by Ryu

My views against technology did not just pop out of the air and I did not take them only from Kaz. It came from study and personal experience.

The US today is the world’s largest open-air prison and police state. Like any prison, there are a ton of cameras. And it will only get worse in the future. Most technology is in the service of our enemy.

All big American cities now have traffic and license plate cameras. This means the police can track a car or person in real time. We know that they have databases tracking all car movements.

Hide and seek with guns. It’s one game WNs better get used to:

Anything electronic is suspect. Cell phones can be tracked. They contain who you called, when, and where you were when you did it. The police, if interested, WILL …..……question everyone you called. The cell phone is a major boom to investigators today. They do look for it, and often look for it first.

The system owns the internet. They could shut it down at their pleasure. Everyone knows that the NSA stores many emails, phone calls, the where and when of sites one visited.

There aren’t many modern seriel killers. Technology has made it much harder to get away with it. DNA technology was the watermark there. Killers have to evade the American camera networks, the electronic dragnet which includes credit card purchases, AND all the traditional considerations like leaving no witnesses.

The only “technology” that will save the white race is brains, balls, and muscle. In all other areas, the USG has the advantage. To win, you play to your strenths, not the enemy’s.

This video is a must-watch accessory to the post. It features a training exercise where a SEAL has to evade the Korean police for 2 days. Korea is EXTREMELY technologically-centered. Anytime he is in a city, he’s tracked. A normal person would do far worse than the SEAL.

27 Comments to “Anti-Technology”

  1. Yes! The knife is better than the nuke.

    PGP and TrueCrypt are vastly inferior to conlangs. Keystroke loggers and brute force dictionary attacks on the passwords make any regular encryption worthless. Not to mention rubber hose cryptoanalysis.

    • Yeah, they never try to ban knifes after the Chinese revolutionaries use them. I’ve read about one man stabbing 30 people at a time.

    • Dictionary attacks only work if the user made an elementary error, but electronic keyloggers can be effortlessly installed while they are out of the house. Most people won’t even notice if their stuff has been moved.

      I expect the cops to physically install devices on tens of thousands of computers belonging to tenuous suspects, and millions of software bugs.

  2. With the final nail in the coffin being the ban of cash money, a soft digital expropriation.
    Where we will not really own anything, but merely license things from the government…

    You think the “no fly” list is bad? Just wait until the “no buy” list!

    btw. here is the updated 2015 “You’ve Lost Privacy, Now They’re Taking Anonymity” talk, another must see, the speaker is a private investigator.

    • It is interesting how that happened, guest. I can remember when few had credit cards. But now I see even teens having them. Convenience counts for a lot, it appears. Easier to swipe a card than to carry around change.

  3. the murkan peeple let BIGov dominate them to the point that only crush kill destroy EVERYTHING will ever free them.

    And with Dullennialz being the most advanced sub-species at present, having been raised in all this stew, only proves futureGEN will be still more docile and stupid: For a hit of 2055 HFCS, they’ll let you buttfuck ’em on FaceSpace.

    • See my reblog of the Walking Dead.

    • Murka is officially dead as a nation with any kind of unified ideology. It died decades, perhaps centuries ago. Furthermore, it’s a marketplace, not a country.

      Everyone strives their utmost to fuss, feast and fuck at premium in Murka.

      Eliteys never talk about Murka being a country, it’s all about profits!

      • I disagree… MRKA is the “epic” center of radical autonomy.

        And if you are a foreign infiltrator then your first thought is PERHAPS the Big Lie of a media declaring UncleBeast ONLY keenly aware of wS with SO76.

      • Radical autonomy is what makes Murka running with its green greasy wheels.

        Self annihilators are the most profitable clientele in Murka to exploit, and smart businesses know that. Everything that is pleasure induced, from fancy coffee in the morning to alcohol late in the wee hours, is what keeps them up, and serious money is to be made from them. Anything in between, the restaurants, the gadgets, etc etc…money, the same thing.

        Keep these folks in a perpetual state of fun, the more they’ll spend, the wealthier the capitalists.

      • I have often thought about opening a vice shop, with booze, candy and cigarettes.

        The rich of this country seem to have a tremendous thirst for the alcohol. It’s understandable why the poor drink. It seems as if some wish to self-annihilate in peace, without being looked down upon.

      • FP mentioned that Eurots envy Murka’s spending culture, with so much shit to feast on. Not really, it’s a quality vs quantity thing. Murka offers lower quality products. Most important, average Murkans have lower net worth and incomes.

