How Future MINO Agents Will Operate

by Firepower

Whites still comprise approximately 70% of Murkan population – but are reducing each day.

Somebody put up a “formula” showing when coloreds reach 40%, after moving into wite ‘hoods, they become that violent problem they’ve long been known for; it’s the “takeover number.” It’s the numerical Tipping Point.

[ed note: if anyone has a link, pls post it]

When coloreds and Miggers coalesce with feminists and faggots and approach this respective magic number, I suspect they will have for ………..quite some time, long put wities into eradication camps. No doubt the SWPL wites will whine and mewl about how they “deserve it for past waaaaaycism” and how they’ll miss their pickaninny niglet grandkids, but wgaf.

Miggers behave like this now – imagine how they’ll behave when they get an El Presidente like the black.

Imagine how militant they will be when they have 135 Miggers in congress:  Predict their attitude toward wite senior citizens when it’s an either-or for who gets health care. This is how the near future MMM will expand its totalitarian powers under the LN. This outrageous BIGov Progrom Pogrom would have been’ laughed at in 1975. Now, with Migger scum entrenched in Congress – and DC – it’s normal and accepted. The more Miggers let in to Murka, the more Miggers they’ll elect and so on…until when your children become 65, they’ll be denied healthcare in order to give it to 20 new border Spicklets.

Nevada once was the storied Wild West.  Only injuns and White cowboys lived there. Once the jew was tolerated to settle, it didn’t take long for their infection to spread.  Hey, pardner – ever see a KikeKowboy name of Henry Engelstein?

It is usually a jew agitator or instigator drumming up trouble. They were behind the 60s Hippie Movement. They are behind Hollywood Propaganda and Manhattan Media News Propaganda.

They are – as I write – organizing coloreds and Miggers who can’t spick engrish to legally eradicate whites. It’s so easy nowdays, I can only blame MINOs so much.

toldyaso: FREE Healthcare For Minos: Simple Explanations:

45 Comments to “How Future MINO Agents Will Operate”

  1. I too can no longer blame minos for everything. It would be good to mention the white role in their own extermination, but it is demoralizing, and many don’t want to hear it.

    Extermination camps is a big step. There would be no backing up from that. Not even in South Africa or Rhodesia today are there camps.

    • No need to blame minos, only shame those that can be publicly shamed. ALL THE “elite” MINOS are anti-Supremacists… Ergo, they CANNOT REALLY BE ELITE. Now, one says, “ok, that means nothing to the sheeple.” Of course, and the sheeple are not about to stampede either. From the wS perspective, the “default elite” is in a self-inflicted position of psychological inferiority. The radical “white” liberationist JUST KNOWS he is inferior to the genuine white Supremacist. But because these antithetical models of being emanate from a single head… High IQ “white” male… Ours is a head divided. White Supremacy or radical autonomy and self-annihilation?

      • This is your weakness and the weakness of most wheaties, failing to eradicate MINOs and not having a singularity to put non-wheaties in their place. Elite MINOs came to the scene, because wheaties have felt a certain guilt to feel supremacy over them. MINOs are completely useless in White domains.

        [ednote: the Elite have seen the future, accepted it – and realized it: Elites capitalized on MINOs’ bestiality to eradicate NRA/SO76 Whites – their only useful purpose]

      • I don’t know if Ryu or FP grew up with nigs. I have as a wheatie hispanic, and learned early on, they are up to no good. Inherently, they are dumber and more rowdy than others, making them incapable to elevate themselves from their bestial nature. Guys like Ben Carson and Thomas Sowell, are the best apples in a crate of rotten ones, which means one thing, 99% need to be eliminated.

      • I didn’t grow up with minos, JS. I never saw more than a handful until my 20s. It was only after moving to a mino filled area that I became a WN.

      • JS…

        Eradicating minos is a life-threatening endeavor even at the measly count of one. Reality has shown “us” that even the bestest of beastly badged “whites” will be publicly tarred and feathered for the “crime” of eradicating a real live nigger.

