Miggers, Solved

by Firepower

Even sissy Britland does this.

The AP is a crucial (yet ignored) component of the Manipulator Media: It censored this link on its own site. Now, you get the 404 WSOD. Very clandestine. Very.


So, I had to find it reprinted elsewhere. Not surprising from a MMMedia Machine that now offers a PCpolicy of not calling Miggers “illegal immigrants.”

I know, I prefer the term, filthy spick scum.  PC is not taking over Murka – it rules Murka – and whites have done nothing about it but….…. suck Jon Stewart’s schvantz.

neway: The way to Fix Miggers is to use arms against them. I could solve Miggers in 5 months and eradicate them all in a year. It’s not hard; the hard part is not being attacked by PC MMedia for exercising your “free speeeeeeech” in Modern Murka.

How delectable it must be for SissiBrittis’ hand to be now forced against its beloved Pakis, Afriniggers and Muzz. For its faggot Ruling Class to be fearful of its disarmed, neutered Wite populace must mean – behind the scenes – ball-shrinking panic has set in.

I relish the future. All it would take is seven Miggers a week strung up, Colombian Necktied and mutilated as our Noble-Empowered-Pre-Mexican-American-Citizen Cali Cartel/ZETAs do each other and most miggers would leave. The stupid rest would be living on risky time.

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  1. Colin could speak about, as to what is happening to the United Colored Kingdom, right up his alley. Multicult symptoms, result of money, greed and colonization.

    Cammy has once said, we caused a lot of problems for our colored subjects. And now, he wants his fellow wheatie Brits to pay for the empire’s mistakes.

  2. The only thing Dave is worried about, when it comes to the problems posed by the UK’s street fauna, is losing some votes to UKIP. So he’s decided to get round this problem by talking slightly tough, on the subject of darkies. That’s it. End of story.

    Dave has three “refugees” in his constituency, his mate, the finance minister George Osbourne has one. Whilst in some parts of the country the police stand by, and do nothing, as the muzz hordes rape school girls. It really is that big a divide.

    The London crowd who run the cuntry are multi-culti fags who think that sort of thing to be genuinely enriching for the masses.
    Merkel’s new sand nigger m80’s will be pushed up North. When Dave does as he’s told, by his EU bosses. There they can rape in peace.

    The only dark cloud on Dave’s horizon, is the threat of Muzz terrorism. Dealing with it costs serious money. It only took a few Paddies to run up a bill of billions. And there’s shit loads of muzz around the place. The strategy here, is to do nothing, until the shit hits the fan, as far as I can tell.

    He prefers to use his armies of spies, and they are legion, so much so that some of your tax dollars pay for their upkeep.
    To spy on whitey and his far right tendencies. They will have files on all of us.

    • I found a good one for you, FP. VA benefit applications ending up in the trash, LOL. Good stuff – the USG doesn’t give a rip about them, once they get back.

      • I found a good one for you, FP. VA benefit applications ending up in the trash, LOL

        Until white Jordies cease supplying the muscle as triggermen enabling our LN/FFOL Police State this situation worsens. I laugh at them; especially the Wounded Worriers’ TV scam for cash.

        I always intentionally anger them irl. I demand answers. I roast them mercilessly.
        I ask them of the recent incident where a Green Beret was discharged for confronting an Afghani warlord and boybuttraper.
        A gb must show a strong urge to serve to go thru the shit they do. Then, to get fired for shoving a boyfucker to the ground is insane.

        So, I put the insanity back on the whiny vets who make it allll possible: I ask them why do they serve a Government Regime that fires a GB for defending a boyfucktoy, but the Regime defends Killary for emailing classified documents. Then I toss in Lois Lerner’s IRS persecution of the TParty.

        Whiny vets get madMadMAD. Then I ask them if they’re mad at me for asking a question about my BIGov, or if SuperVET is mad about BIGov – the BIGov they served and still worship.

        It’s psyops and it works.

      • FP… I admire your work immensely on this front.

        [ed note: thanks, i razz u over the arcane lingo, but we’re on the same side. speaking a different language is the same as Babby Colin speaking Oirish. same team, different region]

    • Oh and I suppose the main reason for ruling Londoners being fond of the vibrance is that they tend to use it for cheap labour. Its one thing to like migrants when they are your servants, quite another when you are a plebian who has to deal with the consequences of this filth on the street. I suppose a bit like your Manhattan JS?

      • Colin, Yes, it’s very much an Anglo phenomenon, and it’s becoming a Eurot one. Ruling Power-Money-Maniacs love coloreds, because they are cheap and easy to exploit. They don’t care, if you and I aren’t fond of them, when we see them on the street. They live in their luxury fortresses, out in left field.

      • Implying Spaniards don’t do hiring people cheap are we JS? You need to overcome your inner prejudices and shit tier racism if you are ever to understand m8.

      • Spain has actually seen a reverse of immigration in the past few years. In a perverse way, Spain’s economic crash that happened a few years ago, was a god sent for Spaniards who are sick of seeing scores of coloreds in their country. Was it done by design by the Spanish elites? One thing for sure is that Spain is hardly generous to its migrants, with their gov’t benefits. Unlike the USA and its smaller and older brother, the UK, with their generous handouts, ready to be distributed to coloreds.


        Why does the Anglo Media always think a lack of immigrants in any western nation is a bad thing? So yes, it clearly a mental illness for the English Speaking nations.