      • FP mentioned that Eurots envy Murka’s spending culture

        Nope. Roissi and rooshi also preferred the blanket “usa sucks” mantra/meme/cliche; that’s just lazy thinking. They loved condemning the usa for its fatties – especially rooshi and his predilection of white non-murkan pussy. Both always memed how faaaaaaaaat murkans are. There’s plenty of photo evidence of El Gordo SMericans and fattyfat euros – especially Brittis.

        You just hate the usa soooooo mucho you blast it for everything including backne. It would be “funnee” but it causes you to make errors. Seeking validity with steps full of biases and skewed data creates falsehoods.

        the usa makes plenty of way better things than euros:
        Beef, chicken, Milk and fish. Housing. Bourbon. Beer. Ale. Chocolate. Tobacco. Gasoline. Tools.
        Produce and healthy foods like fruit, vegetables and nuts are priced even for the lowliest Migger to afford.

        That’s a long list of crucial goods.

        Euro has structural problems. ALL white nations have them now.
        VRW Idyllic Utopia Homeland SWEDEN even has worse Skoolz than Murka and they have far less niggersnmiggers…

      • I agree, FP. This is part of a mental trick.

        It seems to be a human condition to swing between extremes, before settling upon a middle path. I have done this too. I used to be a SP. Most have to learn to hate America, before they moderate. And I think “the people” need that emotion to take action.

      • I agree, FP. This is part of a mental trick

        It is but a portion of TDO/VRW. VRW exists as all concepts do, by having a counter – an enemy opponent. In this case, the enemy becomes a symbolic America existing in The Cloud, but not a specific colored living one street away.

        Murka has lost all its will to fight.
        It merely talks about fighting now.
        And, this will degrade much farther in the future.

      • And of course the SP are exactly the highest risk/highest reward targets within the “raider” model of collapse. So it becomes extremism at the expense of the “fine line.”

  4. What you want to keep an eye on with the camera’s and identifying your car, truck, is where the camera’s locations are, the route you take and the time frame for what you are doing, once you set the camera system off, you are stuck within a certain distance/time frame. There’s more then one system. You certainly don’t want to be in a vehicle crash if you break the distance/time frame.

    Truckies know this intimately on a federal and state level.

    Then you have criminals who make alibi’s, for instance if you do something at starting location X. Making your get away, you manage to avoid camera’s, driving at the speed limit or above it(if possible), push the drive 24 to 72 hours straight to destination Y, it then becomes physically impossible to be at the starting location X, according to the limits of the law.

    Most people including the majority of officers, think inside the limits of the law.

    I recommend sleep deprivation endurance trials, 24 hours is a piece of cake, 72 hours is when you hallucinate, the tendencies for micro sleeps is dangerous. Long hauls can be done singular, always better, safer in pairs.

    • I heard about this! It is a Guantanimo Bay in the USA. There’s supposed to be a dungeon below the FBI building in Quantico. Nasty stuff, but I believe it.

  5. Ha, FP: None of those foodstuffs you mentioned, produced in Murka are of any quality. The last time I check, all the hard ciders SOLD OUT in NYC’s beery shops for the 3Fers, came from Asturias, Northern Spain.

    Make in Murka bottles just sat there before expiry date. LOL…

    • JS, do you watch foreign films, like from Spain or France? They are interesting and different than the American film industry. I kind of like it. Less special effects, more humanity.

  6. “I recommend sleep deprivation endurance trials, 24 hours is a piece of cake, 72 hours is when you hallucinate, the tendencies for micro sleeps is dangerous. Long hauls can be done singular, always better, safer in pairs.”

    Disagree with the first sentence; agree with the first.

    After 48 hours, or even before it, fine motor skills start to go, and at 72 hours or more you will not be fully coherent.

    Sleep deprivation trials are used by the military to weed out applicants, and it can take as much as two days to fully recover. You need to be alert and functioning at a high level.

    If alone, take modafinil or some other study drug to stay up.

    • I recommend sleep deprivation endurance trials

      Only whites are masochistic enough to enjoy abusing themselves.
      Here lies Murka, with HERORangers!® EXTREEEMDeltas!© & even – SUPERSeals!™
      SuperToughMEN capable of stopping bullets with their bare hands…
      Who got their asses totally kicked by Afghan goatfarmers without electricity…

      All the superintensEextreem training in the world will never defeat one guy with the will to pull the trigger on a rocket launcher. Just as the SuperSealSlayers of Osama in the copter.

      • I’m going to write about that dude, FP. One shot and he killed like 32 Murkan soldiers, including 10 supa-SEALs. I bet he got a few goats for that one.

  7. Sorry; I meant “Disagree with the first sentence; agree with the second.”

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