        So in the psychological war, the game is to first press for the talented tenth to eradicate the niggers within. In this manner, “we” force the Ben Carsons and Thomas Sowells to stand united with the Cornel Wests and Al Sharptons to either root out the nigger with extreme prejudice or BE nigger themselves.

        For most “whites,” just simple separation is already a great hurdle to overcome.

        Nigger eradication is TRULY the job of the Carsons and Sowells and not your everyday average white.

      • That would be a good plan, if they could be persuaded to do it. I don’t think they are interested in taking such risk, TD.

      • Ryu…

        It’s only for “us” to put it in the minds of the masses and those black man who see themselves in the model of a Sowell or Carson or Thomas or even a Dwayne Johnson or a mainstream Ice Cube… These BLACK MEN are responsible for the eradication of niggers EVEN IF it comes down to the white man to do the job. Not only is it the job of these black men to eradicate their scum, but they are also the voices of potential immunity. There is literally no immunity for a white man to kill even the most savage nigger. He will be tried, dried and dead-eyed no matter what happened or how justified he was in his automatically “transgressive” act. This lack of immunity REALLY FALLS SQUARELY in the laps of the Carsons, Sowells, Thomas’, Rocks and Cubes.

        If these black men cannot be converted to eradicating the savage nigger amongst them maiming, murdering and marauding then they are essentially allies of the savage nigger and thus equal to savage nigger. This is their Litmus Test. This is where they declare themselves black Supremacists or “black” anti-white Supremacists lurking as an enemy within operating as a respectable nigger gatekeeper.

      • I sometimes feel sorry for WNs for the people that they preach to. But the job of a black supremacist is truly hopeless. They had a chance, once. The Nation of Islam and Panthers could have done it back in the 60s. But the USG cut off their head and jailed the leaders.

      • Ryu…

        I don’t disagree… Separation or annihilation…

        But in the meantime???

        Reciprocal psychological war, I gather.

  2. Camps won’t happen until far into the future – long after we’re dead. Perhaps within the century.

    It’s tiresome “predicting” future holocausts in order to inspire witey. They are dead.
    Predicting is a Fool’s Game

    You know I wrote this last week; here’s a progress report on that Pierson guy I wanted everybody to read, from this link:

    He’s now expanded his concept and wrote a book:

    The cattle will need a catastrophe to awaken. But in the shape they’re in and saddled with those dis-educated brains, I fear they will not fight, but fall. That will be decades after I’m gone and frankly, I now don’t give a shit.

    Do you inspire with logic? Fear?
    You can use both. Both work, as do every method in between.
    But not anymore.

    Thus, you are left with the reality of what is around you.

    Romans could not preserve their magnificence. They just vanished so completely, even their language was obliterated.

    Murka might fall, possibly from something like…

    Yet, every link I posted was from wise, thoughtful men and still they failed to mention one crucial poison: MINOs

    • A catastrophe? You will get a steady drip feed of realisations, which even the sheep find difficult to ignore.
      In Europe we have the criminal insanity of Angie Merkel., a remarkable catalyst, so it would seem.
      In the US – the fact that no one in Washington has the intellect or moral superiority of Vlad the Lad, has done damage to public confidence.
      You’ve got Barry himself. And lets not forget the woman who would be Queen. A lousy shag I understand.

      • A ‘catastrophe’ to a Modern Murkan can be as trifling as a dead battery in their smartphone, rendering them social medialess for an hour. Same for all wite eurotrash.

        So, the first wave of deathfear to hit is when Mumsy & Daddykins’ lower retirement income forces their (then) 47-year-old Millennial spawn to reduce their basement gaming.

      • I just finished my blog post on a Frenchman, where he observed Murka in the 60s, and said it was a dead corpse of nothingness, let alone fast forwarding today, and making the same comments regarding its demise.

        It died a long time ago!

