You Were Just Made

by Ryu


The biggest problem in America is people lying to themselves. It happens, because it is all around us.

I learned this lesson playing poker. If I knew someone had a better hand, I got out. It took a long time to lose the curiousity and to gain the discipline to do this.

Real life example: An associate and I were walking down the road in a quiet part of town at an early hour. A prowl car was …..…driving slowly up the road about 200m ahead in the opposite direction. We were just made. The cop no doubt put us in his field notes for the day. All activity for that day was cancelled.

All WNs are highly individualistic. That’s why they got this far. If they were susceptible to groupthink, they would never have become WNs.

It takes another step to reach one’s potential. You already know what you have to do. The barrier is different for each person. Calculate, figure it out, and do it. It is obvious who does this and who does not.

5 Comments to “You Were Just Made”

  1. I don’t know if this is common knowledge or not, so here it comes just in case. When doing night “activities” resist the urge to wear black like some ninja. In real life, field grey (dark grey) blends in much better since it is very rare for the dark to actually be jet black. There is a good reason why many armies used to issue field grey uniforms and it wasn’t because they thought it was stylish.

    • Fancy, hightech camo patterns are pretty. They are computer generated during the manufacturing process rendering each garment as individual as a fingerprint.

      Plain olive drab lacks this.

      • True. I would assume that wearing anything with a pattern would have this problem. Also anything odd ball or custom designed will be problematic and help to identify you. Your appearance should be so generic that your description would cover half the population. Also, any equipment you use should also be as generic as possible so resist the urge to use your super duper custom designed thingamajig. Ideally, you should be using the same standard issue equipment as your opponent (esp. If it’s procured from your opponent. Now that can be a real moral destroyer and very embaressing. Forensically it can muddy the water as well.) This has all probably been mentioned before, but some repetition can’t hurt.

        [well, most do NOT assume it and are identified, unless they dispose of the garment. it is likewise best to word phrases similarly in a field gray way that avoids incriminating yourself.]

      • One has to look at it from the other side. A police BOLO is race, gender and clothes. Maybe a black male with a blue jersey and red shorts. More detail, one can’t see from far away.

        There are two distances one has to consider: close and far. One has to think about what “distance” one will be seen from.

        John Paul Franklin had two tattoos: a reaper and an eagle. It was a close in ID from a nurse that made him.

        One can learn a great deal from robbery cases. Often, all the police have is a picture. In most cases, it is the public who makes the ID and calls the police.

  2. When spotted at night I often cross the street or turn next corner as if on a short local walk.

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