Cell Phone Evidence

by Ryu

Today, one of the FIRST things investigators look for is the cell phone. It contains a plethora of data.

Phone numbers called. Phone numbers received. Pictures on the phone. Locations of calls placed and recieved. Times and locations.

There is also physical evidence associated with the phone itself. Prints. DNA. Hairs and fibers. Blood, if present.

Technology makes up a big part of the American police state.

It’s only going to get worse in the future. If you can, give up or ration technology NOW, before getting hooked on it.

3 Comments to “Cell Phone Evidence”

  1. Technology is insidious.

    You can’t just install and run a program in an encrypted partition of your PC, as it’s programmed to write data in self-renewing default folders on the unencrypted part as well.

  2. A friend and I were watching some TV and saw a commercial for a product which plugs into your car for… better performance (?).

    He commented (paraphrasing): George Orwell has to be turning over in his grave. Mrkns are buying all the surveillance the state needs to track them, instead of having the state force it upon them.

    Interesting observation.
    Similar to the advertised product

    • Yeah, it’s crazy. Someone figured out that if you make it convenient, people will sign up for it. Have you watched the Tim Burton movie of 1984? In it, you’ll see that the proles are the beer-drinkers and the bar goes.

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