The Magical Substance That Dissolves Car Paint

by Ryu


Who said yahoo news was useless?

10 Comments to “The Magical Substance That Dissolves Car Paint”

  1. The sort of thing that would make your typical suburban GoodHonkie a million times angrier than every knockdown attack combined.
    Wonder what other common household chemicals have unsuspected bonus uses.

  2. FP: St Louie and the rest of the subpar police depts in the nation, will eventually find inspiration among the NYPD. It is the most rainbow police force in the country, and its running the show, which happens to be in a Jew town. LNs throughout Murka will be begging Bill dumBlasio/Bill Bratty for advice. I’m serious.

    Again, take out the elite conduits, and the country becomes salvable, for folks like us.

    • There’s NO elite conduits “being took out”.

      everybody knows where they live.
      They just watch elites step into their limos. And the 99% respond with: MOAR Tweeeeeeet

      u should read that spanish Chechar guy

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