      • One generally accepts Anglo to mean counties like UK, America, Canada, Aus and NZ. As in an English speaking nation.

        And whilst the media in many of these countries has been subverted by jews and lefties, you seem to be confusing the Anglo nations with Spain’s essentially Germanic/French rulers. I know these are tricky concepts for someone for NY.

        Essentially, Europeans who English as a first language are part of the global sub set “Anglos”. Europeans who don’t speak English, as a first language are not. And Spain would be included in this sub-set.

        By Anglo, do you mean any European that’s whiter than your mummy and daddy – I wonder? Its a case of definition here.

      • Anglosphere is pretty much the english speaking nations, you know the UK, USA, Canada and Ozie Zealand. All multiculti cesspits to the T, because they’ll bring in coloreds just for a dime (pence in the UK).

      • Oh dear, You don’t read the news? The Aus and N Zeders, Are like the Storm Troop elite of the white Ango Nazi’s m8.
        They’ll be wearin pointie hat and stringing Abos up from koolibar trees next, They’ve come a long way from their convict/sheep-shagger past – in fairness.

      • Colin, The land down under is full of fortune gookie chineyman. Don’t forget, not too long ago, Rooshie’s crazy cousin held hostage of a few women in Sidnee. What a muzzie cocksucker!


        Notice a gookie gal running away from the horror.

  3. It’s fine with me, FP. I ***encourage***it.

    What is repressed, grows stronger. WN would never have become strong in the sunlight. You can’t teach anything in crowds today. It is all one on one.

    Resistance makes a thing stronger. By protecting minos from every hardship, they can’t get stronger. WNs will be forced to get better.
    [ed note: its why its a shame you’ll be 146 when this happens]

    The liberals will stagnate.

  4. I wanted to make sure you guys saw this. http://www.rawstory.com/2015/09/arizona-militiaman-howls-in-rage-after-oath-keepers-back-away-from-his-possibly-illegal-plot-to-arrest-senator/

    [ed note: pure fapfantasy of the weak. if he feels so baa-baa-bad about it, instead of howling like a fool he should* become Kamikaze. But he’ll go right back to oiling his pile of thirty M4s]

    • I knew all along some gook/nip would be the one to mass market this instead of LN Murka. Murka used to be the King of Kapitalism that once initiated this combo of defiant freedom and free marketing.

      It stems from realizing that surely, some Red Army gook or Red Army Ivan already comes equipped with 5 pairs of them in their spy kit when they blow past the Migger border in NM to steal the last secrets in Los Alamos.

      Instead of America innovating out of sheer invention’s sake, it is now other nations who innovate mainly to counter Murka’s growing Police State.

      I want a pair. As soon as Real Folks start fucking with CCTV Nation the funhouse is open.

      • Good comment, and Uncle Beast has all his bases covered, in terms of his homegrown servants. Bread and Circus for his colored subjects, and irrational propaganda for his credulous NRA wheaties, who don’t know who are their real enemies.

  5. @ FP – Worried about solving you migger problems m8? Stringin’ em up may have worked back when you were all cowboys, now you need a humane approach. Why not just stick them all on a plane and send them to fucking Germany?

  6. “I always intentionally anger them irl. I demand answers. I roast them mercilessly.”

    I occasionally read your twitter insults directed at vets/military. What I find interesting is that many reflexively accuse you of being an anti-war liberal. Their consciousness of a frame existing outside the liberal vs. conservative context is limited.

    • Such a totally stupid class of people has no other end but their total eradication.

      There is no hope for them.
      Call it a downy McDowner, but the Truth is: They are already clamoring to invade not only ISIS, but Iran as well.
      The DC LN/MMM wets itself with glee at the thought of prolonging its criminal empire via new herds of white muscle sheep.

  7. At least you get Mexicans, we can only wish for catholic miggers here in Europe!
    Where currently Africans are flooding in from one side, and Arabs from the other.

    It’s so funny, choirs singing welcome songs at train stations
    while bearded men on the trains are screaming “ala oak abar”.

    Even funnier is local whites being evicted to make room for refugees.
    Or local schools banning Christmas, while building muslim prayers rooms.

    It’s like everyone is infected with toxoplasma gondii, the parasite known to remove a rodents innate fear of cats:

    “When a healthy rat smells a cat, it flees. But rats infected with the Toxoplasma brain parasite actually follow cat odors, often presumably to their doom, red in tooth and claw. That Toxo-infected rats approach cats has long been a well-known example of a parasite manipulating the behavior of its mammalian host.”

    The other significant characteristic of this crisis is the complete media censorship.
    It’s 24/7 immigration sob stories and what a blessing immigration really is, no worries!

    While commenting on news sites, the locals pbs’, even tech forums, is all disabled.
    And everyone who is not 100% on-board is called an evil Nazi xenophobe nativist.

    btw. you get the aforementioned Toxoplasmosis from cats, now you know why cat-ladies are crazy.

    As i type this they are debating how to re-educate racist on some TV show, maybe send us to some camps?

    • I’ve long held the belief [read my responses to JS] that it is not just Murka infected with a PC toxoplasma gondii – but the entire Western World; Sweden, England – Germany.

