American Fortress: Aspen

by Ryu

Think militarily; the USG does. The American elites choose easily defended areas to set up shop – like islands and mountains.

The pattern is the same in all Western mountain paradises – Taos, Vail, Telluride, Jackson Hole. The rich find an authentic, honest” small town up on a mountain. The elites buy up property and raises prices for everything.

This forces the poor and middle classes out-of-town. They are then forced to move elsewhere. They may still work in Aspen, but they’ll commute.

Like NYC and DC, Aspen mansions are often vacant. The truly elite have many houses in many places. The nickname is “halfway houses” – half the time occupied, half the time not.

Petty criminals often do break-ins, which is why in many elite enclaves there is a …..….business in home-sitters who watch a house while the owner is vacant.

In time, richer and richer people come to live. Soon it’s not just the American rich. After a spell, the usual Arab oil princes and Chinese billionaries join in. They tear down the mansions they buy in order to build their own, newer mansions.

…and that’s pretty much where it ends. There is no “reverse” process.

The worker class keeps complaining about low wages, the outsiders, and the commute. The rich complain about always being around other rich. And nothing changes.

32 Comments to “American Fortress: Aspen”

  1. Jaysus – Aspen strikes me as a frozen pile of junk. I’m probably looking at it wrong?

    [ed note: nope. not you. you never see things wrong]

    • Aspen has mansion homes for sale. Your concept of junk is another man’s treasure. Manhattan looks like a shithole, but it’s a billionaire’s galore.

      • And yes, Ryu is correct to say that Murka is land of carrion fest for all species of scavengers. Notice not a single wealthy nig is in the game, besides your low down colored, athlete millionaire, who plays ball and buys a big mansion. Only in Murka!

      • And my statement should call out the hypocrisy coming from niggas who complain about wheatie racist policies. Only in Murka, where nigs fatten their wallets, get to buy pads in elite neighborhoods and fuck wheatie sluts like there’s no tomorrow, not afforded to their overseas black cousins in other places, especially Africa. Very few international afros make it on the wealth list of greedy hoarders. It belongs to the Ruskies, Sand Niggers and Gookers.

    • “[ed note: nope. not you. you never see things wrong”] – To kind ed m8. I had cunt of a tutor – in fairness.

  2. Aspen and esp Vail ARE nice towns, but I am wary using the word ‘fortress’ I70 goes straight through vail, meaning in any social unrest, or SHTF those places will get overran. There are a lot of places like that in Colorado though.

    • 2 Erudite Knight

      I am wary using the word ‘fortress’ I70 goes straight through

      Fortress is a term Ryu and I use to describe the New Feudal Murkan Cities. Search Eradica for a thorough explanation.

      Highways are narrow strips of flat land easily cutoff by a platoon. Most urban interstates are cut into the ground, making them moats; easy killzones for those holding the high ground at the ridges and overpasses.

      These are channelizing death zones. Denver is secondary city of FFOL importance; the Little People work there – their drones and cubicle slave. It is Wash. DC WEST. Long ago I heard it has the 2nd most number of BIGov workers only to DC.

      True Primary Fortress cites are where the Power Elite – and their money – reside: Manhattan and Frisco. google a map of frisco. Pretend you’re Rommel (or Sun Tzu) and see how much easier it is to defend such an odd geography versus LA.

      That’s why the rich live there if they can’t luxuriate in Manhattan.

      • FP: I’ll write about a post on Manhattan’s soft targets. You ONLY concentrate on luxury Manhattan. I tell you where all the damn colored nooks are in Manhattan. The irony, no one guards them. MINO hunting is always in season, but no one shoots.

      • * Note – Frisco has no nig neighborhoods.

        San Francisco is near the bottom in the share of black residents. African Americans make up 25 percent of the population in New York City, 9.4 percent in Los Angeles and 27 percent in Indianapolis. The only city in the group with a smaller percentage is San Jose, with 3 percent

        Indianapolis is a flyover town at 27% percent. It ranks a top ten city with colored crimes.

      • Well, the Mex kicked blacks out of all of California, not just SoCal. You won’t find many blacks anywhere in CA.

