American Lies: Eat Worms!

by Ryu

Environmentalism and the new trend of bug-eating is one of the newest cons in America. It is to be followed by the non-elite only, as if going backwards is making progress.

One day, the white man is going to find himself outdoors in a loincloth, eating bugs and grubs. Meanwhile, his mino masters will be suited up eating lobster flown in from Maine. Who is this “progress” for?

There will be no plates of writhing bugs at Manhattan clubs. That’s for…..….. the slaves only.

No one has a smaller carbon footprint than a starving Somalian. Give up your car! Give up your life in the city and big house! Stop eating meat and become a vegetarian!

This is a slow and deliberate retreat from the halls of power. The elite are certainly not eating bugs. Their houses are growing larger and more opulant. Their security is getting tighter and is more heavily armed. They aren’t pulling back at all.

First world farmers are having a more difficult time increasing their output and feeding the world. Thus, the attempt to make less difficult food production methods, like eating bugs, desireable. Don’t fall for it.

44 Responses to “American Lies: Eat Worms!”

  1. Yep, Time magazine’s latest issue goes on about how eating meat will give you cancer. It’s all getting so transparent now. They aren’t even trying anymore.

    • This is the hippie, vegetarian notion that it is more efficient to produce large amounts of vegetables, rather than animals from agriculture. Its a pseudo science thing, that overlooks the notion of marginal agricultural land. For instance, in the North of England, large parts of land can only really grow sheep economically.

      I live in Ireland, and drive to work in a submarine. but the government is fond of telling us that water is a precious resource. I figure they’ve been listening to someone from California.

      • The water crisis is a manufactured crisis. Some places are flush with water. Others are poor. Obviously, Ireland has all the water it needs.

        Unless they plan on importing about 1 billion Africans. Then they will need more. Overpopulation counts for a lot.

  2. At this point the resource with the greatest shortage is not food but hate.

  3. Is this the “eat locusts or grasshoppers” or some such shit, I was reading about in the Guardian, about a year back happening in the US Ryu?

    I forget the main part of the article, but recall the gist of it was some peasanty types in South America, eat bugs, and so should we. The author claimed they were “crunchy”.
    In Australia, I understand the Abos eat large maggots called widgery grubs.

    Any sources – I could do wiv a bit of a giggle.

  4. When White Culture ruled the world via groups of the most advanced nations and people in history, Whites ate the prime cut – and the coloreds got the cockroach casseroles.

    Now that international wite leadurz rule wite cattle, they’ve convinced The Stupids (since the 1960’s) to be the bug-eaters and give beef to negroes, to deplete the waning remnants of White Strength in use for nourishing the nigras.

    It’s Twisted Christianity; “Christ-like” good works for secular progressives.

    • White culture dominating the world was an Anglo delusion that became a nightmare. The Englishmen pars 2nd rate to the Spanish, who founded colonies before them and then left them their own devices, while Mr. Johnson still believes in the colored dungholes he founded to be multicult utopias.

      • @ JS Its still evolving m8. Germany is, at last, becoming a multicult utopia.

        @ FP “It’s Twisted Christianity; “Christ-like” good works for secular progressives.” – thanks that one’s going on my notepad.

      • Aussie Oz – is evolving into another Anglo Cesspool.

        It’s quite interesting that I’ve met quite a number of Quebecois who feel that fortune gookers have no place in French Speaking domains. Rightly so, it’s an Anglo phenomenon, that slants are found in large numbers. They and the Jews are money grubbers.

      • Labeling it anglo ‘delusion’ is wrong.
        Until the 19th to mid 20th century, White Men used chinese gooks and coloreds. Whites were in command.

        After ww2 victory came the Wite Potlatch inviting every colored to drink the blood of suicidal Wite Nations. The welcome mat for filthy Muzz refugees is but the most recent attempt at suicide.

        Wites know filthy 3rd world coloreds only accept filet mignon, so they use Happy Meals R’ Bugz! to shift the food capacity burden to wimpywites who are propagandized to eat bugs and give steak to EbolAfricans.

        Wites really are that stupid now and thus, deserve extinction.

      • FP, have you ever tried to track down hints of today’s situation in the past – like in music and film? I’d like to hear what Roman music was like.

        That 1959 song Sleepwalk is very queer. It seems prophetic.

      • FP, have you ever tried to track down hints of today’s situation in the past – like in music and film?

        I am a great devotee of using past mass arts to understand differences of eras.

        It is most telling that Mod MRKNS mock a Dennis Morgan [and the era] and prefer worshiping Lil’ Wayne.

      • The Anglo domains are a failure, if one fast forwards today, because irrational greed that comes with sustained colonialism, invites all kinds of problems. Multiculturalism, is the foremost symptom, because wheaties needed more manpower to engage in petty labor, which ironically, is a backbone necessary for the survival of a functioning society. The Spaniards realized early on, how Latin American colonies were a failure. They initially wiped out many natives through disease, and replaced them with niggas for manpower, and were stuck with all kinds of problems, when the coloreds rebelled, and this became a problem, when Spain’s coffers couldn’t quell the problem. Since then, Spain abandoned their pet projects for good, while Anglo societies creatively and radically uplifted colored savages to live amongst them.

