Eradicating NRA Whites

by Firepower

Roosh & Virgil Kint Approved


I’m 200% right about things but even roisshy won’t acknowledge it. Wimpy Welmie didn’t. UnderWelming…

The LN has won. In a few decades, its greatest threat will vanish like Tazzy Tigers. It’s just dependent on something so base as how much do MINOs and coloreds wanna fuck. No more grandiloquent concepts like Give Me Liberty, Or Give Me Death! – it’s degenerated into Gibbsmedat! because coloreds, Miggers and MINOs are not inherently American. They are inherently MINOs.

Whites lost abdicated their Liberty, so Patrick Henry’s words became prophetic: Whites now get that Death. The one thing you are assured of, in my three years writing Eradica (and many more posting before), is…Whites still don’t give a shit. They don’t care. The FFOL’s successful distraction program worked. Thus, if a large majority allows itself to become sheep for slaughter, does that sheepy majority deserve salvation just because its ancestors did marvelous deeds? Sadly, I now say no.

One of my main tenets is the LN/MMM realized it could not eradicate guns and de-fang NRA/SO76 Whites, so it would beat them with the womb and borderhopper. The LN Bible – the Washington Post – says the NRA’s fall is inevitable now. The story is writen by a guy named Winkler. Winkler is a jew. Go figure.

Ya see, coloreds, Miggers and gookers don’t like guns. They can’t handle themselves around firearms and trust their teen bucks even less. That’s far from the rural attitude of teaching 8-year-olds the respect inherent in firearm safety. But, White rural people are vanishing; I toldyaso about that, also in Population Of Rural America Continues To Fall.

Gee whiz. Vanishing at the very same time coloreds and Miggers are growing in number; what a coincidence.

The Faggot History Channel re-re-re-re-broadcast a program from when it did stuff besides Alien Bigfoot INVASIONS!. It was about how the “evangelical Right” became the most powerful bloc in America, buy electing Reagan. The LN is not stupid. They saw this and responded by eradicating the ER – but also replacing it with the MMMachine.

One day, all of George Washington’s statues will be removed from public squares as coloreds take over more completely. They are not American, so the other bastion of LN Propaganda – the New York Times – says they will replace George wit Jay-Z just as sure as “We hold these truths to be self-evident…” was replaced by

You looking at the forty million boy/ I’m raping Def Jam ’til I’m the hundred million man.”
Population of rural America continues to fall
Minority RULE: Mino Master Machine
The MINO Machine

29 Comments to “Eradicating NRA Whites”

  1. The white Supremacist with the SO76 operates in a pseudo-society chock full of perpetuating self-annihilators. What is there to actually “beat” at this point?

  2. It’s not all doom and gloom FP. You lot will be able to learn a plenty from the destructive cancer Europe is accelerating towards at an exponential rate.

    • I know the irishites have a tradition of being happy no matter what, or is that whisky?

      In Fight Club, Chuk Pahluninuiuniuk describes feelings growing from pity to contempt for Pandas who won’t even fuck to save their species: Guess WHO0O Firepower sees The Panda Race as now? Hint: The colors are ironically prophetic…

  3. This is a great article, FP. Obviously, it is no coincidence. I feel certain that there is someone just like you, who works for them.

    There are a host of side effects. Less whites: less gun rights, less environmentalism, gardening, volunteering for military and police, and so on.

    FP, are you aware of any books from the period where Rome had collapsed? There must have been authors who aware of what was happening, and watched how the others didn’t even notice.

    • offhand, i can’t think of any books. Rome fell so completely, Latin became extinct. Thou Shalt Gooooogle…

      Only monks preserved Roman knowledge in shabby monasteries. These were located on… mountaintops (like Aspen) – far from Barbarians: It’s the same as what Rural White FlyyFarmoorz will be in 63 years, 4 months, 14 hours, 7 minutes and 52 seconds…

      Whites will be in the same 2 classes they are today: Manhattan Financial Elite and… The Rest of The Scum. Hicks will be the preservers of Murkan farming and soldiering while the rest of the ever-growing Brown Horde will be kept at bay by tax revenue from The Trillionaire Elite. The way Romans paid “tribute” to Huns and other swine they no longer could defeat in war.

      Rome kept jooz as slaves as glassmakers. Such was the world demand for glass, when Rome fell, this tech moved to…Venice. So shall Murka’s HighTech industry be preserved as isolated guardianships both feeding and enriching The Elite.

  4. Where do you find this shyte FP? No one gives a crap about this stuff.

    So many people don’t even know why jz is. Take heart Brother.

    • Ms. Martin…

      What do you meme?

      That literally no one consumes this degenerate soap opera on the daily?

      Or, that no one of import consumes this garbage on the daily?

      Or, no one SHOULD consume this garbage and yours is psychops?

    • 2 Maureen Martin, Aryan Street

      No one gives a crap about this stuff.

      If you believe whites are improving and have MINOs on the run – that all we need 4 Final Victory is to maintain “positive thoughts” – then you just go right ahead singing your happy tune…

  5. 2015/10/28 notes:

    What’s more, the GOP seems determined to nominate someone whose views aren’t just unpopular with the vast majority of Americans but actively repellent to many. The Republican Party has made little progress on defusing the demographic time bomb that will soon make winning the white male vote an even more dubious distinction.

