The Spearhead Falls: Why All MRM Sites Must Disappear

by Ryu

The Masculistic MALE!

The most popular MRA site has gone away. Welmer closed it in December of 2014. His stated reason is that he had to spend more time with his wife and kid.

At one point, SWAT had come to Bill’s house to take his child. He looked out the window and saw a dozen SWATzis in black ninja/burglar gear with assault rifles. He did not have any anger at this, or at the men paid to intimidate. Moderation was always his problem.

He kicked off all WNs from his sites. Such is the true value of American tolerance and freedom of speech.

An associate of ours once said that all …..….single issue movements must fail. The MRM, PUA, WN, libertarianism and so on are all just facets of the same art. The effort needed to change just one of these is equal to the effort of total revolution. Everything must change at once.

Being a PUA or MRA alone is not enough. Even WN alone does not encompass all of the areas of the red pill. White men have to be aware of modern marriage and how to take a woman properly.

Even Roosh seems to be making a retreat from PUA. Even for a mino, it is too small a subject to spend one’s life in. The MRM is now 20 years old. Most of the best material has already been written. Similar with PU.

White men are upset. THEY are the primary followers of PUA, MRM, HBD, WN and libertarianism. It has never been a better time to be a mino or a woman. In time, all of these subjects must come together and become one. The longer it takes for the revolution to take place, the more radical the difference from today.

46 Comments to “The Spearhead Falls: Why All MRM Sites Must Disappear”

  1. Gotta say it – it’s too glaringly obvious: Wimpy Welmer.

    He fell into the Feminist PC titsuck logic of “nurture your childrens!”
    He actually breast fed that girl.

    My father used to boot me in the ass when I acted less than manly or if mommy’s influence got too great.

    The MRM. 20 years old – and it hasn’t accomplished jack shit.

    • Many Wheatie men in Murka fail for one reason. A lack of passion and insight, besides the usual 3Fer fussyfuckfest, the love of superficial materialism and status whoring, when it comes to the most talented. Furthermore, many with real talent, give away to MINOs. The selfish ones are you run in the mill, Jew types of Gordon Gekko, who hoard all kinds of material garbage from their fiat money endeavors.

      • Is not the black even more susceptible to such corrosive temptation?

        Yet they thrive on even MOAR fornication, intoxication and materialism.

      • blacks are parasites. their out of control hedonism are done at the expense of wheatie.

        [ed note: all very true. but who’s to blame? the dog for eating 30 lbs of mignon, or the owner that fed him? besides, nigganiggaz have little to do w/ MURMZ]

      • Yes, they do. blacks have become an impediment for wheatie men at many fronts, except at the very elite circles, where they untouchable. And it’s not because niggas are formidable warriors or better competitors. It’s part of a soft roadblock by the LNs, to slowly eradicate their fellow lower order wheaties. Many wheatie guys in their 20s do not understand this, it will take another decade or so, and it becomes too late!!!

      • I wrote this 3.5 years ago:
        Why The Mens’ Rights Movement Fails

        Now, it doesn’t matter. MRAs deserve death because they deliberately ignore other combined threats from coloreds, Miggers and faggots – the FFOL.

    • Whoa – what? Welmer offered his tit to his kid? That’s weird. Did milk come out of there?

      [Yes! It was milk. Sweet, creamy milk with a savory silkiness to that of Unicorn’s milk. Price ran a business where he wetnursed several hundred Millennials a day, feeding their little pot-bellies! He called it The SpearHead]

  2. Weimer could never “see” the faggots amongst him who gladly exploited his female fallout for their nefariously homo-ends.

    PS. I believe I first crossed FP at Queerhead where I was promptly banished to Weimer’s “basement.” Lol.

    PSS. At least Weimer was actually in the trenches and not some whining little girl-boy seeking out magic word pills.

  3. Combined threats from WLN’s minions, who take a combination of things from MRA wheaties, like their qualifications, jobs and poaching their wimmin. And by the way, this has spillover to the lower order chumps, who reside in LN cities, such as Manhattan-NYC and DC, where coloreds are in large numbers to compete for scraps.

    • Since homo-sexuality is degenerate sexuality then the “back door” is always open to cross-racial faggotry. That coloreds and jihadists came in the Queerhead to exploit Weimer’s “WHITE” female fallout WAS always inevitable. A nation of “white” faggots IS BOUND (and gagged) to be overrun and violently plowed by the dark hordes… And care not a wit for the fate of their fellow female liberationists.

      • TD, what did you do with your kids about safety? You know, like those old playgrounds or wearing all that safety junk when riding bike?

