Leerjet Liberals: Who Delivers YOUR Pizza?

by Ryu


Limosuine liberals? That’s so 90s…..

The wealth gap today is wider than ever. Once, the difference between the rich and the poor was owning a Ford or owning a Cadillac. Today, its the difference between owning several mansions around the country and living in the street.

If you’re rich enough, an airplane delivers your Chinese takeout and pizza.

Block Island is a resort area just….…. South of Rhode Island. Average home value – $1 million dollars. It’s just like Martha’s Vineyard with a rich and highly seasonal population. An airplane from the mainland delivers their Pizza Hut and Chong’s.

It gets even better though.

American Desperado is a book about a cocaine cowboy John Roberts from the 1980s. At one point, he befriends a powerful general who likes drugs and women.

A US military cargo plane delivers them lobster cross-country. Fresh seafood from San Fransisco is delivered weekly.

Your heroes at work…and that was the 80s. How much more corruption is there today?

23 Comments to “Leerjet Liberals: Who Delivers YOUR Pizza?”

  1. There is stark materialist divide, but all the real “butthurt” is rooted in living a less “luxuriant” degeneracy.

  2. Meh even the most powerful AlphaMale (ret) in the world can’t move his hands forward and eight inches closer together without causing all hell to break loose.

    Makes me wonder about the liberals true motivations unless their self-image is entirely based on feeling superior.

    • The entire Murkan “Ethos” of the 20th Century was/is devoted to feeling superior to FelloeMurkanz – oh, and “helping”

      • Never trust an American with good intentions.

        Vietnam is the perfect example: In order to save them from Communism, we had to bomb them into oblivion. It is the same with all their ventures. In order to save the Branch Davidians from Koresh, they had to burn them all alive.

        [ed note: a most apt observation. note Murka forgets these bloody lessons 2 short gens after the carnage]

      • FP, I think your America Already Fallen post is the post of the year. You ought to post it on Monday and leave it a few days.

        [ed note: thanks bro. if i do that, those 40 articles a week we write will get backlogged ha]

    • Ted Kaczynski said liberalism was based upon inferiority and oversocialization. I now prefer his explaination.

      Liberalism is based on deep feelings of inferiority. Thordaddy would say that they are anti-supremacists and self-annihilators all the way.

      • I’m feeling Ted.

      • Or… A tad bit Ted.

      • Ted Kaczynski said liberalism was based upon inferiority and oversocialization.

        During your next visit, tell Ted he is correct, but FP says he should* add:

        Most Murkans are now inferior intellects today with 99% oversocialied due to tweeeeeeeeeta, FaceSpace, etc.

      • I don’t know yet whether white Murkans have a lower IQ, or if they are just distracted.

        There are so many distractions today. Also, because of the now permenant depression, Americans have to work longer and longer to pay their bills. No one is going to drive home after 10 hours of work and then study WN for 2 hours.

        White kids seem smart enough. But they have never been properly educated. It is hard to compete with a smartphone or computer.

        I would say that for myself, the computer is inferior in virtually all cases to a book and paper. Ted was absolutely right that technology has not helped.

      • Your views on “permanent depression” are enlightening. You should* delve into this subject and explain further.

        1776 farmers also had to work long and hard. Probably a LOT more.
        Do a nation, a people – or even one single person – deserve liberation if they’re so easily distracted by PlayStation N’ Pizza?

        Or…must they lose it all and live in mud for them to awaken?
        And even then – does that people deserve life?

        *murmzz: NOTE proper usage of the work “should”

      • I intend to do it. I get the feeling others are bored hearing stories of poverty and hardship. It is depressing. But America has a large amount of both today, which is largely unseen.

      • Are you watching what Russia does in Syria, FP? Russia humiliates the US. It’s beautiful.

        I found a good chat by Comrade Putin.

      • Are you watching what Russia does in Syria, FP?

        I am ambivalent about The SOVIETS. The enemy of my enemy is NOT my friend.

        You and I are critical of BIGov here; USSR’s is even bigger. You can’t own guns. No free speech – even for GoodGuyz like us. I suspect we’d end up assassinated by KGB.

        As for their Adventures In MUZZland, fuck ’em all. Let them kill each other and give our stupid white hillbilly Marines a break – until a few more grow back on The Stupid Tree. You mustn’t over-harvest a “natural resource” ya know.

      • Ah, but should WN win – by some miracle – how big would THAT gov have to be?

        WN will have to be a military dictatorship. Like North Korea. People aren’t fit for freedom right now, or in the foreseeable future.

      • It’s interesting that Ted has this belief about Liberalism… That he is a very high IQ “white” male… But does not fashion himself a white Supremacist EITHER in absolute terms or relativistic terms. Part of the external critique is hiding internal disassociations. In short, one blames (relentlessly critiques) the world in order to hide his self destruction.

        It’s one thing to critique Liberalism truthfully and a whole other thing to avoid completely living by its mear infinitely sprawling mandates. Deep down in Ted’s mind is a belief in the “right” to self-annihilation. “We” know this by the incredibly bleak future he foresees. IT IS LOGICAL to the very high IQ “white” male to choose self-annihilation over “living hell.” The very confines of Ted’s mind was the exact scenario manifesting self-annihilation as Ted’s “greatest right.”

        Like any other source, “we” feed off what we like and spit out what we don’t like.

        WHY isn’t Ted Kaczynski a white Supremacist?

        Why is Ted Kaczynski not a white Supremacist?

        Which way is a more provocative manner in which to ask the question? Which manner of question associates versus disassociates?

        Are not those equal questions?
        Are those not equal questions?
        Are those questions not equal?
        Those are not equal questions?
        Those questions are not equal?

        Certainly with the parsenal (personal arsenal) is the psychological war leading up to the guns ablazin’!

      • I think Ted wanted supremacism. That’s why he left the university job. A white supremacist doesn’t always look like one imagines.

        He must have been quite happy in that cabin he lived. To others, it was small and cramped. But he was doing what he loved, and he was making tremendous progress.

        The police would not have caught Ted if his bro didn’t narc on him. I’ve studied it closely. The police were not even close to him, he wasn’t even on the suspect list.

      • And of course, the deeper question for Mr. Kaczynski is why not Final Liberation before jail IF NOT white Supremacy

      • One can appreciate the stereotype of a hardened Russians shaped by hard times especially in comparison to a faggotized MRKN shaped by fluffy pillows and passenger-seat rides with their untouchable planets.

        But it’s all media high jinks at the end of the day.

        One can’t RULE the world and REALLY “see” an END game. There is no end to the game when trying to rule the world.

      • One should just get in where he fits in. For most “white” males of the future that will be with the white Supremacists or the horde of liberated freaks in a game of “I’m not the least liberal”-cutthroat!

      • If one wants to be a “white” martyr for radical liberation then one SEEKS savage, murderous violation of one’s SELF so as to PROVE the existence of radical liberation on ALL SIDES!

  3. @Ryu Roughly 49% of murkans are receiving gov “benefits”. Whites get the lion’s share if you believe the Jew media reports…but then again, we still make up half the country.

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