Why American Soldiers and Cops Kill Themselves

by Ryu

…because you can’t BS yourself.

All white American soldiers and cops ***KNOW*** the evil of the men they serve.
They also know the white man has no future in this country, except as a slave.

It’s one thing to play the hero when you’re in uniform in a parade, getting worshipped by the idiot American public.

…but you have to be alone sometime.

And you know the truth. You “served” yourself. It was either pick up a gun or
drive a forklift. The best and brightest don’t sign up for the US military.

Today, the number one killer of cops and soldiers is themselves. They are both
more likely to be shot and killed by themselves than by any enemy or criminal.

The vast majority of these suicides are white men. They can’t take the truth, that they helped to wipe out their own people. So they kill themselves rather than live in the country they protected.

We take this opportunity to recognize a TRUE American hero: Timothy McVeigh. His actions halted a rampaging federal government from killing millions of whites. The USG tried a direct war on whites. Men like Tim stopped it. He bought us time.

21 Comments to “Why American Soldiers and Cops Kill Themselves”

  1. “He bought us time.”

    Some… Unfortunately, some 20 years later, most have chosen to head to the poolside or keep their heads in the sand.

    • Hello, FWM. I think the USG found out that they can’t win a hard genocide. Tim, Ted, and Rudolph showed this well. So about ’97, they decided to work almost all soft genocide and propaganda.

      Most over 30 are hopeless. But some of the kids get it.

  2. After HEROCops!!!™ are disillusioned serving the LN fascist police state, many often are victimized themselves by the LN – or their fambleez iz.

    You’ll never hear it, but cops wives/kids/momz are just as vulnerable to colored/nigga/migger rape/ultraviolence as the rest of us.

    So, when they detach from the fascist MMM, they become cowards unwilling to fight and die to kill it – as they were eager to fight for it when sanctioned* by a badge and BIGov license to kill.

    They are Jordie-ite fools who deserve to suffer. IRL, I infuriate as many barbigmouths as I can; ’tis funn.
    *Ryu’s New Word for the day!

    • The process which occurs during basic or police academy makes the cop/soldier only act when ordered to. They start with this walking off the bus, and end with it.

      Boy, does it work. Some never fully recover the capacity for individual thought.

      It is an amazing thing to behold. These kids who are 18 years old put themselves though hell in order for the “privilege” of serving their real enemy.

    • Murka is about the benjies. White LEOs get paid well and they like it that way. On the other side of the spectrum, disllusioned wheatie PIGs dropping the badge, is highly unlikely to become a movement. Currently, Murka doesn’t have a disciplined Sparta, only a funhouse Athens!

  3. A couple of my friends believe many veterans are being killed. I guess no one will believe that though until the “mainstream” media admits it 10 years from now.

    And this: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/08/21/us-army-white-supremacists_n_1815137.html

    The article above reminded me of another Patriot. Wade Page who shot up a Sikh Temple.

    • @Dufus

      A couple of my friends believe many veterans are being killed.

      First, your statement is murky; validate what you meant:

      Let us hope huffpo is feeling a real threat instead of spewing its typical LN histrionic emotionalist propaganda.

      LNs never expose Migger gangs exploiting our dumb Jordie Military for the same reason of stealing and learning military tactics. Nor do LN rags report on colored gangs doing the same.

      The LN/MMM only attack Whites, never MINOs.

      They will never report the truth: Which my contacts taught me that wite cannonfodder hix become WN Whites AFTER JOINING the military because it’s apparent that no coloreds make it even in the Rangers. Whites become aware they do the dirty work and coloreds get the cushy jobs. Still, most wites of recruitment caliber IQ are way too fucking stupid to even see this after 4 years.

      Junglebunnies end up in the FPO/APO as post office slobs stealing all the wounded whitebois packages.

    • Why do they think that, D?

      You see the way it is. These kids are all hot to trot, to go kill in the third world. After a few tours, they come back shadows of what they were. Then they come back here and get shit on by the government that they served.

      Very, very few former US military are a threat to the USG. Active military is 2 million in the US. I would estimate fewer than 100 ex-mil are a credible threat to do anything.

      But, I understand why someone would think this. There are many white suicides by ex-soldiers. Those are IMO real. It’s hard to BS yourself about who and what you protected.

  4. “I see the masculine white Christian American remaining as the backbone of our emerging police state, in the same way that the Apache scouts and Indian Police were the point of the spear for the U.S. Government’s effort to stop Geronimo. For every Apache warrior loyal to Geronimo there were at least ten hunting him for the Whiteman, marking them as the last Apache’s to be able to function as warriors in their native habitat.”