      Eradicating Christians Effectively http://wp.me/p2kmGE-1aN

      It’s a WorldWide LN/MMM program:

      5-fingered FIST of Liberalism: http://wp.me/p2kmGE-h4
      Liberal Nazism http://wp.me/p2kmGE-1C2

    • “It’s so funny, choirs singing welcome songs at train stations while bearded men on the trains are screaming “ala oak abar”

      This is no surprise really. The West is Lost(tm). See? That isn’t original it has been predicted from Pat Buchanan all the way down the line. I hate to discount my high IQ which is up there with all the other ‘bad actors’ Kazynski, Joker Man, whatever…’ But they are one tricky ponies then. The TRUE very true bad actor can play every scene. Especially the ones which require a life, a career, a six figure salary, a model hot wife, and maybe, lets play the script out… (cue violins) a tragic fall from grace.

      Enough said for a ‘clean catch’ but not enough said for any motherfucker on the hot trail. This is why insurgents are always better than ‘The Man’. I think only FP will understand.

      Back on topic— The SNACK BAHS only get a handjob and a welcome WEST of Germany. Clearly you don’t watch the fucking news ‘guest’. Hungarians primarily, and all other EE’s secondarily are willing to beat down, water cannon, and generally fuck up utterly these brownies. MUCH to the chagrin of EU and Western Europe faggots who are in charge.

      I’ve known this for years. I’m in the States, and haven’t dated or been involved with an Americunt for over 7 years. Again, this is why I appreciate FP’s softening of stance on MRAs/PUAs they are NOT going to solve world problems but they -can- turn Americunts invisible to men perhaps. They haven’t yet, but wish them luck.

      The smoking model hot Hungarian chick I was dating for a year was -constantly- whining about the so called ‘hard liners and right wingers’ in her native country. Did I mention do NOT give your women any agency. NONE. Viktor Orban is willing to crush the brown tsunami all the way back to Turkey or beyond. Give some bitch the reigns? It will be half-mud kids all through Eastern Europe. They will suck nigga dick straight away and have basically, throughout history. There is some what? thordaddy guy? whining about don’t disparage white women, blah blah, bunch of fucking bullshit. Listen up faggotron— There is ONE thing Muzz do better. They understand this from Shakespeare “Frailty, Thy Name is Woman” control your fucking bitch, period. She is NOT, can NOT be loyal. If you doubt this you need only know about evolutionary history, evolutionary genetics, and HBD to get truth.

      • Lol… “Faggotrons” don’t have four children… And you can’t control a woman that you don’t want in the first place. If MRA/PUA didn’t teach you white Supremacy then it taught you nothing. I’ve been in the trenches… I’m in the trenches.. My personal story would make Roosh and Heartiste look like mere “play” boys. I was anti-marriage 1.0 before it was blogger fodder. Right there pinpointing the faggotry of the alt-rite. And of course, I never took orders from UncleBeast either even though I could have been the superior yes-minion.

        And I noticed in your exhortation of “evolution,” you forgot that little part about procreating “apex predator?”

        But back to your assertion… It’s one thing to criticize and denigrate dykes, de facto dykes and females liberationists and then a whole other thing to criticize and denigrate white women. The former is a form of truth-telling where the latter is evidence of a pathological anti-white mindset.

      • And as for the Muzz… What they do “good” is thoroughly soil the shared space with their sexual degeneracy. Anti-white Supremacists TO THE CORE, they find common cause with Western HIGH IQ faggot jewhites not easily discerned by “white” liberals with average IQ.

      • White male apex predator = white Supremacist?

      • And I noticed in your exhortation of “evolution,” you forgot that little part about procreating “apex predator?”

        This is where I am VERY different from anyone you have ever known. I own my shit. I am VERY delinquent in this way. I have done so much that I’m worth a dozen ‘WN’ keyboard jockeys, yet what? I have no progeny. I have no children myself. I pass my -very- front line knowledge on to whom? No one.

        AND!!! And this may get my ass pinched but Ima put it out there anyways. I’m not married to a blue eyed blonde though likely I will be divorced for one sadly at some point. 99% of them are willing to kill their entire race though. Genetics surviving? No thought. No care. Because… Social Justice! Because Twitter! ETC.

        Only women who have had the following are RealTalk(tm) bitches for marrying/breeding, they are very rare now— Held at gunpoint, family member held at gunpoint, taken as a hostage, not sure about the following— food, water, electricity, etc. These are terribly hard to find west of Germany though. AGAIN this is why I say, MRA/PUA are on to one thing, the destruction of Western entitled cunts can only happen EAST of the former Berlin Wall. Austria and east? Ripe for the taking. South? If you are not adverse to some mocha skinned bitches then go for Romanians, Croatians, and any other European mystery meat near Turkey.

        My “significant other” is a sand nigger. Bad right? No, I cannot say much more as I am watched. She is like all my ex’s model fucking hot. Young, fit, ripped. 5 foot seven 115lbs. Dances, sings, smart as hell, VIRGIN, yeah. And how is she different than Westerners?

        The same way Asian women are different. They emulate / want to be what? W H I T E. Korea, Japan, to a lesser extent China. Look at their billboards. White skin, long straight hair, and wait for it…. WAIT FOR IT…

        This is the thing I fucking trip on the most for how -easily- white women don’t appreciate it and give it up in 2015 for ‘dat nigga dick’ never to be had again for at least 2-3 generations.

        What so called ‘race’ can produce this?

        Or this?

