The American Public LOVES to Help Solve Crime

by Ryu

This is an interesting case. Here, a bullet goes missing in the woods.

A concerned citizen actually spent months searching through the woods with a metal detector. He did his own “experiments” with a slingshot. Eventually, he found the bullet.

Why would he do the police’s work for free in his own time? He isn’t getting paid. At best, he may have gotten a pat on the back from the investigators.

Never underestimate the curiousity of the public.

Forensic Files: Hunter or Hunted?

Today’s study is 22 minutes long. The time and place is the UP in 1992.

TTD? Hours.

Did the killer know the suspect? Yes.

A woman was walking her dogs in the woods. The dogs came back, she did not. This was during…..….. hunting season.

Neighbors reported hearing a shot at 1400. Bullets from high powered rifles can travel up to 3 miles.

The wife had a 300K life insurance policy. The husband Bruce was immediately suspected. They were married for 14 years and had a 3 yo daughter.

Bruce gave his female neighbor a bunch of his dead wife’s clothes and also a note. He was hitting on the neighbor and made sexual advances.

This note was subject to forensic document examination. When handwriting is slow and deliberate, its a tell for forgery. He had forged his wife’s handwriting. Forensic handwriting analysis is pattern recognition, not science. It is not measureable or repeatable.

A bored citizen went a-hunting for the missing bullet. He spent slot of time with a metal detector scanning the ground.

Eventually, he conducted an experiment. He found the tree with a scar mark on it. He used a slingshot to shoot balls at the spot and watch the ricochet. He found the bullet.

The copper jacket was damaged. The bullet was .30 caliber. The gun used was a Savage 110 30-06. This gun was listed in a loan document as collateral.

He said his wife was a tyrannt at work and a tyrannt at home. She was a bad cook.

Bruce was charged with premeditated murder. He got life in prison.

22 Comments to “The American Public LOVES to Help Solve Crime”

  1. espeacially if they can beannonymous and recieve a reward otherwisesnitches get stiches.also only %15 of murders are solved and only because there were on camera or witnesses

    • Usually the homicide clearance rate is higher than that, OJ. Baltimore and Chicago tend to have pretty low rates. US average is about 60%.

  2. Everyone is always going to snitch on you always Ryu, how the -fuck- are you dumb to this? CRUSH YOUR SHELLS with grooved pliers. BOOM, evidence gone. When they first came for me I thought I was being jacked because Sally WhiteBread decided to go on a treasure hunt for my spent round. I was wrong, but it won’t stop Sally from her treasure hunt.

    • I know this, AP. But many underestimate the number of rats in the USA.

      Police states have two arms. One is the technological aspect, the other is the snitch aspect. All police states have a large population of CIs.

      Crushing them may not be enough. There might still be enough marking to individualize the bullet to gun and make a comparison.

  3. “The public” meaning White men. White men love a challenge.

  4. Ryu and FP: Here’s a wheatie slut who married a wheatie chump, and is now dead due to a Migga. The guy look likes a mulatto, but he is a Migga, no doubt.

    She was a dermatologist, married with kids, and decided to get into the cocaine trip, leading to her death, her panties were dropped, apparently by that Migga at a night club.

    No sympathy for her!

    • wites like that are sheep ready for slaughter – slaughter by the practiced worldliness of Real Coloreds.

      It’s like perfumed monks of 700 AD attempting a swordfight with Vikings.
      Laugh at them.

      • FP, I think virtually all WN has been well covered. I would be curious to see what you write about life itself.

      • There’s so much.
        I honestly planned on Eradica being only a 2 year run on my part, then ultimately staffing it with worthy writers who’d run it themselves. It was never meant to be pure WN. It was to be some PUA, life – and simple Truths about how MINOs defile and destroyed this once great nation.

        Most staff were one-track minds. Others – who were/are good – prefer writing for an audience of 40 with zero commenters: That shows talent and stupidity usually work concurrently.

        There just are not enough intelligent participants, but I still find so much to write of – as you alone can see from our long, quality backlog of scheduled posts.

        Send suggestions for topics.

    • JS, how is your PUA stuff going? Would you want go to a free PUA workshop in your city, to see what its like?

      I went to a FREE workshop once. No way I’d spend 2K for a weekend. It was an eye-opening experience. PUA in person today is largely a racket.

      • Ryu: I still haven’t looked at the material, but will read soon.

        Gaming women shouldn’t be hard, if lays are all you cared about.

