America Already Fallen

by Firepower

I operate under growing apprehension that America has already fallen…long ago.

It’s that goddamned Mysterious Frustration we all feel.

That mysterious, gnawing frustration exemplified perfectly by bloggers (mainly commenters) of “why doesn’t somebody do SOMETHING!” is that there is:

Nobody. Anymore. To do any thing.

Folks scream in frustration about …..….Fascist Government giving coloreds on welfare the funds to keep breeding future thugs on welfare.  Folks scream about illegal mexicans hopping the border and getting free natal care for their 14th Anchor Baby.

That’s because it is already their country.  Whites are the defeated has-beens.  Whites are the ones who gave the coloreds all.  Does that sound like victorious behavior by any people in any sense of past history? The coloreds didn’t take it and earn it by bloody conquest.  LBJ, Carter, Clinton – BUSH – and Maobama dispensed the King’s Ransom.  And whites went along with it; they even got Sally Struthers to get them to give more money to M’bkwe’s Fly-In-Eye Ethiopia medication and Bambino Pedro’s clean water in Mexico City.

Now, illegal mexes come here, kidnap three sex slaves and rape them for eleven years.  Witness the other colored sex crimes on whites: If that’s not Ghengis Khanning a trampled race by feeling the greatest joy in “killing their men and hearing the laments of their wives and daughters” I don’t know what the fuck is.  Way to go, GESTAPO: you can find DNA on Boston Bomb frags, but can’t find THREE girls in one entire decade…living in a sex-slave shack in fucking CLEVELAND.

There was no Rome here one minute and the next *poof!* – all gone!  I was always incredulous that books & TV show when Rome fell, the Romans actually didn’t know it fell.  It wasn’t announced with trumpets and fanfare. No hoary horned-helmet-head “barbarians” pillaged with naked, writhing Hawt Roman Chicks slung over their saddle indicating the cataclysmic end – that, was Constantinople.  They were gradually taken over by mongrel hordes who were so stupid they couldn’t operate or maintain the equipment of civilization such as aqueducts and roads. Western Rome just gradually slipped into darkness. With a whimper.  Like Detroit.  Like Los Angeles. Like your cushy suburb.  Like all Murka

America has already fallen.  What we feel is a mistaken sense of rebuilding when we should be re-arming. Recreating the Glorious Past America we romanticize would be as hard as getting folks to physically recreate the Brady Bunch mentality in their actual life.  It’s gone.  Try discussing Honor, virtue, duty or integrity to anybody under 40; they’ll look at you like you’re the alien life-form – not Lil’ Wayne.

I imagine this is what Romans endured and felt living in their tents in the Coliseum. Trying to grasp their predicament while colored usurpers ran things.  Ran things so well, that Latin disappeared as a language even though existing for a thousand years.

The Elite is multi-faceted and more than just a monolithic entity, although it is described as such for the quick grasp of a simplistic, stupefied audience.

Most (it not all) groups can be broken down into the two economic/cultural separations.  Still, for the Elite, both of these groups live in the same $40 Million Manhattan penthouses, buy the same art and luxuriate among the same circle of friends – elite friends.  So, both groups are structurally identical. LIUFY: The Law of Circulating Elites. It’s old news. People are just so stupid, they didn’t pay attention even back then. Maybe they’re just distracted: Stupid and distracted…

Lion writes of them here as Bobos, but because he fucking invented it, I use Pareto’s model:

And now, Occidental Observer proves IT TOO READS steals from LOTB and I:

I feel increasing apprehension that white America has already fallen. The “urgent upheaval” the media bleats about (for ratings, not informing) is now just the various “diverse” groups fighting over the spoils.

That is the frustrating confusion we see today.  Feminists fighting coloreds fighting illegal mexicans and muzz for the pennies in the White Corpse’s Eyes.

40 Responses to “America Already Fallen”

  1. I know well these feelings you described. I was nagged by the “feeling” that something was wrong beyond everything we write about. What does a police state look like? What does “the collapse” look and feel like?

    I am very aware of my inferiority compared to a WW2 white – and their inferiority to a 1900 white – and theirs to a 1776 white. Today, “we” know more, but we are made of inferior substance. It is no consolation that we have more “technology” today when our raw human stuff is much weaker now.

    Throughout history, there have been men who knew what was happening. They did their very best to warn the people. In all cases, they were ignored. Indeed – ignoring great men is a sign of a collapsed society.

    Socrates did it. It was a sign of Athens’ fall that they gave their greatest citizen the hemlock. Solon also knew.

    If we looked very carefully in Roman history, we would find out EXACT equivalents in that time. There is nothing new in our words. Nor was their anything new in theirs. It is the oldest story in the book – men achieving success, then being corrupted by it and becoming decadent.

    What has helped more than anything is dozens and dozens of viewings/readings of 1984. That society we know has collapsed. That world is just like ours.