  5. I still can’t grasp how the media actually convinced people that milk & eggs are unhealthy, it’s hilarious.
    Every time i see some brainwashed idiot ordering egg white omelets i wanna shake him out of the trance…

    And speaking of hilarious, check this bit by Jim Gaffigan on bottled water…
    “How dumb do i think the Americans are, i bet we can sell them water!”

    Meanwhile just this week: PepsiCo admits its Aquafina water is just tap water

    • I too follow the bottled water thing. It’s just tap water.

      I’m tempted to start my own water company, out of my house. Put a nice logo on the label. Then I’ll just fill the bottles from the tap and charge 2 bucks a bottle.

      JT Barnum needs to be multiplied. There’s 1000 suckers born every second today.

      • It’s worse than pure tap after it was bottled, pipes don’t release chemicals that mimic estrogen like plastic bottles.
        Here in Europe all water is tested every few years and tap usually wins, yet people are afraid to drink this water…

        So life hack number two, after throw your TV out, throw out all your plastic kitchen-ware, glass & stainless only!

      • I can remember when glass was the norm in America. Must have switched in the late 80s or so. Then everything became plastic.

        The Agenda 21 crowd believes this is a part of neutering and androgenizing the population. It’s certainly convenient. I agree with them.

        You live in the EU? Tell us about European WN. I hear it’s like Poles vs Germans vs Russians. There’s a lot of old grudges.

      • >I’m tempted to start my own water company

        Ditto, my idea was to bottle (or rebrand) water in Thal, Austria
        the birthplace of Arnold and sell this magic water to mericans’!

  6. @ Ryu. Some German “far right” chaps kicked some Muzz ass this weekend and errm…. that’s it.
    To early to say yet, it has potential though. The action may well kick off in Germoney. The muzz just keep on piling in
    Interesting times – this site tends to pick up the good stuff. If you can be bothered to sift through the shit.

    • 2 groups of conquerors fought the Muzzies successfully and were exceedingly brutal/heavy handed as a result: The Christian Spaniards and the Mongols.

      Mainstream Euro Crusaders did not effectively slaughter the Muzzies en masse. I believe they will fail to steer the rising tide of Islamization of Europe. Furthermore, Germoney, is infested with niggas to make things worse.

      [ed note: your relatives, the French did also – the Franks. see Charles Martel]

      • Yes, but I’ll pass on Charles Martel warding off the Muzzies as a minor event in history, simply, for the fact that after his death, Muzzies continued to harass Christendom in Continental Europe. They made incursions into France again in the 11th century, and took parts of Southern Italy. The Spanish Reconquest appears to be the most successful campaign, after centuries of unification and planning to rid of the Islamic stronghold in Europe.

      • Fuck JS, you need to give up on the history and consider climate science.

      • What’s there to give up? Spain still reigns in supreme over the Anglo fucks! I expect Britain to elect a colored prime minister within my lifetime.

  7. Just out of curiosity, does anyone have a guesstimate about what percentage of the White population are actually WN (Pro-Whites, NS, identariants, etc) types? I was thinking around 1% but I have feeling that might be high or am I way off?

    • No idea, I can speak only for Europe, where its becoming a high growth area. Thanks oddly, to the unrestrained hubris of liberal progressives.

      • WN is Europe is about nationality and race. Spain in particular, dislike Brits, and see them as foreign as some colored savage.

      • Yes, I’ve heard about this. The Brits have $$$ to spend and they buy villas in Southern Spain, pricing out the locals. Then also trying to steal the Spanish women also.

        Spain is a poorer country than England. It seems as if the poor countries are more racist than the rich.

      • 2 Ryu

        poor countries are more racist than the rich.

        It is why Mrka is so fat, dumb and happy: Toyz. Bread N’ Circus. Pizza N’ PlayStation…

        It is also why it will take near total collapse of GENJustin!© WRLD 35+ years from now. Hungry people revolt. Starving people storm the barricades without anymore care for their lives. Sated people PlayStation.

        As I stated yesterday: Only when the ‘basement money’ runs out on the three or four GENS still living in great-great-granmas’s basement shall dimwitted future Murkan Morlox manifest Death.

        When Disneyland closes, the revolution opens. That’s so far away as to be nothing but a PoolSide attractant to me – and so likely to be conducted by degenerated, future utter idiots that I no longer have any care if they die as slaves. wgaf

      • That’s good work but depressing. I’ll be old then. Maybe they can throw my soiled diapers at the minos or something.

        The perfect example is Eastern Europe. Far more racist than the West. And here in Murka, we were more racist when everyone was poorer, like the 30s. A little poverty helps.

        35 years is not such a long time, in the history of a people. This is 2015. We aren’t dramatically diff from the whites of 1980. Our ancestors won’t fall too far by 2050.

      • 35 years is not such a long time

        I see only the white trash and wite liberals breeding, not Wiking-Wulf Jungen. Most here likely don’t even have children and never will. The others gave them up or lost them to wifey in custody battles ala wimpy welmer. The inferior wites dilute us.