      • Ryu…

        This is one of those subjects where liberal parents play “knock-on-wood” psychology so one is always circumspect in appearing too braggadocious about the extent to which he goes to “protect” his children. I basically witnessed three separate phenomena in this regard as it pertains to “white” parents. There were the truly liberal parents that decked their child out in every conceivable piece of safety equipment and either a) paid no attention afterwards or b) paid excessively full attention. Then there where the foreign “whites” with their socialistic mentality that literally counted on the other parents to look after their children. And then there were those few like myself that just let the kids play free (without helmets and the like), but still kept a hawkeye on them.

        So I really came to despise European parents, despise the excessively safety conscious liberal parent and had a toleration for those that maybe wanted some extra safety precaution, but not as some kind of insurance to pay no mind to their children or pay so much mind to their children as to seem as though it was a status move exclaiming, “I care about my kid the most!”

      • well, nobody seems to GAF about whimpy whelmie and The Price Is WRONG.

        Tell me, O Ryuski: If whimpy – who refused our advice – cannot even keep his Whining DadGina WebSite up, how the fuck does he expect to defeat the Feminazi ARM of the FFOL so he can do the nauseating Buggerfly Kisses shit with his “precious childrens?”

        oic. he’s a fantasist!..with his head up his ass

      • I never had much faith in Welmer, FP. Like many conservatives, he damned his extremists. Like us, and Globalman. He doesn’t have the stuff to take it all the way.

        [ed note: plus, the dribbledick never posted here or promoted Eradica. I bet Mommee garnishes his diminishing wages. WP is a wageslave]

  4. SpoorHead failed because its proprietor ignored the warnings of wiseguys like Ryu and me.

    We told Whimpy Whelmer Whelp “beware the LN/FFOL and their jackbooted Government SWATZIs”.
    I told him when blacks pump out 23 keedz, they never seem to get imprisoned as deadbeat dadz” – while white doofuses (such as himself, it turns out) get attacked by The State – Pricey said that was racist.

    He gets what he deserves and I hope it hurts like a Friend of The Court iron fist up his ass, so that if he ever grows the balls to race reality, he’ll return and call the spade a spade.

    I bet it never happens.

    As I wrote, when you only fixate on FemiNazis and square-off against them, the black or the Migger or the faggot et al sneak up behind you and stab you in the back. Same with fixating on blackniggaz: If you only focus on them JS, those wimminz will knife you in the kidneys.

    The MRMz were a sham anyway: They sought sympathy from single white pua types to get them to align with them and fight for these DadGinas’ precious babies. Blech. Every single one of them would blubber like a bitch whenever discussing “how the sunlight bounced dazzlingly of their Precious Little Briananna’s hair!” barf

    No Real Man gives a squirt of shit about some other guy’s brat. Lions eat strange cubs.
    Only friends and family’s kids matter.
    The rest is purely symbolic – to save “The Race” or whatev.
    Any male concerned over some other online DadGina’s spawn a thousand miles away is a pussy better off jacking it to Asa Akira porn.

    • That’s because deep down these queers are “fathers” in order to be Drama Queens. They’re exploiting “equality” like the “best” of those hate “white women.”

    • All single movement issues fail today. Even WN, which sees only race, for the most part.

      • Yes, but where you “see” single issue as race, sex, religion, economics, etc., the real failure of these single issue male movements is their desire for Final Liberation… Their SINGULAR desire to escape the ghosts of white Supremacy.

        The refusal of the “white” male to fully concert to white Supremacy is equal to his inevitable failure on all single issue fronts.

        To destroy the FFOL, one must obliterate the Palm.

      • Damn, I can’t open that right now. I’ll wait a day and check again.

      • For Ryu, so he doesn’t bust:

        which one are you?

        alpha: you are confident and your own man. you do your own thing and have complete confidence in everything you do. you have your self doubts, but you don’t let it cloud your judgment and logic. you are well liked by almost everyone, and you just have an easy charm and swagger about your presence. women are drawn to your charisma and presence. you enjoy being social and having lots of people around. you are a natural leader

        beta: you are kind of shy and introverted and not very confident in yourself. you are constantly plagued by insecurities and self-doubts and you can never commit to anything in the fear that you will fail in it. you are somewhat liked by people but they tend to look at you rather condescendingly and woman tend to friendzone you. you are nervous around other people and social situations because you’re always afraid that people are judging you. you are a born follower

        omega: you are the polar opposite of the alpha male, but in a good way. like the alpha male you are confident, intelligent and have a sense of charisma about you, but unlike the alpha male, you are completely your own person. you do not need anyone, and you can even be emotionally distant due to your complete self-possession. you trust few people and foster even fewer intimate relationships. omegas do not care for leadership by others as they are perfectly capable of leading themselves

        gamma male: you are sort of the “invisible” guy. there is nothing really spectacular about you. you are not a beta, but neither are you an alpha. your personality and presence usually blends in with the rest of the room and you’re just sort of…there. people like you just fine and you usually don’t have too much trouble with girls, but all the same, there is nothing particularly memorable or remarkable about you. you are not a born leader nor a inherent follower, although you can take on those tasks depending on the situation

        sigma male: you are a manipulative mastermind. you are a spider waiting to lay your trap. you possess a cunning, intuitive mind and can sway people to your will. you don’t have the casual swagger of the alpha or the omega but you do have a clever presence about you and people tend to be both wary and respect you for that. you can often be even more powerful than the alpha or the omega male in social situations due to your ability to persuade and manipulate them. you are neither a follower or a leader but rather a wild card

  5. This goes to show you what guys have become in Murka:

    I guess this is what happens when one over-dabbles with PUA concepts. No one cared about these classifications 20 years ago.