        PUA, the movement where guys hit women randomly on the streets, is in its dinosaur phase, because online dating and social media have taken over. Similarly, just about every bar/club scene today, is a sausage fest.

      • PUA, the movement where guys hit women randomly on the streets, is in its dinosaur phase

        Rooishi took a pic of a club and made a key of red hotdogs and blue symbols to show a ration of 10 wieners to each bun. It was revealing; both contributed much to pua.

        Their problem is their ignorance. It is disturbing when smart people have a profound ignorance; that makes it deliberate – a denial – and only fools do that.

        Roishy gets it all right, except he forgot how the JewBOSS cut him down, made him eat his words. He’d be OK if he’d acknowledge jews must be eradicated. He was censored by a jew – for telling the truth: That he tolerates it proves his fallibility.

        Rooshi gets it mostly right, yet he denies a sandnigger only banging white poon in HUGELY White countries as “odd.”
        He needs to drop his PC LN sandnigger “act” and join us like Thomas Sowell, John Stossel and Anne Coulter. Still, I could not see Sowell & Stossie screaming for the eradication of coloreds & jews. Rooshi could: sandniggers kill Muzz kill sandniggers kill Muzz for eons.

        That each deny their hypocrisy makes them unfit as leaders. That is why they have achieved nothing despite a decade of massive followers. They will never accomplish anything. Followers will never commit to one leader counting down the days to his PHAT BIGov pension to go PoolSide, nor the other who only lives to stick his brown dick into the next pink pussy.

        When such Men ignore obvious Truth it shows they are capable of fucking everything up – bad.

      • I would like to see you write upon the American workplace, university and housing, FP.

        Housing is particularly appalling. There is no lack of housing for the rich. Yet, try to find an apartment or room for under 500 anywhere in the USA. It is an impossible task, even in small towns. The poor cannot afford 2 months rent in advance, with insurance and all the fees.

        The working poor have no “secret” that the middle class doesn’t know. The working poor often live in trailer parks or even hotels. There is little low cost housing. And often, many to a house.

        Their diet is horrible. Junk food is all that they can afford.

        The areas I look at are Aspen, Telluride, Taos. It’s the same as Manhattan. I no longer look down on criminals, because it is itself criminal for a poor man to live beside such spendor.

      • This issue is not unique to PU. I enjoyed your America Has Already Fallen arty.

        America’s scientists and engineers can build atomic weapons and computers. Yet, they cannot tell if Americans are free, or if America is a police state yet. Smart or stupid?

        Murka has many technological marvels, yet the “human” side of the intelligence is missing. They can’t even determine any longer that the US collapsed long ago.

        That’s why Ted left mathematics. It is a certain willing stupidity or blindness. So focused in one area, so blind everywhere else. He only became great after leaving STEM.

      • Btw Ryu: For 2K, I can use that money to travel and see the world, especially to places in Eurot. MGTOW happens to many men, who comment on sites like this.

      • Your new site looks beautiful. I will comment there shortly.

      • Thanks for the compliment. I intend to make this site lighthearted, with a gradual build up of serious intent. It will get darker as time passes.

  5. Roissy is a Jew. His X-girlfriend’s blog has been deleted (her name was Wendy Schwartz) but she claimed he was a “pasty Jew”. Fortunately, lots of bloggers picked up on this and their writing is still around. Here’s one.

    A Jew’s gonna Jew. We’ve really got to stop letting these Jews Jew us.

    [your Niggerspickikery is quite effective today. i heard that is how Ms. Hitler conquered Deutshceland]


    His last name originated in Germany but many Jews have German names. A quick internet search shows lots of

    Connect the dots people.

    [ed note: oic… a jew who hates coloreds, Miggers and feminists. 3 out of 4 is a great start: If i had to skin Lady Raine to make a stretcher for Roissy, LR would be a gutpile. I emphasize to you Eradica is not the site to out people.]

    • To me, Roissy is 5 years ago. I haven’t gone there for a long time. His comments section degraded into an ocean of tomfoolery – just like Murka.

      It’d be better to spend your time on something useful and profitable. Other people don’t really matter. Especially those you don’t know.

      Is Lady Raine hot? Is she a badass racist?

  7. That michigan bullet-finding guy sounds like the nosy busybodies on my HOA always complaining about bare grass patches that would require a labor-intensive squad of illegal gardeners to nourish back to suburban respectability to subconsciously discourage blacks from moving into the neighborhood.

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