  2. This only means “poolside” is for a select few.

    [ed note: all you need is enuff $$ to give you pleasure until Pres. Malia Obama revokes your Social Security and MediCare. Then, all you need is a gun]

  3. Not fallen, pushed over intentionally, it was and is done on purpose, the white race is targeted!
    The elites are sitting on top of you, holding your hands and punching yourself with them, that’s not diy.

    I rather agree with Tanstaafl from Age of Treason that the suicide meme, as in we did it to ourselves, is all about blaming whitey and to excuse the real perpetrators.

    Yeah whitey, stop punching yourself…

    But everything CAN be turned around, even dinducare CAN be repealed!

    “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” – Roosevelt

  4. There’s nothing to learn from nigs. Basic instincts kick in when push comes to shove. Nigs are inherently useless in highly evolved societies. They never had one to begin with. Only Murkan wheaties are stupid, to coddle them like god’s gifts.

    • Here’s an article written by a niggeria from his native country:

      Coloreds don’t care for their own. Why do wheaties have to pick up the tab?

    • Time will teach you better than I can. Beginning your own blog was a step. You’ll learn much in the coming years, if you endure.

      Think of Manhattan. Today it is more “civilized”. But it has lost something vital since the 70s and 80s. Once, one had to be a wolf to live there. Now, mostly sheep.

      Does this song even approximate NYC today? I prefer Times Square when it had pimps, whores and peep shows. That was more respectable.

      [ed note: as an aside, see Murka’s other Big City: LA’s 70s spirit in Truck Turner]

      • Yes, and no. The key issue is coloreds. During the time in which you speak of, coloreds were a bigger problem than Whites. The same holds true today.

      • Thanks for the reco. I’ll check it.

      • Btw, Ryu, you should check Rivelino’s Diary, a Gooker/Spic Migga who lives in Spain and picks up Euro women. I really don’t care what he does or who he is, but you may find him relevant:

        He’s on the blogroll of Lion like Eradica.

      • I never thought more of Spickalino than a girly, ESL pua lightweight dbag.
        And, I’m still right.

        You must realize: As long as wite males fear The LN Police Staat and its cameras more than a fear of eradicating MINOs, the white state will fall one day – so far down – that it is irrecoverable.

      • FP: It takes a form of push comes to shove, a desperate move for things to roll…that time will come.

        It’s really up to the wheatie LEO, if he’s still willing to sell his soul for the devil, like Gordon Gekko does on Wall St.

        [ed note: Conservatardz bitch about “gummin-employeez!” but NEVER note the highest paid – are cops. ya know, that kind that WACO their voters]

      • Thanks! I’ll look into him.

  5. America collapsing is a good thing. It has gone past the point of reform. It must be remade as a White Ethnonationalist State. All non-Whites must be removed and never let back in. Only by eliminating foreign and alien lifeforms can Whites live free and unmolested from lower lifeforms.

  6. The problem is that a new American race (or Raza) has started to form before anyone realized it.
    It’s micro-evolution in action. A loss of vitality.
    Both blacks and whites are becoming less violent, but also more docile and less energetic. It’s part of the explanation for the obesity epidemic. A small preview was in the film Wall E. Social media are the first signs of the formation of a group mind.
    They will make much better office drones though.
    For now it’s mostly an urban trend.

    • 2 Hajj traffic cop

      Both blacks and whites are becoming less violent,

      The win/win for the LN/MMM is the forced integration of former White hoods results in coloreds impregnating white teen girls, creating more Halfrican spawn and less opportunity for white births.

      Then, as whites absorb these invading coloreds, this has a taming influence on the black beast.

      This results in the FFOL/MMM getting more colored babies, plus it dilutes the coal black coloreds into mushy brownish Murkans stripped of all SO76 – the better to subjugate them.

      If need be, whites, coloreds and Miggers can be set against each other – instead of the MMM State.

      White vs Colored vs Migger vs White

  7. about 1 yr. after the 3 females escaped from the freakin ricans hous of horros another freakin rickin named acevedo who lived 2 houses away from castro was arrested for the murder of about 11 females and dumping the bodies about a block down near a highway exit and the his brother who was already in prison was identified thru dna as the culprit who bashed a guy with a claw hammer when he answered the door went in raped his 13 yr. daughter strangled her and set the house on fire

    • 2goy boy

      about 1 yr. after the 3 females escaped from the freakin ricans hous of horros

      Thank the Migger: He eradicated more coloreds, wetbacks and white trash sluts than the entire KKK/PeterPanzer wn fantasists have in 40 years.

  8. The only hope for legacy White Americans is if WW3 is won by Russia in the following scenario. ZOG-NATO instigates a diplomatic crisis that baits a Russian response, which ZOG-NATO hopes will draw Russia into a disadvantageous situation which forces them to act first, also at a disadvantage.

    Vladimir Putin, knowing this strategy, will already have the Ultimate Weapon available to stop WW3 in its tracks and leave ZOG-NATO dead in the water; without firing a nuclear weapon. That Ultimate Weapon is an Elite Assassination Team. Already in place and their billionaire targets at hand at all times. Kill every billionaire and it will be impossible to fight a war because Global ZOGs do nothing without their command. Just as a battle tank can’t even start, let alone fight, without its crew.

