How Do Agents Act?

by Ryu

Ryu’s Little Sis

I actually found a movie with an agent infiltrating a racist biker gang.

Stone does everything the typical agent would. He takes advantage of the fact that every group needs a good enforcer. It is a job with high turnover.

Do you think the USG offers classes in how to infiltrate a group? You bet.

Every other topic on Earth is taught in classrooms, using books and lectures. Student take notes. “Criminal justice” is no different. It’s just a matter of finding ……..the right codewords.

What baffles me is why Stone would work for the USG? They have nothing for him, other than a regular job. He fits in because he doesn’t care about the rules.

5 Comments to “How Do Agents Act?”

  1. Stone works for usg bc…it’s fantasy.
    Movies are what
    LNs want you
    …to be

    The flagwaving WarHicks are now beyond saving.
    If trainloads of stumpied Jordies return home to the farm and the Holler’
    AND they still blindly enlist to obey the commands of Obongo as their Commander IN CHIEF
    They deserve their maiming, their death.

    It’s called “cognitive dissonance” – look it up; learn it; you’ll LUV IT.

    Such poor morons dis-educated by BIGFed in BIGovSKOOL will now need to die out before you see even slight change; yes, they reallyReallyREALLY ARE that fucking stupid.

    Perhaps one more US Military Misadventure in Muzzland will fill up the bodybags with screams of “Quagmire!!!” in the PC Press. Ten years ago, today’s Flagwaving WarHix on tweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeta were the same ones bitching about “how long junior’s bin done gone in thetthar war!”

  2. Gotta admire someone just living in the moment without fear. As if they’re already immortal just passing through this lifetime.

    • It is. But it’s hard to be an actor in one’s own life. Few have the courage or faith for it.

      • Ryu: I think many Biker Gangs today are soft. Would you agree? I don’t find the Hell’s Angels to be intimidating. They were intimidating in the past. In NYC, we have a small group of HAs who USED to intimidate coloreds, and this was in the 80s. Today, the members are just a bunch of nice guys, who like to drink, smoke and ride a motorbike. And guess who are their neighbors? FP will laugh his ass off. GenBrandons and GenBritneys.

      • I’ve seen some funny things there, JS.

        Many bikers are playing a role. All the leather is a costume for them, along with the bandana and chains. I’d bet some are wearing a long haired wig too. Seems a lot of them are lawyers or doctors.

        It’s like raising a flag….I’m badass! But real criminals don’t want attention. This convo is pretty funny.

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