        It all comes down to if you truly believe and tell yourself the trend of FutureGEN is upward to genius, or trends toward morbidity.

        There comes a point in everyone’s life when ’35 years’ reaches an identical level of urgency.

        Flying a rebel flag in your truck, then getting beat the fuck up is called losing. It’s called subjugation.
        Being the aggressor and the beater is being The Ruler.

        The term ‘avoid the groid’ is popular among VRW wns. Well, antelopes avoid predators because they fear them. Because they are weaker. When predators become threats to Men, Men eradicate predators – they don’t avoid them. They hunt them.

        This ain’t in Niggatown, USA. It’s in WiteBread Salt Lake City.

      • Downward is the proper way, FP. The lower the valleys, the higher the mountains.

        The white man had a lot of conceit. The OTHER races are animals. Only we whites have evolved past racism.

        It is actually easier to con and BS an educated genius than a street urchin. The genius has learned abstraction, so he’ll believe anything. The idiot only believes what he sees.

      • It is actually easier to con and BS an educated genius than a street urchin. The genius has learned abstraction, so he’ll believe anything. The idiot only believes what he sees.

        Brilliant observation – I learned it quick and clearly. thx

      • It is not entirely my own, FP. I learned it from the criminal classes.

        Every organism has parasites. The rich and the educated do too. There’s someone out there preying on the jews too, and on white liberals also.

      • Ryu: I will have to disagree with you. In an ironic way, Spain appears less racist than England, because in Anglo countries, people are forced to repress true feelings for political correctness.

      • That’s coz lats are jealous, of our good looks n sophistication. The fact that we are pure, instead of cross-bred with sand niggers and jewz.

    • Yeah, I can do that. Many whites are upset. Some are racist. A few are anti semites.

      We are wanting a real, full WN: immigration, PUA, MRM, HBD, jews, WW2, the works. The number of real WNs is very small. And at the level of this site, miniscule.

      I like to use real life examples. Out of all the whites I have actually met, I can think of 4 WNs or those who could become WNs with education. And who I can actually work with and trust, one.

      Less than 1%, less than 1 white out of 100. It is a genetic predisposition.

      What do YOU think the number is?

      • “What do YOU think the number is?”

        In the general population, my gut feeling, after talking to and observing people, is that the % is somewhere around 0.25 of the general White population. My observations may have something to do with the demographic and region I’m interacting with so that’s why I inquired. I was hoping that other people’s observations would be higher, that’s why I guessed 1%, but perhaps my observations weren’t so far off.

        The reason I inquired, is that I was doing a back of envelope calculation of how many people would have to be recruited for there to be a successful revolution. The rule of thumb is about 10% of the general population but since Whites aren’t 100% of the population, the % of the White population needed has to be greater than10%. At a 60% White population, the last number I saw quoted for the U.S., you’d need a minimum of ~17% of the Whites to ‘rebel.’ The numbers start to get really ugly really fast as the White population decreases. My personal opinion is we’re really around 50% of the U.S. Population so that means at least 20% of the White population needs to be mobilized. Is that really doable or is that already an improbable number?

      • In the Turner Diaries, the organization’s size is from 400-2000. That was written in 1978. HAC’s books had group sizes total in the northwest of 500-2000 agents.

        Your experience is likely to be the same as most WN experiences. I agree that the US is now about 50% white. The USG fudges those numbers a lot.

        Revolution IMO is not a numerical calculation. It is about people and human moves. One man can control a hundred other men, if he is properly armed. There’s an American trend to just throw numbers at things and they “hope” these number mean something. It’s everywhere now.

        In addition, we won’t be taking back the whole US back anytime soon. That’s a dream and totally unrealistic. I like Isreal as an example of an ideal ethnostate. A white one will have to be like the Israelis.

  8. FP: If you are a college grad, pay a visit to your school. It should be 1000% colored now, especially with wealthy gookers and AA niggas. Many college presidents have line their pockets with money from them.

  9. If you can’t call yourself a white Supremacist and you won’t eat worms then any “revolution” you can conceive is just a manifestation of your happy thoughts…

    Yet, on the other hand, if you think all water is “equal” on account of a few swindlers telling you how unequal their water is, well then? You must suffer from some kind of “aspie equality syndrome” where you make certain claims of equality without an awareness of how absurdly false is the equation. But, it is also within this relentless projection of “aspie equality syndrome” rippling across the virtual reality that the affliction grows by mere Law of Big Numbers.

    • I hope that’s houmour but not as we understand it?

      • Colin…

        It’s humorous in the sense that this whole “sphere” is anti-Equalist, BUT NOT Supremacist… If you are high IQ “white” male YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO “see” the problem and obvious solution, ie., the answer to the problem of anti-white “equality” is white Supremacy.


        If you do not want to “see” it and still maintain high IQ status, you must become aspie-like… Radically autonomous… Able to wield recklessly false equations under the tolerated guise of aspie syndrome.

        All white society is now manufactured (both technically and memetically) by the high IQ “white” male set of whatever religious or ideological persuasion they cloak themselves in… They advance their radical autonomy churning and turning on the ghosts of white Supremacy.

      • Thanks for your expansion TD


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