US Government Religion

by Firepower

Caring for “the other” is christianity-based; the “turn the other cheek” and charity thing. †

As catholic-sized and satellite organized xtianity falls, it brings down smaller sects in a Domino Effect. It displaces Big Religion until what remains is the False Religion of USG-ordered dogmas: Diversity Is Good. Amnesty is A Right!, etc.

This also happened in Communist regimes of RED China and Big Soviet when BIGov displaced – and replaced – The Big Church in the respective nations.

You see, the only way to justify the inexplicable is with mysticism. Religious mysticism…

It is close now – at least, far, far closer than it was even ten years ago – and accelerating. But people are so stupid they still…….. believe their Big Government School lessons, despite the contradicting evidence before their very eyes. When the tit runs dry, the fun begins.

This is why Maobama desperately rammed through MaobamaCare and Amnesties, Inc. while grabbing .223 Greentip ammo the NSA discovered in your emails. Don’t let ConservaCunts off the hook: Bush had his MINOLuv programs also; Republicants are nearly as bad. What’s telling is: Both ruling parties now see the necessity of bribing the mob as a stopgap to anarchy.

If TDO & NAJ worked, we’d have won already. Teh InterWebz is FULL of “free speech” and John Q. Moron has plenty enough info.

In Google Age it is preposterous that dimwits still need MOAR examples of jew treachery and Colored HateCrimes against whites to convince them further that they are eradicated. It’s that fairytale sense of denial, the child’s firm belief in fantasy despite ugly reality (and adulthood) grabbing you by the neck and squeezing.

TDO & NAJ was “supposed” to ignite Revolution by sounding an alarm. It is reduced to the local air raid siren and annoying neighbor’s car alarm no one pays attention to anymore. This prompts the TDO & Najjers to push harder, trying to spark a response – which is why you see the foaming twitter “wars” with every new TDO.

Bookmark a Drudge headline page for three weeks and return to it and see how quickly it’s all forgot.

That increasing volume will either eventually work, or pile up as impotent venting, which is what I suspect happens with such an apathetic nation absorbed by foolish entertainment.

Nobody writes the original, innovative concepts like Eradica; certainly not the quality of original observation I just wrote…yet Kendall Jenner and her tranny~daddi dwarf the wisdom here. You can lead a horse to water, but you’ll never force a fucking stupid horse to drink.

Thus, one becomes an Elijah or Cassandra in adopting the practices of a religion. In the context of Western thought and Christian practices, it fits in that one feels compelled to help others, even if it is a lost cause.

What we have today is a secular, almighty centralized government like the medieval Roman Catholic Church issuing dictates on proper behavior to save one’s soul. They care so much, if they find a witch, they kill you.

11 Comments to “US Government Religion”

  1. Good stuff FP. America most certainly has a state religion: liberal Nazism. And they are devout.

    The internet doesn’t help. There is more information, but the signal to noise ratio is low. There is more bad information out there than ever before.

    We are not alone in the truth being drowned out by an ocean of shit. I know this guy who writes just like you do.

    • The Murkan State has truly achieved what the Soviet only dreamed: True, total replacement of human, instinctive religiosity by State Dogma, codified with universal social beliefs.

      We all “know” we can’t call a nigger a nigger, but we can call a decent White person a white-bread-honkey-muthahfucka racist. Glaring hypocrisy means one thing in a scenario: Religion exists there.

      For example: Gawd demands you love thy neighbor while He watches billions suffer and die horribly. God demands you take action, yet He is the most non-active action-less being in the universe.

      Western religion – Big Catholicism et al – collapsed when the herd finally realized this. BIGov can keep from collapsing because it has BIGTAXBux to keep feeding the Goodie~Machinery.

      The goodies are what made Murkan State Religion succeed while the deprivations of the RED Soviet forced its death. I wish* Eradican were here to explain, but he’s busy whining over some teen bitch, mixing his jizz in with his tear-stained Kleenex…

      Thus, as BIGReligion commands followers to turn their back on the world, BIGov urges the same; it seems like a cult thing.

      The interwebz is also a pretty hymn that distracts from the hopelessness, serving as organizationally-sponsored entertainment amid the same old, dull message.

      • Great comment, FP.

      • Yes, the “intellectual elite,” both leftist and “Christian” believe in the “right” to self-annihilation, the former in the face of “white suoremacy” and the latter in the face of radical liberation. Symbiotic regression.

        I’m seeking out an angelic poolside to hopefully pontificate in peace war.

      • thordaddy

        I’m seeking out an angelic poolside to hopefully pontificate in peace war.

        We shall be in the same section, yet I will scoot my chaise lounge further and further away the more you increasingly grumble worriedly over your children.

        You will increasingly find me arrogantly self-righteous for reminding you I avoided sending my wrigglers up the cervical slides of fate.

      • FP…

        Luckily for me, my children still give me ample opportunity to believe “kill, kill, kill.” When that is no longer the case, perhaps we’ll at least share a drink table?

  2. It’s worse, religion at least has a clear line, while liberals really do believe they are above it all, that they shed partisanship, ideology or mere subjectivity like the Homo sapiens shed it’s tail. As far they are concerned, modern science affirms all of their basic premises.

    The apocalypse? That’s crazy bible thumper talk, but climate doom is pure cold logic (no pun intended), so why not strong-arm people into it?

    And the Soviets didn’t only dream… do you know about Yuri Bezmenov, former KGB agent and defector?

    “The main emphasis of the KGB is NOT in the area of intelligence at all, only about 15% of time, money, and manpower is spent on espionage as such. The other 85% is a slow process we call either ideological subversion or active measures.

    To change the perception of reality of every American that despite of the abundance of information no one is able to come to sensible conclusions. That process is legitimate and open, you can see it with your own eyes.”

    Watch his lecture from 1983, it’s well worth the time.

    [ed note: worth repeating in boldface: To change the perception of reality of every American that despite of the abundance of information no one is able to come to sensible conclusions.]

  3. Persuading liberals is exactly as easy as persuading muslims.
    That won’t stop some from trying.
    I want to “reform” blacks because no one has ever succeeded at such a thing.
    While I’m at it I also want to find a way to control all of reality.

    • 2ojiskhloesdad

      Persuading liberals is exactly as easy as persuading muslims.

      This is why persuading any and all liberals to “come to OUR side!” is a naive waste of time.
      Instead, all liberals – and all Muzz – must simply be eradicated: All the FFOL memberships.

  4. Hey thats ken ireland the guy who ran out of the ring crying thru the fan section as he was getting the irish kicked out of him in the wwe

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