        100,000 years man. The HEIGHT of genetic fitness and women care -fuck all- about it. They are willing to blow and kill 1000 generations of evolution, genetics, prize keeping, and tribal murder for the fucking pop culture and jew created culture. DO NOT respect your women. They are beautiful, but they are NOT smart and they never have been. Dominate them, choke them gently, and be an alpha male predator and you will win always. This again, is the ONLY thing PUA/MRA gets right.

      • I’ve never chastised fighting white men for taking whatever women they like. BTW, I enjoy this name of yours. Ted Bundy was the first man I’ve heard called a “apex predator.”

        The fact is, white women will have to be FORCED into racism. Only the book KD Rebel covers this.

        I’ve learned a certain appreciation for Arab culture. It has many advantages over current white culture.

      • There is something I wish to hear about. You mentioned surveillance junk on telephone poles where you live.

        Where do they put that crap? Way on top? In the middle near the lines? I don’t see anything around my area yet.

      • “There is something I wish to hear about. You mentioned surveillance junk on telephone poles where you live.

        Where do they put that crap? Way on top? In the middle near the lines? I don’t see anything around my area yet.”

        Likely nor will you ever see them. Reason number 1021 I should take your advice and get the fuck outta dodge while the getting is good. (And this window shrinks more and more every year)

        If your IQ is less than about 100, stop reading here. Too many words, too many paragraphs. I get it, I really do. But you are a soldier and not a general, and that is ok. Not everyone is fit to lead. Not everyone gets a trophy. There are many men better than me, smarter than me, etc. but few that are all that and have interesting hobbies too!

        There are 3 discrete systems at work.

        1) The one you are mentioning is the oldest tech and least complex. They are laughably simple. “Hidden Cameras” have been around since the early Cold War. That is all they are but with micronized tech comes SUPER fucking small cams. I can fit a VERY high resolution camera on my fingernail. Look at your damn cellphone. There is a 5+ MP camera on -consumer tech- for chrissake. If you are in/near a FFOL Fortress? You are out and about and looking for cameras. Find a fingernail w/ a tiny wire (for power) and a microtransmitter more than 10 yards away from you. Go ahead!

        You cannot and you will not. Ever. They are invisible, like me… but! Invisible to what? Visible light. In other ways? Not so much… did I mention physics, optics, EM spectrum, chemistry? This is the domain of the highly evolved European mind. Every single modern technology you use and every aggrieved fucking nig-nog, wetback, and gook uses was built on the backs of Europeans. So next time you hear someone whining about social justice or the ’cause du jour’ remind them that if not for us? They’d be sending smoke signals, using horses, dying of well, everything, and living in fucking squalor.

        Once, not even that long ago really- Europeans were world bestriding giants. Britannia, God rest her soul, were the de-facto -experts- at this. What changed? Easy, and only recently have I dived deep enough into history to appreciate something that was lost on me even a few years back. Minorities can barely change a fucking light bulb, much less invent one. It takes raw IQ to defeat raw IQ. What insidious force has had the brains and devious behavior to even attempt such world changing things? Like me, I will let you find your own way to the solution. It was something I use to laugh at actually because it has an incredible stink to it but there is a very scary kernel of truth there.

        In case you’ve lost your history, there is one website left to remind you. Watched as heavily as this one, of that, I’ve no doubt. —- http://www.whitehistorytoday.com/

        2) Newer tech, but not the newest and scariest which was discussed in an earlier post. These are electronic spies listening to you 24/7. Phone, computer, tablet, internet of any sort.



        And you yourself posted about the STINGRAY device graciously loaned to Baltimore police and anyone asking for one to spy on well, EVERYONE. Hacks phones, and not NSA style where ‘we don’t listen to conversations’. No it records EVERYTHING. Assume anything you say on a mobile phone can and will, (and it will, believe me) be held against your ass in a court of law.

        There is an easy way to defeat number 2. TURN OFF. Turn the fuck off. You cannot electronically intercept what does not exist. Very smart drug dealing nogs and terrorist know what a ‘burner phone’ is and even -with- a burner phone be smart. Speak in code. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prepaid_mobile_phone

        3) This next one is terrifying even to me who can move through the first two virtually unseen whereas 90% of people will be pinched straight away having no exposure to such tech. Facial recognition devices. Again, we just talked about this in another post. Remember I can fit a very ghetto high-rez camera on a thumbnail snapping 1000s of photos an hour. But they are ‘dumb pics’ which means they require humans still.

        Retina/Iris scanners are automated and they NEVER fucking lie. You -will- be picked out in a crowd, period. Ever see Minority Report? Great film if you’d like to see where we are headed. Much of the ‘future tech’ in that film is in existence right now, be afraid because it is being deployed first in the Fortresses and then probably in most major metro areas because sheep are busy eating, fucking, and being happy.

      • Thanks. This was exactly what I was looking for.

  8. Choke them? That’s no way to live. Sorry you couldn’t get a White woman.

    • Many Murkan Wheatie sluts are dumb as a brick. Blame our education system. Some of them are stupid enough to take a class in college, that entails watching Steve Carrell being a 40 year old virgin, with student loans. It sad, plain and simple. Murka is a lost cause.

      • Awww. Poor JS. No decent White woman wants your murky colored arse, so you are mad. I’m ok with that. It must suck being only part European.

      • Ha. You are feisty, Erin.

      • I’m about 80-90% Euro, no nigga, but with a tinge of native.