    • JS

      No one cared about these classifications 20 years ago.

      There’s lots of truth in those classifications. With increased complexity in every human activity, come advanced esoteric definitions for the in-group and designed to exclude outsiders.

      Still, this – along with much of each predictive science – grows into a form of Astrology or pseudo-science.

      Ryu and other learned, old-time (and crafty) pua types will recognize this as Trade Craft.
      I used it on the bitches; it was very effective.

      It’s a variant of The Cube by puas for puas; for use on puaNo0bz. roissy tried it on me and gave up – in a friendly way – upon discovering I saw through it. Ferd The Terd tried it on me butt got butthurt (in an unfriendly way) when I turned it around on him. He was unaware I used it against him – and still is. He is ugly. And fatt.

      That lesson alone shows you who among those two was “most… alfalfa

      20 years ago, you had males who were 20 years smarter than the current crop of Modern Moronz. They could take Mystery’s early, crude M2F/F2M Attraction concept outline and run with it. Now, babies need babysteps and babytalk and esoteric mumbojumbo to explain a concept that mystifies them even when it was fully explained in 2000.

      This is part of what I mean when I predict in 40 years that males will be 40 years more removed from brainz.

      • Every field is the same, JS. When it starts out, it is simple, effective with little jargon. Maybe like America in the pioneer days.

        Then, people come along and add complication as all the easy fruit is picked. After a long time, the language becomes highly specialized, like doctor- and lawyer-speak.

        mPUAs screw new PUAs hard, JS. Those 2 day workshops for 3K are still out there. But it’s like that in any field also. My fav example is the self help industry king, Tony Robbins. He got rich off it and rich off the ignorance of rooks.

      • I don’t think human activity has become complex, but redux-simplified, rehashed, and boring….A few smarter GenBrandons are thinking Murka is a boring silly hole, because of its redux nature of much ado about nothing. This and the dumbing down and colored pandering-equality of diversity is perversity, makes it even more so….

        Your blog makes the coloreds as a singular focus of enmity, which is a good thing. Humans need conflict and competition to thrive. SO76 Wheaties need passion and ambition to render the LNs and their colored minions as obsolete.

      • Coloreds are just the worst of the MINOs b/c they are the most physically dangerous; they have That Slavery Excuse, and use it all the time. Even though we are thoroughly aware of The Race Card, it still is 90% effective. That makes it a great weapon to reload and use over and over. Coloreds are also a looming threat b/c they suck up the most money that could be used to advance technology and fix infrastructure. Murka can’t have both NASA and Niggers…

        Soon, Miggers will close in on overtaking the black as the major problem, but wetbacks will also be an equally threatening MINO. The only offset is the spick is immune to Slavery Excuse Disease and, rather, are the only race that effectively kills the shit out of jiggaboos.

        Remember: It is whites who require adversity to thrive. I now see it as a fatal flaw as the race ages. Coloreds never tire of drugs, prison or 3rd world-style famine/disease die-offs like Ebola. Coloreds are the same in adversity or prosperity: When they have it good, they are like a bunch of zoo chimps with a truckload of bananas. They are still animals – still chimps.

      • The ruthlessness of Hispanic miscreants, is a Spanish tradition, from the Conquistadores, from the warriors in Spain, who got their butchering craft from the Muzzies, and perhaps from the Romans eons ago. I believe you are correct, just as Spanish America has eradicated most of their nigs, they bring the same agenda here in Murka.

        [ed note: you make a wise observation. it shows your capability when you control your niggerspickiking about Manhattan…]

      • Do you find Mexicans ruthless, JS?

        I don’t see much of it. Where I am, they are a slave race. They mow lawns, pave the roads, cut trees. The women are either at home nurses or janitors. They seem to have time for nothing but work.

        Like the blacks, there is a class of race-pushers who are “proud latinos” and all that. But the working spic seems completely separate from that, other than getting some benefit from it.

      • Ryu: blacks are completely useless parasites, even Afros from their native lands. This is the reason why Murka has replaced the jigaboos with the cucarachas and other SPICs, and because they also eradicate them.

