Don’t Be So Impressed By DNA Evidence

by Ryu

Homicides are solved because people talk.

It is an extremely rare case which is solved by forensics alone. The chief value of forensics is in bluffing out the suspect and getting him to confess.

If the police had everything they need to prove all elements of first degree murder, they would not use interviews or interrogations. Anytime a cop is asking questions, it is because he needs the suspect to hang himself.

The American public is always impressed by novelty and mystery. There are today entire genres of true crime on TV that show off the system’s forensic capabilities.

What goes unmentioned – purposefully – is ….…. that physical and biological evidence is often not present. TV producers have decided to “wing” the American police and to add to their perception of omniscience. You may as well give up now, we know it all.

It is not necessary to “explain” anything to the police. They don’t decide innocence or guilt – the courts do. The opinion of a police officer or homicide detective is irrelevant. Unfortunately, the cops have conned the public into believing that they need to ‘cooperate’ and help solve the case.

3 Comments to “Don’t Be So Impressed By DNA Evidence”

  1. TV is nothing but a propaganda machine. Any entertainment value is incidental.

  2. Most tv is propaganda, but that means some is not – and a bit is even informational.

    NCIShows are useful in that they show what BIGov wants known and what it brags about.
    They intone: Look how clever we are! Look how omniscient we are! OBEY US.

    You can learn a lot about a regime in what it hides – but also what it presents.

  3. The fastest way for the cops to get a White suspect to tell all in a desperate bid to prove their innocence would be to gently accuse them of racism.

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