        You’ll hear that the US is 63% white. True enough. But not equally distributed. The Southwest is already majority spic today. No blacks.

      • The Southwest is still overall a decent place with Mexicans encroaching. You do not want to live in the Southeast, with blacks and trailer trash. The eastern part of Murka is officially dead, with DC and Manhattan elites residing in their fortresses, with coloreds at a distance.

      • I agree. I don’t think anything will happen east of the big river.

        Easterners are different. Too many people, and too many laws. They haven’t known freedom for a long time. We don’t talk much about guns at this site, but most Yankees haven’t even held one in their hand.

      • Incredibly perceptive… Considering my own traveling of I-70 through the Rocky Mountains, that’s no easy slog in or slog out for anything on ground. I’m sure that the “default elite” in question can either take rapidly to the air or go deep into the mountains. The internal militia threat is then near zero outside some kind of mutiny within UncleBeast’s military apparatus. Any outside threat is almost certainly seen well in advance to take appropriate action… So I agree, these are strategic second tier fortresses of the “default elite.” Fascinating and I love skiing.

      • Yes.
        Also, mountain terrain is difficult, so much so, that many professional armies have specific “mountain divisions” trained in specialist warfare. WW2 Germany and current usa have these.

        All it takes is blocking off one tunnel and…voila – there’s your bottleneck.
        Elites are atop hills and mountains – the high ground – the ideal postion. Very difficult stuff, even for pros.

        And, as we know. The black only carries its “revolution” so far as the looted liquor and pharmaceuticals last.

      • Do you remember the parts where the mountain was so high that the top speed was like 40 mph, even when floored? These are ideal ambush points.

        [ed note: note that in Restrepo, HEROGenerals put their jordies on mountaintops to protect their President Fuhrer and keep Him re-electable]

    • They ARE nice…if you’ve got mad $$$$$$$$.

      A lot of rich white liberals live there. But there are more of their white and Mex slaves, who can’t even afford to live there. Colorado is another liberal paradise state, for the most part.

      [ed note: every Feudal Elite City has enclaves of servant classes to do the dirtywork they won’t do. there’s plenty: Elites won’t even dust their own Van Goghs]

      • Your sole existence in Murka is one of the following: Exploit to get rich, submit to earn a meager living, or exit from the stink hole, if you can’t do the 1st and want to avoid being a cheap servant for elitey.

        The Murkan Sociopath on top of the food chain, earns 500 times more than the average slave.

        Elitey loves coloreds and more immigrants, because they believe in the revolving door concept to suck new blood. They sucked the low down wheaties dry and toss them aside, and now take on coloreds and pay them even lower wages. Then old coloreds are replaced by new coloreds who are willingly to work for free, because being a slave in Murka, beats being a citizen in a 3rd world shithole.

      • Ryu: Again, move out of Murka, if you can. If coloreds immigrate to Murka, you can immigrate to another country.

      • move out of Murka

        where? to Canada – where you can’t own guns? Where you can’t say Trudeau 2.0 is a fop-faggot idiot and the socialist herd that elected him is miggerizing the north???

        You have failed to comprehend that Canada is typical white retreat to Flyy-Farmoor Land writ large. Whites moving away from coloreds only works so long until you hit the Arctic Circle – and you are almost there.

        The answer is not MOAR Wite Flite, but eradication of coloreds and all MINOs.

        If it doesn’t happen, that’s it. Whites will deserve relegation to the Junkyard of History they allowed happen. So be it.

        If you no longer care and want PoolSide, fine, I understand and identify. But if it’s just empty complaint, wtf bother?

      • Ha! Here’s the problem: NRA Wheaties are just collecting guns in Murka. Ryu needs to ask this question, if boys will become men and start to tit tat at their LN enemies and colored minions, like the Christian Reconquest of Spain, where butchering Muzzies was a frequent activity. Furthermore, there is absolutely not an ounce of drive or passion, not even a display of fearsomeness, to suit an agenda. The eliteys got them under control with more bread and circus.

      • the Christian Reconquest of Spain, where butchering Muzzies was a frequent activity.

