Shell Game Media: Distractions for Murkans

by Firepower

ZeroHedge is a site I frequent and urge Eradica’s readers to, also. It is valuable.

As written in The Emergence Of Orwellian Newspeak And The Death Of Free Speech, it is the nexus of TDO and Orwell.

“Clearly, the country is undergoing a nervous breakdown, and the news media is helping to push us to the brink of insanity by bombarding us with wall-to-wall news coverage and news cycles that change every few days.

In this way, it’s difficult to think or debate, let alone stay focused on one thing—namely, holding the government accountable to abiding by the rule of law—and the powers-that-be understand this.”

This is the finest explanation of TDO* I’ve seen, showing even American academics…..….. can still get it right. Problem is, nobody gives a shit now.

As I document in my book Battlefield America: The War on the American People, regularly scheduled trivia and/or distractions keep the citizenry tuned into the various breaking news headlines and entertainment spectacles and tuned out to the government’s steady encroachments on our freedoms. These sleight-of-hand distractions and diversions are how you control a population, either inadvertently or intentionally, advancing a political agenda agenda without much opposition from the citizenry.

Professor Jacques Ellul studied this phenomenon of overwhelming news, short memories and the use of propaganda to advance hidden agendas. “One thought drives away another; old facts are chased by new ones,” wrote Ellul.

Under these conditions there can be no thought. And, in fact, modern man does not think about current problems; he feels them. He reacts, but he does not understand them any more than he takes responsibility for them. He is even less capable of spotting any inconsistency between successive facts; man’s capacity to forget is unlimited. This is one of the most important and useful points for the propagandists, who can always be sure that a particular propaganda theme, statement, or event will be forgotten within a few weeks.

I feel proud when great professors echo my words.

From this point on, we have only two options: go down fighting, or capitulate and betray our loved ones, our friends and our selves by insisting that, as a brainwashed Winston Smith does at the end of Orwell’s 1984, yes, 2+2 does equal 5.


*see Glossary of Firepowerisms

45 Comments to “Shell Game Media: Distractions for Murkans”

  1. We know enought. Time to tune out. Time to think our own thoughts. Time to organize.

    • We know enought. Time to tune out

      With knowledge, I can see it presented, then spread, at least.
      With tuningout and “thinking” I suspect all that will happen then is even more nothing as Murkans take advantage of this vacation and Game MOAR.

  2. To quote antidem who quotes moldbug:

    “Public morals are set by whoever’s army is guarding the television station. Through their machinery of cultural control, the establishment left has manufactured consent on all manner of issues. Not only that, they’ve created and sustained a culture of leftism – the propagation, whether explicitly presented as such or not, of leftist memes, not the least important of which is leftism as hip and intellectual.”

    • Simply put: Our side loses with its message of duty, honor and sacrifice; it’s haaaard.
      The LN wins with free pot and endless Kardashian titfucking orgies.

      …come and play cum n’ play – forget about The Movement

      One is work.
      The other, luxury.

      • Another is bread and circuses. Coloreds in NYC get all the welfare bennies they need. Some of those lucky bastards get to live in a Manhattan zipcode, practically for free.

      • I’m thinking what would happen, if wheaties decide to apply for welfare, in large numbers like their colored minions, as an act of protest? 2 can play the same game. Let’s bleed this nation dry, quickly!

  3. 1984 originally an inspired work of fiction, but now a text book for aspiring Western politicians.

  4. The “spectacle” – this rings a bell, The French anarchist group known as the “situationists” were into that notion, if my memory serves me well.

  5. JS-also if they decided enmass to stop paying taxes…but I’m just in a fantasy world now.

    • Not at the moment, because Uncle Beast deems it criminal to stop paying the IRS. Have swarms of wheaties flood the welfare offices, so they can apply for public assistance and food stamps. Many would qualify with their level of income!

  6. Ah, but who is the greater, FP? You or the professors who parrot your writing?

    “From this point on, we have only two options: go down fighting, or capitulate and betray our loved ones.”

    Somehow, I think that the “we” is going to be the “lower classes” doing all the fighting and taking all the risk. University types do not become soldiers.

    [ed note: I suspect, wistfully, the greatest is he with the most followers. Kendall Jenner has more influence than both you and I. So do the swine elected Pres. the past 45 years.]

  7. Take over a fucking television studio. Problem solved.

  8. A (17 year old) Kardashian stumbled upon Chemtrail theories and tweeted about it.
    Ever since then I’ve seen very few of the trails in the sky (I live near the Kardashians). Used to see them all the time.

