Your Car, Your Enemy

by Ryu

The car is a perfect example of how a technology benefits the system rather than the individual. The easiest and most common way to interact with the American police is to be driving your car.

The automobile has many types of identifying information on it. There are the licence plate, VIN, the hidden VIN on 17 different parts, the driver’s licence, insurance card, proof of insurance and so on.

The police have been given a wide variety of laws in order to allow them to stop American citizens whenever they like. NO ONE can obey all 10,000 traffic laws while driving their car on the roads. The police know this. If they only follow someone for long enough, they can find a reason to stop the driver.

The most common way to have an interaction with law enforcement is….…. in your car. There are many examples of DAAs getting caught this way. Tim McVeigh was stopped while driving a car without a license plate. Dylan Roof was followed was a curious citizen who IDed his car.

DAAs must be very careful driving their own car to a job. Licence Plate Readers (LPRs) can track a plate number through the city automatically now. This is recorded. Often when a crime is solved with no mention of how the suspect was tracked, surveillance technology was used.

Newer cars are much worse. On-Star records conversations in the car. GPS units can track a car’s speed and location. We live in a police state…right now. Not maybe… not working on it – today.

To get away with it today, without getting lucky, requires a tremendous skill and attention to detail. Few are capable of this. Not just during a job, but before and after also.

4 Comments to “Your Car, Your Enemy”

  1. Some time ago, somebody (I thought it was you, but maybe not) wrote a bit about the excellent utility of bicycles in avoiding detection / surveillance.

    Bikes are relatively anonymous – no license plates, no insurance, registration or titling requirements, and they all kinda look alike unless it’s one you’ve seen and ridden numerous times. And you pretty much have a built-in excuse to wear a helmet and sunglasses without suspicion (which makes identification via surveillance footage difficult). Not only that, with a good hybrid bike, you can easily bounce back and forth between roads / sidewalks and trails / woods / hills.

    Worst comes to worst, you can junk it and walk off on foot.

  2. A possible advantage in being too poor to drive anything but an old used car, the more anonymous the better.

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