      • And Erin, you know I’ve never said anything bad about Euro women. It’s only Murkan bitches, and the occasional limey bitch from Colin’s neck of the woods. I think he has it worse with his Brit women.

      • In Britain, wheatie women sleep with colored men at a significantly higher rate. It’s like amost 30% of the female population of Britain’s bitch demographic, is involved with a colored of some sort, nigs being the predominantly partner. Most of them dislike Muzzies and Gookers. Talking about a suicide!

      • most of them dislike Muzzies and Gookers. Talking about a suicide!

        The LN design is to use Hollywood jew media to promote miscegenation and eradicate
        whites to create a true brown melting pot of MINOs devoid of SO76 and GunLUV.

        The easiest method is to attack the stupidest and most venal segment of the white race: young white grrlz.

        White vs Colored vs Migger vs White http://wp.me/p2kmGE-3WB

      • Again, just look at the educational system. GenBritneys attend college to study Hollywood film.

        Want to watch the 40 Year Old Virgin movie, for 40K in yearly tuition money? This is reality for you.

    • Erin, you rat, you didn’t say that the Forde chic from the movie was a DAA.

      Ugh, what a mess. They left wits alive. They dropped the shotgun. And they worked in a 3 man group. Home invasion into a double homicide and attempted murder.

    • My track record says differently. I have banged out, dated, and even sometimes been in love with women that would be the envy of most any man. Sadly, given some of my other ‘hobbies’ I cannot corroborate this story whatsoever.

      The funny part is Erin, never in my wildest dreams when I was still a naïve youth did I realize the depravity most women are capable of. You would -fucking marvel- at the number of women that enjoy some seriously rough sex. Choking? Yeah… orgasms you cannot imagine. Did I say -all- of them? No, but more than I thought before I took the ‘red pill’.

      So keep on with that can’t get a white woman deal. Most of the last few years have been some of the last ‘true’ white women on earth, and they are drying up faster than the Sahara. All of them were born east of Germany and their entire worldview is 100% different for that reason. They have known hardship, ethnic conflict, fear, etc.

      Things lost on you fatties west of Berlin who’ve been leeching up the Milk and Honey far too long. If the wheels ever -really- come off you will see SJWs, neckbeards, manginas, white knights, etc. evaporate instantly. Back to the rocks they crawled out from under. You will also immediately see a recalibration of these liberal white bitches back to the State of Nature.

      It can’t come fast enough IMHO. We need a full reset at this point, I see no alternative.

      • There is much to agree with in the above statement… Modern “white” female is, at least publicly, supremely confident in her degenerate ways. But I imagine, behind the scenes, many are ready to crumble.

  9. Ryu: Arab women are more combative than our selfish Murkan bitches, but when it comes to what women are suppose to do in terms of helping a man in need, they are much better at it.

    Do you find anything attractive about patriarchal Islam? I do, despite the West shitting on Muslims all the time. The red pill/MRA/PUA/WN movement, doesn’t even have anything resembling that of patriarchy.

    • I find much to commend with Islam.

      WN isn’t going to shake out like our older WNs imagine. It will have to add some PUA or Islamic element to control the women. That must change. Marriage right now is a sham.

      • Comedian Sam Hyde trolls Oregon Shooting.


        [ed note: this is magnificent. i do tactics like this. it forces the MMMachinery to falter. hurt it then kill it]

      • Ryu,

        Have you ever heard of the former National Socialist, David Myatt? A few sub-groups of Nationalists in the UK are still inspired by his early extremist writings. Myatt found common values with Islam in challenging the establishment as well, and even converted to Islam.


      • Thanks! But what happened to him, mentally? He ended up rejecting both WN and Islam.

      • Very few can be sustained by hate alone. In fact, only Satan himself seems Abel.

      • Do you think Satan hates God, TD? Or does he hate being given laws?

      • He’s under heavy surveillance right now. According to his friends he has different sentiments than what he has currently stated publicly.

        Many believe he was responsible for creating the ONA (Order of the Nine Angles).


      • Thanks, PA. I will looking into the ONA. I know about satanic WNs, like Boyd Rice and Nick Schreck.

      • It seems psychologically impossible to truly hate Perfection… To do “it” is truly inhuman. To truly hate that which is objectively supreme to one’s self is clearly self-annihilating. Like the most radical autonomist, Satan seems Abel to pass the consequential burdens of his radical autonomy onto the descendants of Cain. Even as mythological meme, it’s still widely operative amongst high IQ Jew and Gentile alike. Reality can accommodate both our truthfully-motivated actions and our mythically-motivated actions and ALL their subsequent consequences in a complete accounting whether “we” can “see” the final zeroing out or not.

      • Clearly, Satan truly hates Man even evil men and his evil must be “superior” to his minions.

      • @political animal

        Have you and Ryu considered that satanism – like all religions – is also bullshit?
        Just because it’s anti-estab and ‘not god’ doesn’t make it right : As in ‘two wrongs don’t make a”.

        If Mr. Debbil was so mighty, how come Charlie Manson’s reward is a cell, no pussy and 40 years of really shitty food? Neither gained momentum by gutting Sharon Tate’s Tatas.

        Satie is an even greater bullshit artist than Gawd. To believe Satie exists means you must believe Gawd does also. Goddi ‘commands you love-obey-tithe blahblah and it’ll all be alright: Does it look OK?

