The American Police State: Established 1975

by Ryu

We know that THIS – here, now – is what a police state looks and feels like. Only dissidents will feel it, and it would take truly extreme measures before the average person even begins to notice.

How long has the USA been a police state?

The largest group of dissidents in the USA is criminals. The consensus date I have found is right about 1975.

Criminals have a saying: “Stay out of the computer.” It is hard to do anything in the USA that isn’t recorded in electronic media. You can’t buy gas or go to a restuarant today without being traced today.

Criminals have an acute sensitivity to….…. this. Their sentance does not end when parole begins. They have the label “ex-con” hanging over them constantly. This is a bad entry to have in the computer. After doing their time, they recieve a lifetime of second rate opportunities.

I was shocked by the realization of how early the US became a police state. Many of the rights we used to have seem amazing today. These are of course long gone now. Two that jump out are:

1) The ability to buy fireaarms by mail and have them shipped directly to your house.

2) 5th amendment protection to electronic media and financial records. This was lost in about 1974. Cops today are very invasive to a person’s financial records. It is now routine to study bank records and credit card records.

The golden age of direct action was from about 1977-1987. Many of the most famous WNs had their time then. They were operating in a fully formed, electronic police state.

I wish to apologize to them for my blindness during that period. Good men died trying to wake others up then. They were protecting our race while the rest of us were busy watching TV or with video games.

23 Comments to “The American Police State: Established 1975”

  1. Also in 1958, we didn’t have dullenials and coloreds running around.

  2. These paycheck soldiers and armchair generals really don’t impress me. Sure they have surveillance, but their staff is full of AA Minorities and Government mediocrities. I hear they spend most of the day downloading porn or picking up drugs and hookers. Ah, the benefits of having enemies who are stupid! Is it a benefit of diversity, or is it my White privilege of not being born stupid?

    • 2 Joshua Sinistar

      Sure they have surveillance, but their staff is full of AA Minorities and Government mediocrities.

      That is not how they triumphed and keep winning. is that their enemy sits on the NRA Mountain Of Guns – but does not use them.

      • FP: You and others here might yearn for the darker days, which doesn’t seem to be on the horizon. Or it could appear that darkness is out in broad daylight for any of us to notice it.

        The 80s era kept many people on their toes in one way or the other. Violent gangs, including exceedingly violent coloreds, and the drug epidemic keep people alert, and this was during the heyday when Raygun was prez. Much of our pop culture was also explicit, violent and sinister. Today, with Liberal effiminazis softening our culture, we’ve lost all intensity in everything.

        [ed note: nah. i yearn for Jamon Iberico. I know you are a ray of sunshine who sees how well your description of the 80s era turned out: it got us Sick Willi’s Pecker Adventures..]

      • The darkness is out in the clear. It’s bad out there today. People just aren’t surprised by it any longer.

        50% of 25yos live in Ma’s basement. Most adults have no retirement savings. College debt. America’s debt. Healthcare costs. All the new jobs are in shit work. These items don’t shock people. I don’t think modern Americans are capable of true shock.

        It is actually worse today than it was in the 1980s or 70s. Those hookers, pimps, con artists, and criminals are still in NYC. They just ain’t on the corner. The most successful criminals today make the laws and build the prisons. They’re up in those skyscrapers.

      • It is actually worse today than it was in the 1980s

        While true, that has no effect on a generation pacified by Bread, Circus, Gamin’ & Pizza. So long as there is McDonald’s, ComicCon & iPhone sexting it can go on indefinitely.

        The Elite really do have so much material wealth to expend on decoys for the mob, that they are capable of keeping them in those basements until raising grandchildren in them becomes the New Norm.

        Then, the cycle will repeat when Grammie n’ Grampee die off, thus creating spare room for those MultiCulti, colored PC grandkidz.

      • It’s worse today, because wheaties don’t eradicate nigs, but in the 80s, it was common. The Hells Angels in NYC, used to crack skulls of coloreds.

      • Ryu: I watch these commercials in Montreal, many of them in French, not many coloreds, mostly White Canadian.

        Murkan commercials are just fucking polluted with interracial wheatie slutty nigga suggestive material. I’ll tell you straight in the face, that White America is dead. I also see coloreds bossing around Murkan wheaties in TV shows.

      • FP: Murka is the new brazeel. Wheaties don’t intermarry SPICs and gookers in large numbers, but a mulatto nation is in full force. Even GenBrandon is marrying Shaniqua to assist in the suicide.

    • One thing one has to be clear about is who the enemy is.

      Survivalists will be dealing with COPS. Not soldiers. They are actually the same now, for the most part. But police follow different procedure than soldiers.

      Getting away with it is very, very hard. Without getting lucky, but creating a winning system.

      • I wanted to write about the word-phrase:

        Paramilitary Units

        THAT’S WHAT SWATZIs are in MRKA today: Paramilitary.
        Media hucksters used to lurv calling every junglespick guerrilla group ‘paramilitary units’ – like in those silly Nick Nolte/Janes Woods 80s fappa movies on the contras.