    Some good commentary from James Lafond. http://www.jameslafond.com/article.php?id=2672

    [ed note: it goes beyond that even. examine:
    Indians: America’s First Nationalists http://wp.me/p2kmGE-2iK%5D

    • Some good commentary from James Lafond.

      Note to mr. lafon, this was discussed prior – in 2012:
      Petraeusaurus Sex http://wp.me/p2kmGE-Xt
      The Greatest Enemy to the Future of White Nationalism http://wp.me/p2kmGE-Gi

      Search both comments and posts for the word “jordie” and its plural.
      Jordies is a derogatory term coined by me at Eradica to illustrate the white, rural hickitude of Murka’s KIA lists – and a concept Ryu and I have discussed since 2011.

      Shit membership in KIA lists and soldiering is exclusively white – while an NFL team – and all luxurious membership is colored.

      • I only posted the article because it validates the concepts that you have presented much earlier, not because it is novel. The fact that others are arriving at the same conclusions as you is indicative of the prescience of this site. I’m well aware of the article “Indians: America’s First Nationalists”. I’ve probably read it at least 3x.

        [ed note: in that case, your clarification is most magnificent and a blessing upon your wisdom]

      • FP: I’m curious if a LN ever tried to ruin your life, in a favor of coloreds? It happened to me personally. Damage was slight, but I feel a need to redress this. And the reason why LNs love their dark minions, and dislike lower rank wheaties, is less competition and a lesser threat to their status quo. Big Companies love hiring coloreds, despite having less talent, because it saves them money and they are more obliging to work for less. It’s all rigged to benefit the top of the pyramid scheme.

      • Tell us the story, JS. Or, perhaps we already know it, because many WNs it has already happened to.

        You were openly WN with someone. This got out. Got to a LN. Then he set up a trap and tried to burn you, probably to get you fired from a job. Then you had to BS to save your butt.

        I used to read this site with a truly deviant guy. He worked in corporate for many years, so he knew all the tricks for back-stabbing and double-dealing.
        [ednote: sweet. got a link? Eradicans LUV Machiavelli]

      • FP: I’m curious if a LN ever tried to ruin your life, in a favor of coloreds?

        It is impossible for a White Male to avoid even slight damage from the MMM; most damage is severe.
        The only distinction is whether the white honestly acknowledges the reality or denies it, preferring to live in the Happy Fantasyland of Cognitive Dissonance.

        That’s what originally was called reality before the unnecessary “redpill/bluepill” jazz was re-re-re-invented.
        Same with the neologism “cathedral” – that’s what was always called The Establishment.

        LNs are established.

      • Ryu: I had a White manager who hired a lot of nigs in our dept. As you and FP, or anybody else with a keen observation understands, niggas act like animals once they form in groups. They become tribal and start picking on non-blacks. The guy didn’t care, and for him, hiring these miscreants means saving a ton of money and less competition for him. I was in the process of leaving, which I eventually did, so I didn’t really care at the end. I felt bad for the other Whites who remain.

        The good news that comes from this, is that eventually wheaties realize Murka is in a shit dump, and there’s no avoiding it’s fate.

        Going forward, either you wait for it to officially fall, or expedite the process by profiting from it.

      • Did they eventually turn on their master, JS?

        Why did you feel bad for the wheaties? If they can’t defend themselves, they would be slaves anyway once any defender left.

        It is my hope to free whites from the ordinary view of judgements. They can do as they wish – become slaves, or masters themselves.

      • Ryu: Not that all I know of. But I think eventually they would.

        Many corporate outlets are a pyramid scheme like Murka in general. Elite wheaties at the top, with a lot of coloreds at the bottom, and hardly any low ranking wheaties to work their way up. They love it this way. No threat, no competition, and they get away with the subpar work coloreds put in, because it’s the middle class wheaties, who are footing the bill for their mistakes, and the elite wheaties are making out like bandits.

      • Hey, I found a good teacher: Old Dirty Biker. He’ll teach you how to be a badass biker.

    • Ah, James Lafonde. The name comes up again. That looks like Jimmy’s way of saying that they are a lot of white traitors.

      Is America’s police state “emerging”? Are we there yet….what about tomorrow….?

      Jimmy’s good, PA. But he hesitates. America is a police state NOW. Today. So what does this mean for their laws and their country, and how we think of them?

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