        Fine. So Gawd spreads his bullshit about faith/praying – but never does jack shit. If satan is then, by default, the Real Ruler of The Earth WHY doesn’t he do jack shit either. What those who “beleive” in him really think is: People are basically good (and would behave in goodness), but for satan making them do evil. Do you really believe the Clintons need Satie to do evil..?

        So, Lucyfer comes along and says follow me, I’m diff than that old bearded fuck. Yeah. Right.
        If mr. s is The True Ruler of the World, how come his followers are the same Halloweenish losers sprinkling creepjuice all over potential followers.

      • I have found profit by studying Satanism, PA. Each story has at least 2 POVs. The bible presents one.

        Which view is more legitimate? Or true? Also, it has taught me to embrace the role of taking on power, which Satan understands.

        Satanic WNs tend to be interesting, which is something. Most WNs become tedious after a few years.

      • I’m not advocating for any type of religion here on Eradica. I’m naturally curious and I like reading about new perspectives, including Satanism.

        I understand that for some Satanists, their ideas have little to do with the Judeo-Christian conception of the entity. It is more about freedom and being uninhibited by Christian influence.

      • It is more about freedom and being uninhibited by Christian influence.

        I am fine with your post and links.

        Religion of any sort is for the human who needs validation in his beliefs.
        Or, a crutch to soothe morality and absolution in his old age.

        The freest men are those free from encumbrance of any sort.

      • Satanism can teach you to truly stand outside of it all. Few things are more taboo today. Not many Americans would fess up that their actions and country really serves the devil, if he truly exists. This has to be the most unholy and sinful country on Earth.

        In the same way, an enterprising WN might study pedophilia. THOSE guys have real opsec. Very harsh penalties for their thing. And of course, the USG must be involved in that as well.

      • Satanism can teach you to truly stand outside of it all.

        meh. Fuck Satan. If you want to stand independent, study Philosophy in a University. That way, you will be free of all do-nothing gods…

        Better yet, use those free methods you prefer in those things called libraries. Buy the books; books were meant to be marked up with your thoughts and comments. Can’t do that on a puter. If you can, then use that.

        Just use caution you avoid falling into The Greatest TRAP Of Philosophy: Becoming an insufferable babbler of incoherent, arcane gibberish. TD approaches that dangerous ground at warp speed…

      • Ho ho, FP. I have done that already. Their endless discussion over terms and minutia bores the crap out of me. And usually in class, it’s one “superstar” and the teacher, not a class discussion.

        IT IS far better to find a good philosopher and study him on one’s own. Then ask questions if one doesn’t understand.

        Who are your fav philosophers FP?

        [ed note: Socrates & Nietzsche. Machiavelli and Balthasar Gracian; JS should read the latter, his countryman]
        I see Socrates, Kant, Plato, Aristotle in you. You believe in reason, logic and facts.

      • “one must take on the
        attitude of a CONQUEROR.” – I like this quote from one of the links I sent you.

        The 21 Satanic points are interesting as well.

      • @political animal & Ryu

        The 21 Satanic points are interesting

        Gawd’s the Greatest Liar in the universe: Stay n’ Pray to ME, even though I won’t do shit. Love they neighbour – while I watch them burn to death. Help folks out – while I sit by and do nothing.

        So, if Sato is his Big Creation, you’re following the 2nd Greatest Liar in the universe. Why settle for second best, stick with #1.

        If Satoism is based on sin, man, then any anti-estab organization is doomed: Whenever anybody in your group snitches you out for $67, they can say “Da Debbil MADE me do it!” and thus, justify any aberrant behavior with a built in excuse.

    • “Patriarchic” Islam is a liberal social construction meant to pejoratively equate Islam with white Christianity. Patriarchy ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT value highly radical sexual autonomy. In fact, because radical sexual autonomy requires NO spiritual, intellectual or physical discipline, it is understood by “Patriarchy” to be self-annihilating and thoroughly rejected.

      AT THE HEART OF Islam is the jihadist WHO CONVERTS by murderous self-annihilation and is rewarded radical sexual autonomy, ie., 72 virgins for eternal smashings. Does that sound like a Patriarch to you?

  10. Here is what we call Murkan exceptionalism, quoting from a journalist:

    In America, where Cornel West is celebrated as an intellectual, Miley Cyrus as an artist, Jonathan Franzen as a novelist and Kim Kardashian as a beauty—and yet remains the cultural dynamo of the world.

    The red pill/MRA/whatever PUA movement, fails to understand that one key point with Murkan elites, is their exploitation for heaps of cash, no different from their rhetoric to put a bitch in bed. If greedy landlords can offer an inhumane 100 square foot apartment for 1,000/month to an unsuspecting GenBrandon, and similarly, SF slumlords, offering bunkbed sharing at a prison cell, most certainly, other things we spoke about, are less severe.

    • America, where Cornel West is celebrated as an intellectual, Miley Cyrus as an artist and Kim Kardashian as a beauty—and yet remains the cultural dynamo of the world.

      Murka is on top bc every other nation is shit.
      Who’s to take its place?
      RED China with its slave peasants?
      A Soviet Union that only exports Vodka, Caviar and oil to RED China?
      Canada and its FriscoLITE Socialism?

      Murka is all ya got; once it’s gone the world will again descend into a Dark Ages.

    • But this is written by an anti-white Supremacist and so there should be no shock in recognizing their insatiable desire to elevate degeneracy wherever they can.

