by Ryu

This is an old series about Attila’s sacking of Rome. Leonidas plays Attila.

What strikes me most is Attila’s audacity. That matters more than the Hun “technology” or tactics. The method comes after the will. It’s the same with us. Raiders must have courage.

The interesting part occurs when Attila is invited to Rome. He is tempted by their decadence, their women, and their hot water baths.

“The beast with red hair” is quite fetching.

11 Comments to “Attila”

  1. What’s up with thesecondvideo?

  2. Ryu: FP once made a comment on this blog, that Spaniards were inviting the Muzzies back to Spain again. Perhaps subconsciously, Spaniards admire them. After all, it was the Muslims who influenced the Catholic Reconquest of Spain. To defeat your enemy, you must act like them, when appropriate. Islam is an aggressive religion.

  3. This might explain all the Muslim men of fighting age being imported into the West.

  4. Attila was raised by Romans and was an officer in their army. He was kept as an exchange hostage in a formal agreement common to antiquity.

    He knew all about their culture, diet, sins and army tactics. Same with Alaric, the Visigoth who first sacked Rome – just like today’s Murkan Miggers.
    Big A loved their civilized goodies – especially those baths. He had a giant, portable one made for himself in middle-age. A was NOT a dirty scumbag in a bearskin and horn helmet. He likely bathed twice a day, brushed his teefs and wore perfume.

    The Huns were bought off with land – modern Hungary.
    They used to wrap their infants heads in straps to reshape the skull, giving them a frightening, alien look when the became adults. LIUFY

    • I will write about the fall of Murka, solely because of our weak Miggaas. Quite fascinating, when we have barbarians who can’t even survive on their own, without welfare subsidies.

      • JS, how big is WN in Spain? Is there such a thing? Or is it just a form of nationalism, as you mentioned. Is Spain a liberal or conservative country?

        I will have to look into Spain and its demographics.

      • They aren’t many WN types in Spain. But there are mainstream parties with “WN” leanings. Spain is an oddball, again, coming from it’s history. It’s both conservative and liberal at the same time, which makes it more interesting. Spaniards are more curious about the world than let’s say Italians or Greeks, but they are more conservative when it comes to family bonds and consumption.

    • Seems he was a Janissary, like us. I think bearskin and a horn helmet would be badass though.

      [and a long fu manchu mustache. the whole Jack Palance look]

  5. actually the romans were invading mongrels the people before them all had red hair and were lite skinned an not black curly hair ect. .I think they were called illiryians or estrucians

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