Don’t Trust Anyone

by Ryu

…even me.

It’s not forensics that solves cases. It is people and people talking.

They say that at it’s peak, East Germany employed 1/3 of its population as spies. I’d say the proportion is higher in the US. Nearly everyone, including most nationalists, will talk to the police.

In particular, homicide “should” be a secretive crime. Prisoners make up a number of confidential informants. So many are caught because they talk.

It is worth mentioning, here and now, that there are no “hitmen” available to the public. The cartels have them, the USG surely has them (Seal Team 6), but the public cannot. ***All*** are ATF and local PD plants. Below is an …..…..interview with one of them:

Below are my notes from a Joe Paul Franklin study. Observe – how many people ratted Franklin out. And this is in 1980, when people had less trust of the police than today. Virtually everyone Joe ever met ratted him out. Even cellmates.

Case 30: Serial Killers – Joe Paul Franklin

Today’s case is 49 minutes long. Franklin was one of the finest warriors that our race has ever produced. He was also a great escape artist. He just made a few mistakes that got himself caught.

Did the killer know the suspect? No.

TTD? Minutes.

An interracial couple was shot in Salt Lake City on an August evening. Two niggers died. The shooter used 6 shots.

Ear witnesses say they heard shots fired from a nearby building. No one saw the gunman or saw the muzzle flash. The shooter laid in wait and waited for the couples to walk into range. They found 6 shell casings and tire tracks.

The initial suspect was the white girl’s daddy. He lead a biker game. He was polyed and passed. The shooter used a Camero with chrome mags, his own car.

Witnesses describe him as a slender white man. The shooter used a Marlin or Glenfield 30-30. A 50K reward was offered for information. Most callers wanted the $$$ and had nothing to offer.

A whore called in. Earlier in the month, a man in a camero propositioned her. He had a Southern accent. He had tatoos on both arms. On his left arm, an eagle. On the right, the grim reaper. At an intersection, he said he was a hitman for the KKK. He said it was really easy. Just walk up, shoot, walk away. Everyone pays attention to the falling man and no attention to the shooter.

Could she ID the guns seen in the hotel room? Nope. But they did ask her for a composite sketch.

3 weeks after the first hit, a tip came in. Cinncinati police asked about an old case.
44 Ruger carbine rifle. The travelling seriel killer was a new concept back in 1980.

8 hotels, false licence numbers, false name, false ID. Cops checked all hotels in the vicinity.

***DMV search. hotel guy. A hotel patron complains about how noisy all the cop cars are. It was Joe. He was remembered by the hotel clerc for this.

Joe escapes out a window.

The 10 most wanted list is based upon the percieved danger to the public.

Franklin changed his appearance and he still had a source of cash.

The FBI talked to anyone who knew him in Birdtown. They said he like to give plasma as a way of making money. So they distributed want pictures at blood clinics. A technician recognized the tatoos on his arms. The technician called the pigs and they surrounded the clinic.

6 Comments to “Don’t Trust Anyone”

  1. If we live with such fear of
    “the once freeeeeeeeeest nation on earth!”
    The LN has already won.

    And it matters not
    wtf we say
    or do

    • It’s not a fear of the USG itself, FP. And they have already won – decades ago.

      It is a fear of their spies, who are most Americans. There is an official USG pay roll. Then there is a roll of those who would cooperate with them.

      One can’t call it paranoia after long study. The only organization I can really point to as operating within a police state is the Russian mafia during the USSR days.

      • What about the following trick? Hand your vicinity the contact information of hardcore leftists so your family e.a. can snitch on you to these leftists. That way they are forced to acknowledge they live in a snitch state. Conservatives can’t fool themselves any longer.

      • That’s a good one, Oogenhand.

    • BTW, that movie Truck Turner is excellent! That’s not blaxploitation, that’s reality.

  2. When dealing with the cops it’s best to appear not to have a personality or emotions.
    Pretend to be a cooperative drone or NPC.

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