Liberal Infiltration Methods

by Firepower

Learning is mainly an ability from childhood. Note, it’s one of the few times humans can be coerced into anything. School is mandatory. So is attendance, even if it  has to be faked. Somebody must put down on paper somewhere that it’s been fulfilled. Even if a lie.

Adults can only be re-educated by force; Communists knew this and simply eradicated those who… didn’t do their homework or pass the tests.

I’m all for using whips and torture to get Liberal nazis to bend to my will but the problem is, Murkans can’t even force Miggers back into the desert to leave. Murkans are not wise, tough – or “exceptional” – they are The Peepul who elect a Barrack Hussein Obama.

Remodeling Today’s Murkan Liberal into a lean mean Nationalist Logic Machine is like… retraining a Yorkie to realize his inner Wolf.

You cannot make an Etruscan into a Roman. That’s why the Romans eradicated Etruscans.

Either liberals are eradicated – or not. If not, they will continually emerge to exert their corrosive influence: It’s easier to control people with luxury than discipline – provided you always have enough of somebody else’s money to afford it…

You must realize Elite LN’s are willing to sacrifice their tax dollars to subsidize MINOs provided their crime and filth stays far from their fortress mansions.

21 Comments to “Liberal Infiltration Methods”

  1. “You must realize Elite LN’s are willing to sacrifice their tax dollars to subsidize MINOs provided their crime and filth stays far from their fortress mansions.”

    Why? Why are they so willing to give their money in order to eliminate whites?

    I have often wondered if they valued their money, or hated us more? For the most part, whites have paid for their own eradication.

    • That is a true observation, FP. Learning mostly takes place during childhood. It’s quite hard to make an adult learn.

    • Why are they so willing to give their money in order to eliminate whites?

      Toldya: Elites fear gun-loving, SO1776 NRA Whites. They fear them more than any racial group. Burning Baltimores Bother them not. Losing their financial empire does.

      Maybe they even irrationally fear those inanimate guns more than the Whites who “bear” them. I haven’t yet determined the aspect of who or what they fear most because it doesn’t really matter.

  2. FP: I’m still building my blog. Argentina was one of the few countries that systematically disposed Jews (in a post-Hitler era), and blacks before them. Check back for updates. Jews in Argentina were the “leftists”, hence Liberal Nazis in Murkan vocabulary.

    [ed note: i always congratulate my ex-readers as they go independent to create their own readership of five. THIS IS what wn needs: MOAR fragmentation. lol say hi to Laguna Beesh Fogey and the rest who sulked off.]

    • The whole reason there IS a wn today is because we use the fragmented, cellular system, FP.

      Name one WN organization of the past 50 years which has not been infiltrated. There are none. Even groups of 2 and 3 people fail!

      The only WN-like organizations today exist in prison. But look at them. The leaders are in seg. All members are in the gang-book.

      “When the enemy is superior, evade him.” Sun Tzu

      • The whole reason there IS a wn today is because we use the fragmented, cellular system, FP.

        No revolution was ever won by fragments that do not attack The State – and especially, fragments that do nothing.

        “When the enemy is superior, evade him.” Sun Tzu

        “To lose a war, never fight the enemy.” Firepower

    • You inspired me to create a propaganda site, not another kikenig site.

      Elite Jews in the Hispanic world killed other jews, who are deemed unworthy. HollywoodSteins and ManhattanBergs do not.

      • Furthermore, and not to sound like a Hispano Supremacist, but Spain was far superior than anything the Effeminate Englishmen did in history. Remember, England persecuted the Jews before the Spaniards. Not only that, they rescinded their deeds, and put Jews on the driver seat. Today, the entire Anglosphere gives the car keys to the coloreds.

      • You can be a Spanish supremacist, if you like. Espana uber allez.

        It could be the right play. I have now talked to some PIGS people – you’re right, they are more racially aware than Northern Europeans. Of course, awareness is not enough, and it still takes years after that for them to understand the entire picture.

      • Ryu: It’s all about learning, adapting and borrowing. People read the Koran, Sun Tzu, the Prince, etc. History is part of the course path.

        In terms of the world of the PIGS. Learning about Spain is enough for me. Spain defeated the 1st wave of Muzzies, expulsed them together with the Jews, converted those who remain, and then ultimately drove them out. Spain then fights a second wave of Muzzies, namely the Ottomans, and defeats them. And they did this for the sake of Europe. This was during a time, when they had their tentacles in the New World, and was forging alliances with other Euros, so they can secure more territory.

        Italy is just an artsy fartsy, Renaissance fairyland. Greece was fucked over by the Turks. Portugal, owns Brazil, and see how that turned out. Today, plenty of coloreds miscegenate with the Portuguese, where they seem to love it.

      • Spain permanently lost its place at the top of the world only because of the misfortunate end to the Armada.

        Still, Spain was one of the most brutal empires of conquest in history. Portugal used the carrot to rule its colonies, Spain, the whip, branding iron and blade.

        Today, all former South American Spanish colonies are shitholes, while Brazil is one of the most wealthy nations on earth. Brazil actually imported more coloreds than the USA, but they kept them segregated in favelas.

        There may be few nigs left in former Spanish colonies, but their position reflects that freedom from coloreds means oppression from Elites of your own color.

      • Spain’s brutality comes from its Reconquest days, of butchering Muzzies and burning Jews at the stakes. It’s brutality comes from its intensity with dealing an aggressive religion like Islam, and an ethno-tribal religion like Judaism. Don’t forget that Spaniards at one time, regarded Muzzies as brothers worthy of emulating, either intellectually or in combat.

        Yes, Spain’s banana republics are great examples of nigga eradication. Wealthy, they are not.

        Murka is wealthy, with coloreds everywhere!

  3. I’ve been thinking of putting rainbow swastika stickers on out of the way utility poles just to mess with people.

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