    Everybody thinks of war in entirely the wrong way. Rather than fighting wars of attrition, with its destruction of men and materials, the best way for Orthodox Russia to beat the Zio-Jew NWO is to attack the Deep Core of the ZOG-NATO matrix. That Deep Core is the Top 1000 super elites, i.e. billionaires, Super Jews, banksters, and professional warmongers.

    When Russia is provoked as mentioned above, Putin will give the order to exterminate ZOG-NATO’s Top 1000 elites. All dead in a ONE HOUR time window. As opportunities permit, the Russian assassination teams can exterminate successors who come up to take over, destroy private bunkers, Lear Jets, yachts, and maybe even set fire to the Bohemian Grove! The playground of the super rich. The super rich must know BEYOND ALL DOUBT THAT THEY WILL *PERSONALLY PAY* WITH THEIR LIVES AND PROPERTY if they don’t back off these events that will lead to WW3.

    The entire ZOG-NATO matrix hangs from the Top 1000 as a chandelier hangs from a keystone in an archway. Destroy the keystone and the whole thing comes crashing down. The matrix cannot function without their signatory authority. Washington cannot carry out their imperial designs without them. The surviving sub-elites will sue for peace and call off the war, just to save their own hides! It’s just that simple. Better to kill the Top 1000 than to let them kill millions in an imperial world war.

    FINALLY, by killing off the Top 1000, and their enablers as necessary, the crushing pressures against White America will be lifted. The Jewish cancer will be put into permanent remission. White America may be hopelessly brainwashed right now but, the shock of seeing their Masters destroyed will give them the courage to relearn what has been lost for over 50 years. Not just to relearn their natural rights but, that legacy Whites have a RIGHT to a social, economic, and political order that benefits them and helps them to grow. Whites and prize-winning gardens both require a high level of care and management. Lesser races and ethnic groups are the weeds and bugs that ruin valuable landscapes.

    • I think I get it: Obongo’s bombing of dangerous a-rab dictators to free a billion rabid anti-Israel Muzz is really ZogPlot.
      Obamao bedding down w/ Iran’s new nukes to plop on israel is really the plot by israel.

      Putin is indeed a freedom-loving all-around Great Guy – and our Pal. He’ll do for the usa what he did for Ukraine, but instead he’ll let us have everything – right down to Free Speech and total Liberty to pose new theories on internet blogs.

      Just think: The entire white world controlled by a 3% minority because white Murkan males don’t fight, they’re busy posting…
      In fact, for their 1776 Liberty 2.0, they’ll need the kindness of Nice Soviets because they can’t fight a 3% minority.

      • Huns, Mongols, Goths…the Ancient Greeks were much more evolved than any colored we have now. Witey stupid to give away their civilization to primitives, will become a laughable event set down in the history books, that make great conquerors roll in their graves.

        Naked sandos stormed out of Arabia and conquered the largest swathe of land in history. coloreds in modern day baltamo’ crybaby moah grievances and witey give them everything.

      • 2 JS

        the Ancient Greeks were much more evolved than any colored we have now

        I think you are grasping a concept I’ve long espoused: PeterPanzers who spew fantastic nonsense of “aryan this, aryan that!” are illiterate idiots that are wrong from total lack of real historic fact.

        We are Greeks. The greatest nations today are Greek. We came from Romans. Rome influenced Germany and Britain. Spain was the Emperor Trajan – Vandals & Visigoths who wanted Roman baths and goodies the same way Miggers want Xbox and air conditioning.

        Coloreds and Muzz are anti-West (greek) and thus, anti-white. Even Miggers have a semblance of Greek, although their Mestizo blood contaminates much of their mores.

      • Vandal and Visgoths were able to build their own cities and have a form of army organization. coloreds only “shieet muthafucka, damn witey—

      • How many Jews have YOU killed FP?

        [ed note: yours IS the nitpicky-naggy type of comment that made Kunts n’ their Kontributions so valuable to organizational order. America’s GREATEST military leaders are all girls. Both Georgies – Washington & Patton – were stained red with the blood of hand-to-hand combat with their respective enemies. WAY TO get the point of my reply – in just SEVEN itsy-bitsy little accusatory word-thingies! now shut the fuck up]

      • To save the white race AND retain freedom is too high of a goal. With the stakes so high, the ends justify the means.

        Freedom? Only the oldest Americans today even remember what that word means. If they can remember much at all.

      • Freedom? Only the oldest Americans today even remember

        Then that proves my point that the present Murkan Version of Bread & Circus via tech and internet distractions worked.

        That means that battle is lost and we must define our next stage.

        As I’ve stated in articles, Murka only goes one of 3 ways:
        It gets better.
        Stays the same
        Or gets worse.

      • I freely admit we lost, distraction works and that things will get worse. In fact, I think America is mostly a lost cause.

  9. If the old NRA fart not rot on his couch, drinks, and collects their monthly subsidy while making a trip to the next gun show….instead walked into a colored neighborhood….#$%^&* — he becomes a hero.


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