        Most Wite Fokes today oppose hunting and run away when the first colored moves on their street rather than even glare at them. Dullennials are even more stupefied and opposed to ‘violence.’

        It is coloreds that do the butchering – of mainly wites.

      • Yet, they buy guns for the future…..??? That I never understood.

        Canuck land doesn’t allow miggas to have guns either. You can, if you’re an outback type, which wheaties are known to do, but not miggas.

        [ed note: you is right. it’s better if ONLY your beloved, new Canuckistan Rulers have gunz lol…]

      • FP, you aren’t the only one aware of Murka’s Soylent Future. “Big Worm Gulp.”

        Outlawing Red Meat for Peasants

        It’s happening. The Melonheads reserve fresh grass-fed beef, garlic, chocolate and other extremely healthy foods for their ruling classes. They had these proscriptions in Sumeria, India, Egypt and most other nations they reigned over throughout history. The peasants have always been fed gruel. Lately they have been talking seriously about trying to wean the commoners onto a diet of insect slurry. This of course would be a natural progression towards Soylent Green. One day you’d be slurping on your Big Worm Gulp and you’d find out that is no longer mealworms in there. It is human livestock being recycled.

        Melonheads know that meat makes strong and they don’t want strong slaves. They want them vaccinated and fed carbohydrates so they grow up to be the living dead.

      • FP, you aren’t the only one aware of Murka’s Soylent Future

        Da Vinci said

        ‘most people have but one purpose – to turn good food into excrement.’

        With the number of 3rd world coloreds set to increase still further b/c of Western Wites feeding these rats and curing their ebolafrica, the only use for these sub-IQ scum is to feed the rest until the Elite decide how to eradicate them.

      • The two primary human emotions are fear and greed. You’d be surprised how fast a scared man gets hungry.

        There is a secret out there that mainly belongs to cops and soldiers today. It is the feeling of holding another man’s life in your hands – that he lives, because you choose not to take it. Changes a man, when he gets to know that feeling.

        Anybody can kill. There are no ninja secret techniques. That’s the secret that pigs, soldiers, and a few WNs know.

      • Really the only people capable of resistance are Americans, JS. Only we have the guns left. The problem is that no one uses them. A “freedom culture” is a gun culture. I don’t believe much in modern Americans, but I believe in their guns.

      • Yes, NRA Wheaties hoard guns and they don’t use them or scare people with them. Murkans are very obedient.

      • Murkans are very obedient.

        Murkans are obligated to obey materialism.
        FDR’s LNs were early-adopters of pacifying the armed mob with Bread & Circus. Stalin starved his Depression-era peasants to reduce the problem of their numbers and sowed seeds of collapse – but FDR created soup kitchens and welfare.

        Murkans will not shake off their chains until the last PlayStation rots. Nor shall Swedes, SissiBrittis – or Canadians.

        As I’ve stated, by then, these ignorant creatures will have continually degenerated into grunting Morlocks of limited, animalistic potential.

      • Just to show how fucked up the Anglosphere is: A permit is required to shoot with an air gun. In English Canada, you need to join some hunky dory group, before they allow access to a gun range. When I was in New Yaawk, you need a permit.

        I can just walk in any air gun shooting range in French Canada, Montreal and start toting away.

  3. Why colorado and not wyoming, idaho, montana etc? They are mountainous also. I cant stand Denver the pretension of that city is insane, and worst traffic I have ever seen for how bad the roads are there. Colorado is sick in a lot of ways, but I cant stand others.

    • A “default elite” needs a mass of perpetuating self-annihilators to properly propheteer.

      Just give those places time and exponential economic growth will do its work…

      “We” have a slave class too big to fail and still much capacity to maximize growth ESPECIALLY looking North.

      The technological barrier to mass breeding has been surpassed and desire for quantity over quality allows for maximizing a cost cutting optimized for suboptimal human-like perpetual self-annihilators.

      Man can’t feel power over a legion of “loyal” machines…

      He needs other men, greater or lesser, to feel any worldly power.

    • You can live in any place where there are many wheaties. Expensive liberal cities or trailer trash parks. There are no middle class types anymore, not in Murka.

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