No Latex Gloves

by Ryu

Criminals are not the only people who don’t want to leave traces on a crime scene. Neither do criminologists, who work crime scenes. One may learn from the other, and vise versa.

Any type of glove is dangerous. It leads to false confidence. Gloves can leave distinctive fiber and impression evidence on their own – independent of fingerprints.

Gloves must be disposed of carefully. Destroyed if possible, then scattered. If they come from a big box with many gloves, the entire box must be disposed of. Investigators can check if a glove came from a particular lot.

Gloves might leave fiber or impression on his car’s steering wheel.

From an ident site:

“Please wear gloves when processing latent print evidence, with frequent glove change. Prolonged glove use may cause sweaty hands, which can result in leaving YOUR latent print through a latex glove.”

3 Comments to “No Latex Gloves”

  1. A comment on clothing: be careful what you use to wash your clothes. Most detergents use brighteners to make “your whites white” which causes you to literally glow when exposed to certain UV light wavelengths (think CCTV cameras.) There are detergents used by the military and hunters (deer apparently see into the UV range) which lack these brighteners. Walmart even used to carry some in their sporting goods section. I just thought this might be an interesting tidbit.

  2. Regular work gloves may be less conspicuous when handling equipment anyway.

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