      • And how do you stop nigels from touching wheatie women? You don’t!

      • You attack “it” the only way one can… Pathologize the indifference… Expose the degenerate “black father”/black daughter relationship rooted in radical sexual autonomy and hidden by the media… Call on black fathers publicly to either reject the miscegenation of their black daughters or show themselves to be pathological degenerates as the logical implication is clear… Chastise niggers and nigels who hate their extremely abusive and hateful, single mothers to the effect of seeking the soft touch of white female… That’s one angle.

      • Chastise nigels is as effective as telling a chimp to chimp out!

        [ed note: i simply must remember this nugget-lesson of Niggerspikikery]

      • BTW JS, I have been meaning to ask you.

        Have you ever seen the vid of the Spanish nationalist vs 50 antifas? This video is legendary in WN circles.

      • There are degrees of chatisement… Assimilationist miscegenating is pathological, but nigels MUST PUBLICLY affirm its “righteousness” due their anti-imperial psyche. The logical implication is psychologically crippling.

  11. If you are not into patrilinearity, I have an alternative. Threaten. The less White women that remain for White men, the more White men having the wrong political/religious views we have to kill, use as cannon fodder, or at the very least forbid to marry a White woman. The bar will be raised higher for admittance in our new world, if these trends continue.

    • Whittling down your resources, territory and combatants is not called “victory” it is called defeat.
      …besides, that strategy was already tried by Hitler
      On the Russian Front

      • But how to deal then with the coming shortage of White women?

      • how to deal then with the coming shortage of White women?

        White females (they are NOT women)
        are not forced to copulate – and especially spawn – with the black. They do this willingly.

        To “go to war and protect white female virtue” is White Knighting a group that willingly betrays you.

        IF YOU SEEK to increase white female breeders, then eradicate colored males.

      • That shortage is already here. Since white women are the most desireable, they have men of ALL races chasing them.

        From one POV, things have never been better for them. I understand their position. Anything other than now is worse.

        They will never willingly give up what they have. It will be up to white men to take any action changing things.

      • Yes, of course, but if you are done with the colored males, you still have the issue of having many White females being soiled, or even rendered infertile.

      • Oogie, who is that in your avatar thing? Why would you post your picture online, as a WN no less?

      • It is the same guy as my former avatar. The lefties took my picture as early as 2005, and I figured out that the people who wanted to off me already knew where I lived, so what the heck. But I understand you consider it reckless, so I’ll change it.

      • A man can change alot in 10 years. It’s never too late to cut losses. The old ones may know you, but the new ones do not. And like WN, liberalism has a lot of dropouts too.

        One has to practice like he’d like to perform. I know there are few liberals out there hitting WNs. That may happen one day though. Don’t get sloppy; there are few truly experienced WNs left.

      • The avatar has been changed now.

      • @oogenhand

        you still have the issue of having many White females being soiled

        Offspring should be terminated (like St. Yehovah had is isrealites do their enemies babes) or transformed into Janissaries. Just because a white womb pumped-out colored spawn doesn’t render it unfit for future white impregnations.

      • What about filling it with sperm centrifuge-selected for daughters?

      • What about filling it with sperm centrifuge-selected for daughters?

        Forget such FutureWORLD Fantasy: whites have yet to “figure out” how to even eradicate a colored family on their block or fight a jew living a block away in Manhattan…

        Until they do that, figuring out how to colonize Venus with white babies is the same as determining how many angels can dance on the head of a pin…

      • Then I’ll have to go my own way.

      • That’s what every WN has to do, Oogenhand. Until someone finds a strategy that truly works.

      • FP, I don’t know about the Chicago/Fox Lake manhunt thing.

        There’s things missing. It seems odd to kill oneself with a shot in vest.
        [ed note: so much FOX/NeoConPC Propaganda was expended on HEROCop! – they’re hoping attention skulks away]

        They say it was inconclusive. The whole thing is funny. Usually, the suspects would have been caught by now, especially working in a group of 3.

      • We have no resources, territory or combatants today, FP.

        There are no WN held resources, only a handful of combatants and zero WN held territory. Not a square inch of land anywhere in the world. At best, there are some “implicitly” white areas that “seem” to be pro-white.

        I suppose it is good, in a way, to start off clean.

      • “That shortage is already here. Since white women are the most desirable, they have men of ALL races chasing them.

        From one POV, things have never been better for them. I understand their position. Anything other than now is worse.

        They will never willingly give up what they have. It will be up to white men to take any action changing things.”

        This is the crux of the issue. Remember that fundamentally women and men for all our very high minded ideals are just cave dwellers still. Our limbic system, our so called ‘reptile brain’ has MUCH more power than you may imagine.

        A reptile wakes up. It is male, here are its goals for today. Fight, kill, eat, fuck, sleep. Lather. Rinse Repeat.

        A reptile wakes up, it is much smaller than a male, it is female, here are its goals for today. Don’t fight, don’t get killed, eat with whatever male killed the other male, fuck him to sleep, escape before he wakes up to kill me too.

