash over here. Whereas until recently you could strain the truth out of the propaganda stream, that job has become difficult and time consuming. And stories just don’t get printed or broadcast if they might effect “social cohesion”.

      • Yes Colin… It is seemingly becoming a Republican race between Donald “white supremacy” Trump and Ben “I’m not a black Supremacist” Carson.

      • 2 Colin

        Is it true that the GOP is planning on running a nigger colored?

        As the MRKN demographic decays into browner masses, eventually it will be impossible to ever elect a White Male President.
        Patterns of MINO Rulers http://wp.me/p2kmGE-4sS
        The Electoral College Fulcrum – California http://wp.me/p2kmGE-1sh
        Strategy As Political Fairy Tale http://wp.me/p2kmGE-2CJ

      • Jaysus FP, I’d have thought after King Kong you guys would at least consider giving yourself a break from basketball heads of state. Or is it just a ruse to show that Republicans can do nigger luv as well? You might get fucking Hillary at this rate.

      • Jaysus FP, I’d have thought after King Kong you

        I’ve long said RepubliTards are just as stoopid as LibNazis because they are cut from the same cloth – educated by the same FAT wite Feminist Teachaz in BIGov Skool.

        Both Parties Must GO; Firepower’s Speeding Cliff Model: http://wp.me/p2kmGE-2up
        How BOTH Leftist & Conservative Elites Control You http://wp.me/p2kmGE-1dL

      • Found a good story, FP. Ferd and Rooshi had a conference and the antifas showed up. I think Jack Donovan is using roids. In fact, I know it.

        Interesting to see their response to violence.

      • FP. Ferd and Rooshi had a conference and the antifas showed up.

        Good. They each very much deserve it; I laugh at both of them.

        As you and I learn more each day how wites must suffer brutally under UncleBEAST in order to finally get motivated, so must The Grecycling Kingz. It’s their return to the same themes and their return to the same themes and a return to the return to the return to…blah bla.

        We warned them of having tunnel vision regarding Falanges of the FFOL. I warned them to count faggots and coloreds as their enemies along with their fixation on Wimmin.

        As far as antifas disrupting their sem – lmao: I bet they each went at each other hammer and tongs with their purses.

      • Well, according to “the polls”, which may or may not be accurate, Trump and Carson are neck and neck. Ben Carson is the black republican candidate.

      • “If the answer to anti-white “equality” is not white Supremacy then you nerds need to back to rudimentary math class.” — thordaddy @ ROK 9:18pm PST

        E-race-diss in 3.4 sec…

        [ed note: you need to spell check lest you become subject to ridicule which destroys The Message. You need to clarify your words for punks instead of sounding like a PHI 101 Proff…]

  5. Colin — I expect Britain to elect a colored ruler in my lifetime. The entire Anglo-Cesspool World for you to watch.

    Almost half of your women are with niggy!

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