    • There you go: All that matters in swaying the mob’s attention is fame, even for a talentless, undeserving 17 year-old.

      One could be a genius or righteous activist and still mean nothing in today’s empty world. That’s why, in Murka, you see no modern Hitler, Lenin, Osama – or even a repeat of Ben Franklin.

      • Whatever it takes. If we could get a handful of Europeans with that kind of influence on our side, it wouldn’t hurt. That’s reality.

    • I also saw that story. But we still get them.

  9. This simple article tells it all, regarding Murkans and their ill behavior:

    It’s true, that Eurots might envy Murkan spendthrifts, because our country runs solely on false consumption, with so much shit to buy and eat. But all our problems stem from Murka’s commodity culture. Life is all about working for the dollar and everything get slapped with a price tag. The only “person” saving money are corporations, and the MINOing of Murka, well, it’s cheaper to let these dumb fucks run the show, from a big business standpoint!

    • “It’s true, that Eurots might envy Murkan spendthrifts”, – err no. Not really.
      And frankly there’s not much to envy in american culture nowadays, though this wasn’t true of your recent past.
      I think you’ll find that you are swallowing an old propaganda line there JS. America the wealthy – fuck yeah.

      Freedom of Speech, would be the one I most envy, and I suspect the one the authorities. would most like to mute.Still like the Right to Bear Arms, it is proving remarkably stubborn.

      • Freedom of conscious and freedom to first strike… Er, bear arms… It is exactly why white Supremacy out of America is still the only hope in reversing the global self-annihilation of “whites” if only to merely maintain a buffer from the hordes. Any white country that doesn’t demand, IN THE MINIMUM, the equivalent of America’s first and second amendment is as good as gone.

      • It will be interesting to see how we manage then TD. To test that theory. As the process is hotting up over here. Though my guess it will end up being something of a disappointment – a technology where Europe has a clear lead.

      • Tell that to FP.

        I never really had the idea that old world wheaties envied us, but many other Murkans think so!

      • @ Ryu. I don’t deny that what you and FP say of guns is all true. I suppose my point is that it leads to unnecessary weapons escalation. In any event it is meaningless to me as I don’t own a gun.
        Crossbows are also illegal here btw
        If the shit hit the fan – the best I could manage is a cutlass fabricated from a 3ft nail bar.

        [ed note: a cutlass made from DruidTech, while some ISIS Muzz teenager has a machine gun. tell me Britain has not fallen back into the Dark Ages]

      • The IRA’s first step as a revolutionary organization was arming themselves. THAT made them the equal of England’s soldiers.

      • Colin…

        It’s barely the fact that you don’t own a gun, but pathological that you don’t BELIEVE in the FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT to own an arsenal AND first strike evil… And neither do your “country’s” males.

  10. In the Old World, the commoner envies our “free” speech, guns and consumerist culture.
    Old world Elites envy our BIGFed’s cash resources to oppress The Mob with bribery of pizza, gameboi and porn.

    They envy our government’s monetary freedom that allows them to use Bread & Circu, thereby abstaining from dangerously provoking The Mob with oppressive Stalinist tactics

    • Well I guess I’m just not as common as I thought. I had a McDonald’s many years ago – it tasted nice.
      I’m in two minds on the guns BTW. Whether they beget more guns. and more to the point beget more police with bigger guns armoured cars and all the crap that comes from having to worry about smaller guns.

      As for old world elites – yeah very much so. I think Germoney and the EU really do feel bad about having colonials lording it over them. Whilst the UK is more accepting of its role as a second rate poodle.

      • I think Germoney* and the EU really do

        *very nice…

        As for HEROCops! vs EvilGUNS – you’ll quite notice Bobbi oppresses you without them, eh, M8?
        The less firepower you has to fight RedCoats, the less Mr. Peale kneads.

      • I’m writing my first post on my half assed blog, and it’s on the Spanish Inquisition.

        Medieval and Early Modern Spain was the only land in the European Continent, to host as many Jews and Muzzies for its time. Spain was the 1st multiculti country in the Western World. The cleansing process was brutal, to get to the point where it is today. Jews had their helm in Spain, and it required members of their tribe, to steer it right. You cannot say the same about Murka. The Wall St. and Hollywood crowd won’t save your ass!

