Blood In, Blood Out: The Movie

by Ryu

The spics love this movie. It is their “Godfather.” The time period is from 1972 to 1984 and the place is East LA. Watching it may help you to understand them.

BIBO is about 3 kids. One is a white-ish looking Mexican who hates being white; he’s got a racist white dad and a Mexican whore ma. His nickname is milkweed. The other two have the usual Mexican apperance.

They talk about Aztlan and how he’s coming back one day to reclaim his kingdom for La Raza. There’s alot of the words they like such as ese, carnal, la familia and so on.

2 Comments to “Blood In, Blood Out: The Movie”

  1. I saw this a long time ago. It was interesting in how the boss of every movie (the director) portrays his subject.
    Miggers were depicted as hardcore tshirt warriors conquering the decadent Mafia in their suits; as if the director wanted to show a transition from one criminal empire to the successor now ruling Murka.

    The director was born in Cali and was likely a hippie due to his birth year.
    His wife is Helen Mirren, a notorious SissiBrit Leftist.

  2. I also saw this long ago, and FP is on target. Propaganda is well, propaganda.

    I’ll not take away from the spics in this film though. Much of what is shown has come to pass. The token white boy, honestly, was NOT needed at all. Maybe that was to try and sell it mass market? I’m guessing yes. Behind any Hollywood film is a slimy fucking high IQ reptile constantly feeling the air w/ his tongue and wallet. You get it…

    New Jack City was this film too same era, but written for nogs. Same thing, fat old Italian Mafia getting jacked up by young hungry niggers and guess what? That is basically reality again.

    Want to make the ‘next big gang film’ find a Jew (LOL YEAH RIGHT) to back white supremacists running around in fly over country recruiting dis-affected white youth who have been told since they’ve been in liberal run 1st grade they are shit, they are responsible for the sins of their fathers and grandfathers, and need to know their place and give those corn-fed white teenage girls over to that nigga dick. Find me ONE Hollywood Jew willing to back that film which is -also- as relevant as BIBO and New Jack City were in there time period. You ain’t gonna find it because WHO controls the narrative?

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