How to Change Police Beliefs

by Ryu

Good case here. The state/prosecution frames up a cop.

He is abandoned by his brother pigs. He is put into seg for 23 hours a day, 9 months.

Apparently, he couldn’t stomach work as a cop after the frame-up. He spent all his money, and his family’s money on lawyers. He said the state had unlimited money. All while they knew he was innocent.

Now we know why there are no WN cops. One has to BELIEVE in the system. Like a priest with no personal faith, no cop can police without believing in “the law.” The man Bill Dunn is today has lost his faith in the USG. Too bad he learned it too late.

Forensic Files: Within Arm’s Reach

Today’s study is 22 minutes long. The t/p is Farmington, NM in April 4, 1994.

Paul Dunn is a former bike cop. He said there was only two things he was good at: being a cop and ….…being a dad. He said accident reconstruction is all math.

Dunn was having an affair. His wife found out. They had a confrontation. She ran into the bedroom and shot herself in the abdomen, with a shotgun. When cops arrived, Dunn was covered in blood.

***If you feel a shudder, the vic is going to die.***

His friends on the force didn’t believe him. Another department was given the case, as he was a cop in Farmington. The NM state police handled the case.

They did a search of the immediate area. Took out a wall. Investigators found a DV form in the car. She was going to file battary charges and get him fired from the force.

A shotgun fires several projectiles at once. In this case, 9 pellets. It opens like a flower. It should make a cross mark if fired close enough.

Dunn passed a poly. He was arrested on the forensic evidence. He was segregated because he was a cop. Locked up for 23 hours a day for 9 months.

Monica left a suicide note with her father. It named pallbearers for her funeral. This note was left a month before her death.

Dave Feffer was hired. He was a PI with 22 years experience. He did the usual homemade ballistic experiment.

Martin Feckler was the military’s gunshot wound expert. Grex was found in and around Monica’s wound. It prevents pellets from being deformed when they are fired. There was no grex on the dress. This suggested that the shotgun was right against her when fired.

Dunn said that he would kill himself if convicted. He couldn’t do the time. He said 9 months of solitary would break anyone.

Dunn was exonerated. The jury only took a few minutes to reach their verdict.

Dunn now works as a foreman for an oil company. This case changed many of his beliefs. Innocent people do go to prison. His bank account was emptied, but the state has unlimited money.

11 Comments to “How to Change Police Beliefs”

  1. It appears Wheatie LEOs are the barrier that keeps the White State from forming.

    Perhaps this scene in the Godfather, where a mafioso dresses up as a cop could be a key point:

    • As of this moment, there are no WN cops.

      I have searched high and low for one, JS. There are racist cops, some racially-aware cops, but no full suite WNs. They’ve got to be willing to spill on procedures and security. Never found one.

      • For young “white” males right at the blue line is NOW the CHOICE between pig and true system subversion… The choice between pathologically deracinated goon of the State operating under the principle of radical autonomy or a truly subversive wS sworn to operate from a “justice where justice is due” first principle.

      • But no impostor cops, or those who defect, and give their templates away. Fake wheatie LEOs would do a lot of damage.

      • JS…

        I want to be practical… That 16-17… 18 year old thinking of the police academy… He most likely only has “sugar and spice” in his mind… Good job, good pay, take it to some “bad” guys, help out his lady game, etc.

        All the poison “we” drink and some drinking more than others is at its base just material… The medium… The drip line even less so… And the mechanisms of consumption are mostly subliminal. “We” take our poison without much self-awareness it’s so all-pervasive now. So one has to create stark images in the minds of these young “white” teens thinking Mayberry when the expectation is a self-annihilation on behalf of the collective in return for the power of collective’s autonomy. Young white boy is essentially joining a gang when he joins the Police State as a pathologically deracinated goon who will then one day, because order prevails, be forced to submit his self to ideology and be granted annihilation. If not, he shall be burned at the stake by his “brothers” for his “white supremacist” instincts in saving his self. This is the future for all white males seeking to be good cops only to be transformed into filthy pigs.

  2. Ryu,

    You should do a post on this guy.

    “I am fighting against Islam, a dangerous disease which is spreading rapidly in Europe.”

    “Muslims are like wild dogs. You can’t deal with them, you can only kill them.”

    – Željko “Arkan” Ražnatović (17 April 1952 – 15 January 2000)

    Serbian Paramilitary Leader, Master Bank and Jewelry Store Robber, Multiple Prison Escapee, Alleged Contract Killer, Husband of Serbian Pop Superstar and Sex Symbol, Indicted War Criminal for “Crimes Against Humanity”, Dance Club Owner, Football Firm Director and father of nine.

  3. The machine has no mind.
    I think the System is driven by first impressions to an extent hardly realized today.
    Whatever you do try not to get caught in its ratchets.

    • 2 mike schimmel

      I think the System is driven by first impressions

      It is impossible to avoid breaking laws in any State at any time. One cannot live for 20 minutes without breaking some government law, no matter how trivial.

      This is designed by the LN State.

      • The government cannot persecute innocent people. Thus, they create many laws, so all are criminals. Laws are made to be broken.

      • Ryu

        The government cannot persecute innocent people.

        Periodically, The SWATZI goes on a cutesy, PC-PR Mision pulling over exceptionally good drivers. Instead of issuing tickets, sniffing out ashtray roaches (or drunks), slapping around “deadbeat Dadz” – or shooting niggers in the back – the swatzis give out “courteous driver” certs for free ice cream or tune-ups.

        Many folks are so wizened now, they see even this as a ruse to get inside your car.
        So now, even upstanding citizens would face The Man if Officer Friendly smelled pot in John Q. Goodriver’s car.


      • But these paid executives also enjoy the “grey law” that provides the playground for their radical autonomy… Savvy citizen autonomists enjoy this “grey law” as well.

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