        The media lurved rubbin’ Ronni’s nose in shit.

      • I remember it, FP. “Sparrow team” is my fav term from that time.

        There is no diff between pigs and soldiers. The basic training is identical. Cops just use a little tighter ROE. Our Murkan cops are better armed than regular mil elsewhere in the world.

        I found a book called “Torture in Brazil.” It had incredible shit in it. America did some unholy things in South/Central America.

  3. Khrist I feel eloquent today…

    The FascistLN Police State might have appeared in ’75 as a bloody lump on the tit of Murka, but The Cancer developed out of earlier circumstances.

    Nixon installed the final bricks in the wall to appease dim-witted Murkans so they’d re-elect him in ’72. He was a staunch anti-Communist who dug fighting NVA gooks in ‘nam and hated his fellow citizen-hippies almost as much. Repubbi Nixon used Hoover’s FBI against hippies the same way Democrat Daley used jackbooted SWATZIs to bash hippy-heads at the ’68 Democratic National Convention.

    The NSA covert stuff stems from the 50’s Communist “witch hunt” days of McCarthy; again, all coaxed along by Hoover’s FBI spies. This had its inception in LN God FDR’s use of the FBI to prosecute WW2 here, against spies on US soil.

    Today, it’s Pantload Bushi’s MuzzAxis of Eeeeevull™ that excuses LN nazism against whites.

    Those are the stages of how the frog got cooked.

  4. Hillary will rename the country into the United Peoples Republic of America
    Not People’s Republic but Peoples Republic, for there will be lots of peoples.

  5. The police state was born when privacy was aborted in 1973. The liberated conceptual perversion of “Might makes Right” was complete with the “might” of a “mother” to kill her child (her fear) to MAKE “right.” Females killing their “fear” is “good.” This socially sanctioned self-annihilation rooted in female self-annihilation KILLED privacy as “we” know it and ushered in the nanny state that simply EXACERBATED the police state. The Police State is now in so many ways a mere function of the extent to which white females “enjoy” radical sexual autonomy. This ENTIRELY reckless and self-annihilating sexual ethos and lifestyle IS EXACTLY the type of “nature” that brings about the most pathetic of “white” knights and beta-orbiters to save the day…

    The kind of fools who would claim their mothers’ “right” to kill them in utero AND THEN “see” no Police State???

    Listen white man…

    IF YOUR MOTHER had a “right” to kill you FROM THE BEGINNING then a POLICE STATE is as natural and inevitable consequence as an healthy minded white man could conjure up. So when females can readily kill their kids, you need police… A lot of them. And paradoxically, nannies too.

    • You like logical consistency. That one idea follows from another.

      Let me ask you this: what right does the white man have to resist his fate today, TD? Does God favor the white race? What makes him think he is better than the others?

      • Ryu…

        The only good coming out of HBD was the IDEA of just LOOKING at the historical record objectively as possible.

        It’s very clear… The Russian worshipped Perfection as Orthodox and was nearly annihilated… The German-Anglo who worshipped Perfection as Protestant is under an annihilative assault and the Spaniard, French, Italian, European who worship Perfection as Catholics are also facing the same existential assault.

        And this is merely without…

        Speaks nothing to within…

        The MRKN police state is just the most entrenched infrastructure of a global police/nanny state… A Profiling State… Radical autonomy is the ideal AS LONG AS everywhere you go is known in either real time or preferably before the fact.

        As for tie question… It’s to each “white” make to ask himself whether he has the “right” to exist. I no longer argue the question. It’s an unequivocal “yes” by a logic of civilized mind ACUTELY aware of the barbarian “nature.”

        In other words, I have a right to exist by the mere fact that the world says I don’t… It need be no deeper than that to expose the self-annihilators amongst you.

        So by saying that Ryu doesn’t have a right to exist and then not holding myself to that standard, I declare myself enemy to Ryu…


        If I just say I have a right to exist… I need say NOTHING about Ryu. Nothing. Speak for yourself.

      • ^^^ As for [the] question… It’s to each “white” [man] to ask himself whether he has the “right” to exist. I no longer argue the question. It’s an unequivocal “yes” by a logic of civilized mind ACUTELY aware of the barbarian “nature.”

      • Does God favor the white race? What makes him think he is better than the others?

        toldya: God is a nigger.

      • That’s the wrong frame…

        White man favored God like no other race… Faithfully, fervently, feverishly, fiendishly, fanatically and fantastically…

        This FACT has all but been annihilated from the mind of the white mass… AND PURPOSELY SO (even HBDers cannot admit to a white man more inclined to Perfection than all other race of men).

      • Lol… Or it’s the “right” frame… I can now “see” your psyche war… I agree… For the liberated “white” Christian, god is a nigger. Beautiful.

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