    So, ‘the call’ comes for RepubliCAN’TS & ConserVaginas to only elect a worthy President reflective of – A COLORED. Any Colored – and MINO.

    Eternal MINO Presidents of any party will be as respectful of Whites as LBJ was of Nigras when he said, “When ah give them culludz Cibil Rahts, we’ll have them niggers votin’ Democrat fur-evurr!”

    Feminazis also want control; TOTAL control:
    They want to suppress speech that opposes their doctrine. I hope they do more. A few young whites smell the fascism. Oppression is the only way to awaken the WhiteMOG now. I hope Kilary goes FULL Stalin. Kill, Hillary – KILL! The surest way to promote something is to ban it for youth. How’s the War On Druggz goin’ Nancy?

    SWATZIs start to fear when them Niggras get uppity:

    Clashes between the Fascist Police State’s jackbooted triggermen and MINOs will further widen the rift that brings about White vs Colored vs Migger vs White

    If you imagine parades of black-shirted Waffen 2.0 marching in ‘victory’ down a future DC mainstreet, retool yourself: Is it difficult to imagine a succession of several MINO Presidents tearing down statues of Thomas Jefferson in city squares and renaming schools “LeBron James High?”

    Wites are on a declining path of continual degeneracy making Future Wites even more wussified. So, what then shall Brandon 2055 do about it – Tweeet harder?

  6. FP if you want Brandon to wake up, you must tell people to stop watching jewish television and film. I believe it is one of our biggest problems. Even the internet can be problematic if you watch the wrong things. Alex Jones, for instance, promotes learned helplessness. We must protect our mind from what amounts to modern day black magic. Ignore me at your own peril.

    • Ah, ladies and gentlemurkans, Alex Jones here: The New World Order is out to confiscate guns. I just bought a few more, just in case the federal authorities come knocking on my door, demanding me to hand them my handguns.

      NRA Wheaties then flood the gun shops and empty all the display racks like the supermarket shelves, when Mother Nature decides to put a weather wrath on dumbbells.

    • 2 Maureen Martin, Aryan Street

      FP if you want Brandon to wake up, you must tell people to stop watching jewish television and film.

      It’s true and I agree fully.
      Yet, GENBrandon is sooooo stoopid, that’d be like telling them to quit PlayStation and masturbating – at the same time.
      Each successive WiteGEN has gotten – and will get – stupider.
      Thus, I no longer want Brandon to do anything. They’re too useless, too fat – and too old now. I want them to breed out neglected vermin who’ll develop into monsters. Then, I want Dullennials to become a burden to these Morlocks, then I want GENBrandonBritnee to fucking die.

      Alex Jones is influential because he’s so addicted to “fame” he’ll say anything for attention. He’s like a kook screaming on the streetcorner about tinfoil hats – bad.

      Using the jew-thing on GENBrandon is an automatic turnoff for their brainwashed minds; you must approach w/ a different angle.

      I recommend you and Ryu view The Moguls, a TCM documentary.
      It shows the how, what, when, where and why of the jew entering Hollywood. It will show you new chinks in the armor to pry open.

      Acting was like any entertainment field in the 19th century, such as gambling or sports. They all were looked down upon because it was considered childish play unfit for a Responsible Adult in which to engage.

      Now, these are all Kings of Murka. That 180 reversal shows the jew involvement.

      • Red-blooded Murkan, jew-hatin’ wns will comment in ossified TDO on the Hohoholohoax Outrage of Outrages then defer to known enclaves of jews within 7 miles of their porch.

      • But the key psychological twist is in rejecting the Holocaust is the reciprocal claim (read: EQUAL CLAIM… Imitation of Jew) of white genocide. So in fact, the aim is a fated genocide of those that deny (h)olocaust (we won’t be systematically killed in mass because people aren’t really systematically killed in mass). If the reality were exposed that both the Jew qua Jew AND the intellectually consistent crypto-Jew at the “tops” of the wn movements were in fact co-authors of the no holocaust/white genocide meme FOR THE VERY PURPOSE of obscuring white man’s own hand in his self-annihilation and that very same hand as being the solution to his self-destruction.

      • I’m not sure about that, FP. I like many Brandons.

        They are nihlists. That is a step up from active support of the system. I saw a story where 50% of 25yos were living in the basement now. Excellent! The less future they have, the better.

        White boys seem to come in two flavors. The shy loser, who support liberalism. The cool popular kid, who can be radicalized easily. I’ll admit the cool kids have problems. They use their computers too damn much. THey play too much video games.

        There are many strange things about them though. A few never saw fight club. They believe that they will go to uni and get a great job, like it was 1999. They all train in the gym.

        I’ll watch da Mogulz soon, FP.

      • I had an Aunt born around the turn of the century who was looked down on for dancing in contests…and with a protestant man at that. Times sure have changed.

        I will check out that movie. I DO hope you won’t give up FP.