        [ed note: should* have submitted it to Ryu for pubbing on Eradica. as i stated, plenty of My Goode Readers preferred to write for an audience of nine with one comment…]

      • It took a sheer amount of brutality for Spain to achieve cultural and political unity, either by forcing the populations, who differed in customs and cultures to assimilate, or by expelling/executing them for refusing to do so. Jews and Muzzies were less distant in a racial/genetic/cognitive sense to their Christian neighbors in Spain, relatively comparing to the colored savages we have now, who are living side by side with the wheatie majority in Murka and much of the western lands. This can mean only one thing, either you assimilate them or eliminate them. We engage in neither, because the 1st option is impossible, due to their inherent stupidity, and politically, we were never about molding coloreds into whites, but pandering them at our expense.

      • @ FP – your point?

        [sigh. u purport MOAR BIG~USAGUNNZ!!! mean more police fascism via their increased arms race. true. but when YOU brittis don’t haz no guns and Bobby has neither, he STILL oppresses you with teensy pairs of handcuffs and a Ministry of Speech. got it? i can enslave a classroom of 2nd graders with a club but i need a gun for a roomful of 12th granders]

      • @ JS – Kinda like Espana uber alles. – I love the internet BTW 🙂

      • Try it, Colin. Hold a gun in your hand.

        THAT is the feeling of equality. It makes one the equal of any system agent. Like the American saying “God made man, but Colt made man equal.”

        When cops or feds go to gun shows, where everyone is armed, they tread carefully. This is because they understand that they too die when shot. Despite the rumors, they don’t want to die either.

        Cops get very nervous around non-cops with guns. But, they expect us to trust them – ain’t happening. There’s nothing a pig or soldier fears more than real equality. That’s why they always cheat, lie and steal. I’ve learned a lot of that from them.

  11. So do you guys think muslims/islam is ‘good’ because they are tradiational/anti feminist, or bad because they are anti europe/white?

    • Islam is not traditional in the ways of the West… Not “anti-feminist” in manner is should be… And not anti-white, but anti-white Supremacy. Islam is, in fact, DRIVEN to perpetuation via radical sexual autonomy… Islam is pathologically viable via a “principled” deracination. The battle of sexually degenerate forces in no way, shape or form need cause the wS to take sides, declare alliances or provide false cover.

    • You’re avin a giggle m8?

      • Islam radical autonomy Western Liberalism…

        Polygamy for me/72 virgins for thee radical sexual autonomy “Exaltation” of homodyke “nature…”

        Self-annihilation –> radical sexual autonomy –> self-annihilation…

        Symbiotic regression…

        As Islam grows, Western nihilism grows with it… PERPETUATING self-annihilation.

        The murderous self-annihilation of the jihadist is the devout conversion and subsequent reward in one “act.”

        The media amplified incidences of jihadist conversion in turn provoke the pleasurable self-annihilation of the West which is evidenced by the growing embrace of homodyke lifestyle… The bread and circus lifestyle.

        There is no war between radical Western liberals. and Islam. There are part and parcel of the FFOL. Driven by radical sexual autonomy and scared shitless by any reemergence of geniune white Supremacy.

    • Erudite Knight

      So do you guys think muslims/islam is ‘good’

      all depends on who you see as your greatest enemy. If you’re a murm, your enemy is feminazis.
      If you realize there are multiple enemies aligned against you in a FFOL, then you are an Eradican

      It’s not an either/or situation.

      • Precisely, Is Erudite Knight taking the piss?
        Is a seventh century religion dreamed up by some sand nigger good FFS.
        Or is it bad because it’s anti European.

        Who is this cunt anyway?

      • It seems the nexus between Supremacist and Eradican is clearly a certain type of white man. This “we” can be confident of.

      • Now let’s develop the archetype and push/pull as many “white” males as “we” can in or out of the frame.

      • You must have done this already, TD. Who is your archetype?

      • WN is about race – not economic systems or religion.

        Communism is not evil. Islam is not evil. This is where Murka got it wrong. I have more in common with a white Soviet or white Iranian than an American negro.

        Whatever America hates…is good for us.

  12. After writing contents on my blog, it has dawned on me that Murka has no identity at all. It’s a country focused entirely on money and the things that comes with it, in Murkan terms that is!

    [ed note: Due to Murka’s scarcity of political opinion-information, this revelation will inspire thousands of eager new readers ardently working toward “change” and leading to a violent revolution culminating in Real Solutions. Be prepared for the onslaught 🙂 ]

    • That’s why people come here JS. Not our freedoms, or our culture, but our money.

      You must not allow FP’s pragmatism to dissuade you:) You’ll have to develop your own style of WN. This will take a few years.

      Your satisfaction will come from self-development, less from educating your audience. Most today are not capable of education.

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