On The Future

by Ryu

Vigo is a leader over at a European-style blog.

He wrote an excellent post on his own past and his view of the future:


14 Comments to “On The Future”

  1. I get a page not found error when trying the link. If I recall correctly, Varg was forced to remove some articles at one point after they threw him in jail for hate speech or some such nonsense.

  2. European ETHNICS are at war with the white RACE. In the pure taxonomy of things, ethnicity is more particular than race and so the “white race” is seen as a FAULTY liberation FROM one’s ethnicity. The cost of this particularly though IS ANTI-white Supremacy. “White” Europeans are at war with white Supremacy. Which brings “us” to European paganism, why it was rejected by the German-Anglo hybrid in particular and how it attempts to negatively integrate Christianity into Judaism as a guilt by historical association. The fundamental effect of straight paganism is identity crisis… Who is one’s Creator Father and how do “we” know He is what “we” believe Him to be? Paganism was rejected and Christianity embraced because the former didn’t answer definitively and the latter did. Our God… The God of the white man is Perfection… Objective Supremacy… Revealed as empirical fact by The Perfect Man… The Christian Assertion… European ethnics are anti-white Supremacists… At war with the perfect white man.

    • Europeans did not embrace Christianity. It was forced on them.

      • I’d meet you half way?

        But how will “European” paganism makes its resurgence? Force or happy talk?

      • Ms. Martin…

        Call me crazy, but does your average everyday post-Christian European ACTUALLY BELIEVE in the historic pagan gods? I gather that the return to paganism is just another “white” male liberationist movement advancing under the cloak of “right wing” movement.

      • It doesn’t need to make a resurgence. How about we depend on our own will?

      • Ms. Martin…

        But the meta-psyche analysis is that European “white” male is dying because he knows not his Father. Totally immersed in identity crisis due this disassociation, European “white” male has come to embrace his identity crisis as simply the price of the modern society. European “white” male’s reversion to paganism is simply a reversion to a more primitive stage of identity crisis.

        A will requires spirit… A spirit requires the supernatural… When a father and son strive towards Supremacy together, there is no limit to their respective free wills. But when a son crosses his father’s will with reckless abandon or adamant ignorance then all suffer degradation to their free will most especially a father forced to correct his most treasured mistakes.

      • Furthermore…

        This is European “white” male’s accusation against WHITE Supremacy… That “whiteness” is not really “who” we are… So there is real European ethnic war against white Supremacy…

        Can you agree that this is a problem and not one necessarily with the notion of white Supremacy, but with the limitation of European ethnics to some manner of anti-Supremacy, ie., equality?

  3. Think of the paradox… Where are the German Supremacists? French Supremacists? Swedish Supremacists? Spanish Supremacists? Austrian Supremacists?

    There ARE ONLY white Supremacists EVEN IF ENTIRELY IMAGINED by a rag-tag cabal of radical liberationists who have literally managed to somehow squeeze MORE blood out of the turnips.

  4. The Big Lie of the Europeans is a MRKA as number one exporter of “imperial” Liberalism. That somehow in MRKA’s short 200+ history, she had already managed to out-degenerate Europe? The stark reality is that outside those small minority of European ethnics that have genuine desire for the freedom of their co-ethnics, only in MRKA does there still exist the ingredients for a resurgent white Supremacy that simply recognizes the ability of some race of men to construct a civilization with Perfection as its “operating paradigm.” This understanding was in the ideal sense the “revenge of nerds.” The high IQ “white” male is culturally, politically, economically and bureaucratically charged with DESIGNING PERFECT SOCIETY.

    HE HAS FAILED MISERABLY for one reason and one reason only… His erroneous and self-annihilating disassocation of Perfection from the God of the white man.

  5. Everyday it becomes clearer…

    To step out of the zeitgeist even if only hypothetically, one must step into white Supremacy completely.

  6. And at the same time white Supremacy shall not be in conflict with any ethnic Supremacist for we operate on parallel paths only differing in origination. The RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN true Supremacists of whatever origin is frictionless. The RELATIONSHIP between liberationists IS FRICTION. And the relationship between liberationist and Supremacist is collateral damage.

  7. There is, in HBD-speak, a mind most “susceptible” to the total memetic assimilation of conceptual Perfection and its resultant real world functioning. This mind is targeted for annihilation at the very same time it is exploited to technocratically craft its own annihilation.

  8. For the genuine white Supremacist, the racial/ethnic milieu HAS ALWAYS BEEN the point of attack. NO SANE ELITIST can argue against a bona fide Perfectionist. ESSENTIAL to Perfection is total integrity and so the psychological hurdle of modern “white” male is a totally coherent racial/ethnic integrity… What it means… What it looks like…. How it acts… What next step it takes?

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