Hillary Feminazi LN Warlord~ettes

by Firepower

Sieg Heil, Ma’am!

The MINO Master Machine. The jackbooted government fascists aren’t just coloreds now. Not even twofers like coloreds such as Loretta Lynch and Valerie Jarrett.

The power behind The Once and Future Queen are Migger and jew broads.

Problem is, our Propaganda Media will never “announce” this; they like their frogs completely boiled. You have to go to a limey paper for truth in faggotty “FreeeeeSpeeeeechMRKA!™”

The Democratic National Committee’s party hierarchy has more women than men in elected positions, and females….… hold the party’s top executive roles. The list and pics are all there. What do you think Murka will look like after another 4 year Reign by a LN?

The organization’s chair, three of its five vice chairs, several top communicators and both the CEO and COO are all women:

Chairwoman Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Vice chair Donna Brazile
Vice chair Maria Elena Durazo
Vice chair Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard
Secretary Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake
Chief Executive Officer Amy Dacey
Chief Operating Officer Lindsey Reynolds
National Press Secretary Holly Shulman
Deputy National Press Secretary Miryam Lipper
Research Director Lauren Dillon
Deputy Research Director Lauren Smith
Convention Committee CEO Rev. Leah Daughtry

1.4% of Murkan population are jewish bitches. This list is all jews, coloreds and Miggers, with an occasional wite FFFugster cunt.

This is who rules Murka – rules you and yours.

You just know these cunts will really cry over sending the wite hick cannonfodder legions to ISISLand. Ten hut!

17 Comments to “Hillary Feminazi LN Warlord~ettes”

  1. FP: If you haven’t observed, just walk into any manhatty public day care center, where pleasure loving wheaties play and live, and ignore all the problems around them. blackie principal, wheatie sluts coddling colored kids with a few wheatie ones, and jews spouting orders from the command post. This is Murka in a nutshell!

    • That’s long established SOP for gentrified locales; homeowners there a long time cash in for a 5x profit and sell to a jewish realtor, who then sells to a YUPPIE etc. for 10x that.

      Soon, you see witeyups in their new houses and Migger maids ironing their clothes in the driveway.

      It’s happening in LA now, in Venice and traditionally Colored-Free Zones as Beverly Hills. YUPPIE Scum Vote-0-Bama because they know they will never have to live next to a nigger that makes less than $1 Million.

      Great article re-states what I’ve long said. Has a graph showing Elite Housing Prices in all our New Feudal States:

      But then again, this is not a topic decrying “niggers in manhatty”…

      • My comment wasn’t really about gentri-negro-expulsion, although it has been happening in NYC. Manhatty represents Murka’s social dynamics at play, in a very small area. Dumb wheatie degenerates, petty colored minions and LNs, all in one gathering at the amusement park.

      • As noted in the topic, there are 2 distinct classes of colored: Scum – and then Our Rulers, as depicted in the above article. Female coloreds are the lowest form of human and were appropriately treated so thoroughout history: Now, they are your Rulers.

        This Venetian/Angelino Cycle of Circulating Elites is based on the Original Manhattan Model of de-niggrifying a zone then establishing it as a New Elite Luxury Playground.

        The linked article shows the MINOization of Murka means cardboard boxes for our coming 2nd World nation.

      • It’s more like colored scum who’ve been elevated to the ruling class, where they oversee the poor wheatie class, which is now happening in Murka.

        Any low status domain, is under the helm of coloreds, which means poor wheaties will either be at their mercy, since they are being kept off the grass where wealthy wheaties live, or become persecuted, in order to avoid their colored minions.

      • Yes.
        Remember, first come small numbers of early colored tokens elevated by LN purely for racial reasons – as in the 70s.

        Eventually the interim colored has enough numbers in the MMM on its own to enact increased admission of greater numbers of this Ruling Colored Class, until they eventually become the majority of Officals.

  2. *snigger* “The committeewoman warned her party could promote Hillary ‘because she’s a woman, and risk having her implode after she’s nominated’ You’ve tried the nigger now try the wimmin.
    Don’t know if Trump will make it but all he has to do is tell the truth.

    [ed note: Murkans ‘can’t handle THE TRUTH!’]

    • Wether they can handle it or not, it would be quite the spectacle. Let’s face it, Trump is just the most interesting clown in the 3 ring circus of presidential elections, but he’s still just entertainment. Change will not be coming via the ballot box. It never has. I’m just fascinated as to what the trump endgame really is. Disinformation, a relief valve for SO76 types or ?????

      • To mend fences between middle and lower class “whites” and “working class” “blacks” so that the symbiotic regressives annihilation of “white” liberals continues with Trump as stand-in “white supremacy.”

        “White supremacy,” aka Raciss, is the mechanism by which “greater” liberal annihilates lesser liberal in the inevitable act of ideologically-induced self-annihilation.

        If you want to destroy a “white” liberal, accuse him of “white supremacy” and watch his fellow jackals go into a feverish feeding frenzy.

      • Adit

        I’m just fascinated as to what the trump endgame really is.

        It’s just a rich man’s quest for the one ring he does not yet posess: True Power.

        He has wealth and fame – even a large degree of power via his own property and empire. He makes thousands jump to his whip. Now, he wants the millions who don’t have his name on their paycheck to jump.

        Now, he simply wants to rule all – and have the power to enforce his will across the globe to other leaders. His desire is to make others bend to his will.

        It’s that simple. No Iluminatty conspiracy shit needed.
        remember: KISS

      • Why doesn’t Trump just go to some Central American or African country?
        [ed note: The Money and The Power are here]

        With his money, he would be God. He’s got the money to hire his own army. He could be an warlord, like Idi Amin.

        Of course, it is less satisfying to rule over savages – no challenge. To rule over a formerly great country is an achievement.
        [u just answered your own query lol]

      • This ^^^ too… At the primitive, primal level.

  3. Good stuff. You’re right, women are making a spot in the ruling class. That Carla Fiorelli GOP broad is similar. You never see a straight white man at any Hillary gathering.

    I have this idea that feminism, multiculturalism, and homophilia aren’t that “modern.” Did this exact same thing happen in Rome, Spain, Greece and England?

    • There was, to a certain extent, a relative feminization of these nations in their last decades. JS might be able to shed more light on Spain, but only if “niggas and Manhattan” iz involved.

      Women’s ‘suffrage’ was an issue, perhaps amounting to only 30% of Murka’s contemporary suicidal insanity.

      • When you throw niggas into the mix with harmful liberalism, then it becomes 100% pure toxin, as you see it in Murka. Just one very, unsavory, ingredient, changes the flavor completely. Which is why FP, believes in complete eradication of the nig in full force. Argentina, completely, eliminated most of the negro populace from its demographics, and have been treading along steadily, despite its increasingly liberal politics.

      • This is a matter of perspective, JS. Problems create their own solutions.

        I like this toxin. Whites were too moral, too civilized. They were “above” being tribal and racist. And they got screwed relentlessly. Whites will have to learn to say “fuck it. I’ll be an animal too.”

        And solutions create their own problems – one day JS, the nigs will return to Argentina.

    • Liberalism = homosexual “nature”

      “Feminism” = dyke “nature”

      Together, in a pervertedly inverted hieararchy, homodyke persuades its males to pleasure themselves to death (homo=same=exact same=self) and the dykehomo persuades the female to destroy every living thing starting with what is closest in the womb.

      This ^^^ is the dominating operating paradigm of the masses. It’s consequence is a “default elite.”

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