        [ed note: i never gave up. it is others who quit]

      • I think its supposed to be official. Locked documents released, that sort of stuff. Released this April, published in “mainstream” now.
        Of course I don’t expect it to make it into anything serious. However you never know.
        Not that muricans will ever get it like. And the paddies are the most anti schimatic of the Euros.

    • Alex Jones is alright for beginners. But people get hooked on it. They learn to become dependent upon his TV show, instead of the system.

      I often wonder if Eradica is doing it wrong. Our goal is not endless entertainment. It seems like one should place a limit on a site. If it does not reach the goal within the specified time period, dump it.

      [ed note: i agree. we must first decide if ending the dissemination of concepts heard only here, helps or harms]

      • Ryu…

        When you battle the tsunamic force of Universal Equality and total redundancy then “speaking” Truth is a relentless pursuit… An exhausting exercise of near futility… But still integral to the sound functioning of the individual psyche… One HAS TO pound his head with a litany of self-inspired truths when recognizing his immersion in a totally false paradigm. A paradigm that limits “life” to The Redundant Phenomenon. Right now, you suffer from concurrent confusion… You cannot conceive the difference between a Singularity and Total Redundancy…. Your “absolute truth” simply repeats itself.

      • Alright, TD. What is this concurrant confusion and total redundancy you speak of?

        I do use a lot of repetition with myself. It is a form of self-hypnosis. It is interesting that you noticed this.

      • Ryu…

        Yes, but IF the repetition is truth then you are not speaking of redundancy as your “operating paradigm.” This is an aspect of the psychological war. Think of something as trivial as your morning bowel movement upon awakening. It appears on the surface to be a redundant “act.”‘ An observably measureable action easily predicted. But, this is only the case because the “scientist” has seriously limited his VISION of the TOTAL phenomenon WHICH STILL REQUIRES the whole of the universe to be in a Singular state at any one NOW for you to execute that bowel movement. In other words, what appears to you as a trivially redundant act is in fact a singular event never exactly imitated before or re-enacted thereafter.

        So the trick of our intellectually astute “default elite” is to impose a Universal Equality… A belief that one’s actions are mere redundancy…. Lacking free will… Lacking conscious choice… Nothing but measurably predicted movement totally unrelated to a notion of Absolute Truth as a singular phenomenon… A Singularity… Phenomena ONLY observed by Ryu.

        Do not such phenomena exist?

      • Ryu…

        When the anti-Equalist claims there is no such thing as “equality,” he is claiming that there is no such thing as Universal Equality… He is claiming that there is no Redundant Phenomenon at the bottom of the materialist’s “rabbit hole.” The anti-Equalist must ultimately conclude that “we” are in fact totally immersed in The Singularity and its infinitely manifest singularities whose “measureability” and “predictability” are merely a function of a purposely limited scope. It’s like having a pie, but only “seeing” a dot…. Knowing that no two pies are exactly alike and then reducing both to mere dots so that they do in fact appear to be the exactly
        the same… Totally redundant and a falsification of the unique one of a kind blueberry pie. The anti-Equalist rejects the notion that the most unique blueberry does not exist. It does exist. It MUST EXIST or blueberry pies don’t really exist beyond an aspect of The Redundant Phenomenon.

      • What are you saying, TD – either everything is unique, or nothing is?

        Most human activity IS automatic, and not subject to free will. I hear one book call it “the robot.” Our brains have to filter out a lot of sensations and informations, or else we would be overwhelmed.

      • Ryu…

        Yes… The competing metaphysics and their innumerable real world effects are thus:

        Singularity (singularities) – unique one time phenomenon. Belief in Supremacy.

        Universal Equality – The Redundant Phenomenon. Infinite regress. General Entropy. Self-annihilation.

        Or… A Singularity enveloping relative redundancy (repeated acts observed at a measurable distance) and infused with singularities (subjectively experienced phenomena not measureable or predictable). In this reality is a damnation (degradation) or ascension (exaltation) wholly dependent on one’s grasp of his own free will.

        The Universal Equalist WILL HAVE “us” shut out of both metaphysical assumptions containing unique one time phenomena (like The Perfect Man or conception) EVEN the one that grants the existence of their “science.”

      • Ryu…

        Logically, the true believing Equalist “will” reduce the white man to merely The Redundant Phenomenon and then “will” refuse to take the life-saving leap to The Singularity. Ergo, he is “willfully” stunted. His desire to impose this stunted reality can be lethal. And those who KNOWINGLY “preach” this stunted reality as total reality are bona fide enemies of white Supremacy.

  7. The enemy has no real power and their numbers are laughably small. I used to wonder how creatures with such wealth and access to women could have such a stagnant and tiny population, but current events of the gay sort have finally put light on why their numbers are laughably small. All their “power” comes from fake fiat money from the legalised counterfeiting rings run by central banks. Its all they really have. Their political whores and their media are all bought with fake money. When the economy collapses, those White boys who are pissed off will have nothing to lose, and the enemy will be naked and helpless. Their brown hordes hate them more than they hate us after all.

    • All their “power” comes from fake fiat money

      Fake or not, if, in reality, if even Monopoly Money does buy you a Penthouse or Lambo you will use it to do so – and be unconcerned of The Consequences.

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