      • “Murka can’t have both NASA and Niggers…” — FP

        ^^^ Future famous quote from the past…

  6. When I was in Manhattan, I could never feel entirely comfortable talking about niggaspickjewing in English, in public. Hispanics of all shades welcomed discussions about race in Spanish, and interestingly, all of them dislike kikeys, jiggaboos and their own. Dominicans are the most niggrafied of the Hispanics, yet they shit on jiggaboos with uncontrollable self hatred.

    You do understand, that Latin American societies constantly had whitened their subjects as much as possible, by importing more Whites to breed with other Whites and eradicating the darker ones.

    Murka has done the opposite. Anglospherians are a strange bunch of kooks, coming from the pansy English tea drinkers!

  7. Ryu: Check out Taki’s Mag:

    Latino gangs with a singular intent of eradicating jigganiggas. FP knows this full well. They make neo-Nazis or any wheatie extremist group look like nice guys in comparison.

    For now, it’s seems more of a West Coast phenomenon. Not much happening on the East side or flyover. But Mexicucarachas and other SPICs, are slowly building momentum in population growth, so expect this to happen in the near future. To me, Hispanics share a lot in common with the Italian Mafia guys of the past, who would assault jiggaboos.

    • And yet, all it would take is a shift in unspoken immunity and it’s a one-two dynamic rivaling Trump’s economic reconciliation scheme. Miggers steal average Joe’s money and niggers steal his neighborhood “serenity.” That miggers then go in to occupy former all-nigger-zones (anz) is really no boon to whitey. “It” is but a consciously obscured phenomenon in need of properly relentless exploitation.

      • Yes, and wheaties have been far too domesticated, not to do the things that are now monopolized by Miggas.

      • And TD, the nigel again is the foremost self-annihilator, or becomes annihilated, because of his highly incompatibility and destructive nature with everyone else. I went back to my college and paid a good visit. No surprise to you, that all our schools are now 1000% colored. I saw a few nigels drinking alcohol while studying in the open, and it’s only them. It was almost unbelievable at first sight, but I was thinking, nigels are the most destructive.

    • Latino gangs with a singular intent of eradicating jigganiggas. FP knows this full well.

      iirc, glpiggi briefly worked at taki. takimag is a reader of mine who happens to “coincidentally” too frequently manage to copy tenets I invented and originated.

      Firepower’s Hierarchy of Blogging 2
      How Blogging Will Fail: Part I
      250,000 HITS on Eradica!
      greascycled: Blogging, Recycled

      If taki or vicky hanson like my stuff SOOOOO MUUUUUUCH they should pay me, or at least link to their Inspirational Hero’s original thoughts on Eradica.

      If not, I’ll sue the fuckpiss out of them.

      • At least say Kudos to you, coming from our liberal-oriented, wheatie sluts like MS. Hanson.

        We should thank the Spaniards for setting up a racist caste system in the new world, where jiggaboos were ranked dead last in human value, because that’s where they belong. They managed to deliberately get rid of many of them and now their bastard heirs are doing the same up here above the border. Our floundering fathers botched this nation in which they created, with their “all men are created equal” mantra. And the Spaniards took all the gold. There are no gold in Murka.

    • It is a West Coast thing. There are very few pure blacks in SoCal these days, JS. Mostly latinos, in all variety from almost-whites to the Mex-Afro.

      • NYC is the only cesspool place in Murka where Hispanics don’t eradicate blacks. This might change one day. Also, Mexicans are not as prevalent in NYC. We have Caribbean Hispanics, who act like blacks, and are not as powerful as Mexicans.

        [ed note: you do realize, Manhattan is the exception to most Murkan rules: it is a Stop N’Frisk Police Staat designed to protect the 3 Manhattan Wealthy Elite Classess, jew, whop and WASP]

  8. Spain and Christopher Columbus knew about HBD, before any of us nerds came up with the term. It allowed them to loot gold in the New World, using nigs to mine it and exploit the ancestors of our Mejicomigga invaders to grant them access.

    You can peruse the book, Tropics of Empire, – Why did Columbus deliberately sail south in the New World. Anyone who is insightful, can understand why there are no northernly states of Murka that is in Espanol, because gold isn’t found in cold areas.*

    [ed note: *see Alaska. cold’s not the determinant; gold is found in volcanic areas.]

  9. He looks like someone who thinks Blacks are natural Republican voters.

  10. “That slavery excuse”

    So the problem with Black people is ideological, NOT biological? Why should Black people believe White people that say that Brown people enslaved Black people even more, if Black people KNOW that White people enslaved Black people? That would be very bad induction. Getting the upper hand in this discussion requires solid knowledge of Arabic on both sides.

    • 2 oogenhand

      So the problem with Black people is ideological, NOT biological?

      It does not matter. Discussing such rehashed nature/nurture debates is a waste of time.
      You asked 3 questions and then wait for 3 answers.

      When the simple truth is action: The black needs eradication.

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