      • JS…

        But then one can step back even farther, create a new meta-narrative and tell the world how the “world” has been declaring America DOA… Declaring America dead since its inception is itself its own meme… Its own potent self-perpetuated propaganda 200 plus years old.

    • Ohhhhhhhhhh! A book…then a seminar tour…then book signings!

      Is America on the verge of a “fourth revolution” that will reshape US politics for decades to come? Come now to find out! Only $19.95 ***IF*** you call now! But wait, there’s more….

      Let us hope that revolution doesn’t come too quick. Might cut into the profits. He might get a few decades out of that con.

      This is a strange time, FP. These are smart, educated men you linked to. But they don’t see race. I am not impressed by these guys. They are profiteers, con artists, and shills. They are interested only in prestige and money. I have more respect for someone who bets his ass on his ideas, not just his money.

      Reminds me of the SP. Making bank off the collapse.

      [ed note: watch the cspan video. THATS free, ya cheap bastid. i learned new things. looks like he gave years of free lectures to eggheads then decided the ‘only’ way to get the word out to Jon Q. Moron was to write a book. you dont expect an old fat fart like him to march with a machinegun do ya?]

  3. It will be fun when liberal oldsters start dying because the replacements they brought in don’t want to spend trillions to keep them alive in gratitude.

    • oliver martinez

      It will be fun when liberal oldsters start dying

      good point. However, Boomer Scum will keep grasping long enough to devour the final valuables in the US treasury by the 2050s.

      None of us will live to enjoy the sight.

      • They are still doing it. Murka is now basically a dead carcass, where vultures feed on it. As you have previously said, there is so much shit up for grabs.

        I was advising a few individuals. Make your money, then take it and leave for a saner place!

        [ed note: there are saner places, but they are too weak to prevent confiscation of your property and life by the RED Bear and the RED Dragon.]

      • Canadian cities are actually a lot more wheatie friendly, than anything here in the states. They are in fact, less colored than previously. Murka continues to flood and flood all kinds of fecal matter into its shores, not to mention, millions and millions of nig turds are floating everywhere. Canuck land is a lot cleaner.

        The question remains, why do NRA/SO76 gun collectors continue to reside in Murka, or even well to do wheaties, who have a lot to lose.

      • Canada, like Murka, gives preferential admission to colored and MINO immigs; White Males need not apply.

        Canada has little land to use. Most of it is not arable due to the cold. Its prime land is in Ontario, and that’s about it.
        Murkans immigging to Canuckistan (like mex do here) is quite improbable – unless if done by force.

        This New JS-ian Paradise just elected, as its ruler, an LN pretty-boy fop and son-of-a Prime Minister.

      • Canada is about 80% White. Murka is like what in the next 20 years? Half of that!

      • JS…

        There is A LOT of space in Canada for wS to colonize from the ground up and with anti-diversity as developmental first principle.

  4. @ JS – The French “dead corpse Murica thing”. It comes from French situationist philosphy. It means something different to that which you imply. (its more literal interpretation). Gotta watch it with de Frenchies.

    • The French were the first to use the “equality” of brotherhood to annihilate their own French brothers. It is in the meme of America dead since its inception that French bigots find cover for their earth shattering act of revolutionary self-annihilation in the name of “equality.” A self-induced bloodletting that can only be rooted in a pathological mindset, whether that mindset inherent or by way of infection and affliction.

    • White Murkans tend to be obedient and the Frenchies got that right!

  5. Sidetracking the discussion a bit: It appears “racists” are boycotting the new Darth Vader movie:

    Please tell me it’s another nigga scum with a wheatie slut movie, directed by a Jew.

    [ed note: Star Wars is from Disney; we know the kind of LN filth they create. Disney also owns ABC Network]

  6. FP: Yes, Canuck land does have its multicultural disease, but Murka is already in its advance stage of infestation, and now in its death phase.

    [ed note: that is because the usa leads Western Culture. it is the head. the corpse rots from the head. as america once led all the West when it was good and strong, so shall it lead it in Death]

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