        –END OF LINE

        This is reality, this is the world we are all born into. This is the State of Nature. I did not invent this place, I do find Christards and any ‘true believer’ comical. I have some faith in ‘something’ but if you think a loving deity is smiling down on you? Turn on Discovery Channel and National Georgraphic for 24 hours and you will learn all you need to know. STATE OF NATURE. And we’ve been told -fuck all- otherwise. Again Muzz get this better. Their god is reptilian in nature. Fight, kill, fuck, eat, convert. Insh’allah!! Allah-u-Akbar (FP you got at least 3 to 5% more heat from DHS / NSA online monitors for those 2 phrases, just sayin brah… :-D) New Testament Christard? Turn the other cheek, die on a cross, be a pussy, all that then, innit?

        Old school Christians were on their A game. Crusades, Inquisition, etc. but that has been out of fashion for centuries. The other ‘big’ religion Judaism? They have an ethno-state, engage in sweeping attacks against Islam in the name of religion (Palestine), and can condemn all others at all times. BTW Unlike Muzz (600AD) and Christards (2015 years ago), Jews have been rocking that shit for 3000 years. Since Sumeria was an actual place. Should I draw a map FP? Or are your readers smart enough to connect the dots?

        tl;dr Women are nurturing, compassionate, peace makers. They are non-violent and non-confrontational by design because they are small and weak. Through about 3000 years of recorded history there only loyalty were to the people that did not kill them after killing all the men near them. This is not a defect or a fault, but it IS a genetic and evolutionary fitness survival strategy. 6 decades of feminist bullshit hasn’t made it better, only worse.

      • Indeed:
        White vs Colored vs Migger vs White http://wp.me/p2kmGE-3WB
        Indians: America’s First Nationalists http://wp.me/p2kmGE-2iK

      • Ryu: Most White women don’t date Miggas, with the exception of the nig, and this is because of Hollywood brainwashing. And it’s tragic, because the NIG is a parasite all around. He’s useless and anti-civilization. Just look at the Germies, and go ask their men. German women exclusively sleep with nigs, when it comes to miscegenation. The entire WN movement wrongly focuses on external threats, rather their internal ones. The nigga is the elephant in the room. Sad, but very true!

      • Looks like I cannot reply to my own comment or beyond, a WP issue I suppose. But here we go anyways—

        RE: White vs Colored vs Migger vs White http://wp.me/p2kmGE-3WB

        June 12, 2014 at 9:19 am

        Jews qualify their jewishness:
        “This one doesn’t synagogue enough.”
        “That one reads the Torah 5x daily.” etc.

        Perhaps I and all Eradicans shall now judge Whiteness among whites in arbitrary fashion – the way those successful, world-conquering jews do”

        Again, don’t think I won’t ever qualify you on your own website. As I said, I am -not- inventing shit. The Jew Agenda is VERY old, but you do it well because you walk that VERY thin line between reality and fantasy. I have no presence on stormfront, vnn, or any other busted ass hitlertard meinfap site E V E R. They are more or less, niggers but with lighter skin. Even the ‘Beloved Host’ Alex Linder started to realize his target audience where just slightly above room temperature IQ but too late nigga. You created it, now OWN it.

        You are visionary in your own way FP. It is ultra radical and needed. RooshV? Dunno man, he was never really -in- DC you know that right? He was a sand nigger swarthy type outside looking in. I could pin his home address on a google map, but I would never. Plus initially, he would straight up ban people who just ‘told the truth’, now? He realizes what we all know. A ‘white world’ is the best one to live in. He has reaped ALL benefits of the US and Europe (especially Eastern Europe) so he shuts the fuck up for the most part.

        Roissy? Heartiste? Different animal. Radically high IQ, had some early MRA vaginal birth pains but then realized his ‘race’ was dying so stepped up to the plate. He is a wonderful mouthpiece. Will never ever be a warrior, and that is ok. Propagandists with a wide audience are worth 10 or maybe 100 times their number in meat for the grinder. All three of us are the same age, same city, similar IQ, similar problems. Could not be more different though. RooshV is a sand nigger in name only, he is no different than any rich white boy with no fear in his heart. Roissy / Heartiste is more of a question mark. My feeling is that he almost got outed which is not hard to do and then had to reinvent himself. Become multiple people? I dunno, don’t care that much too. I only know his early shit was ‘all pussy’ and his recent stuff is radically racist. That alone, I applaud…

      • WP has issues – the level of replying is one. I use the below technique.


        I have no presence on stormfront, vnn, or any other busted ass hitlertard meinfap site E V E R. They are more or less, niggers but with lighter skin. Even the ‘Beloved Host’ Alex Linder started to realize his target audience where just slightly above room temperature IQ

        I was thinking of this very issue yesterday. Due to proximity, most problems I’ve ever had were with Wiggers and general trailerpark trash. Low class whites, in their own way, are the same as nigs. A truly devout WN (not little wn) will need to kill 12X as many whites – libs, faggots, feminists, wiggers etc. – as coloreds. There are Whites and there are wites.

        You are visionary in your own way FP. It is ultra radical and needed.

        Eradica is a multi-layered word conjured up out of many, many profound meanings symbolizing a new truth.

        Roissy? Heartiste? Different animal. Radically high IQ, had some early MRA vaginal birth pains but then realized his ‘race’ was dying so stepped up to the plate.

        Perhaps not so much plate-stepping: He has never promoted Eradica or any other seriously hard site. However, he did promote the christfuck out of that turd Chuck Ross.

        Remember, his audience also is rife with morons like you mention above. I was one of his greatest commenters. He has never helped me; I help out many and only ask others to do what I do – nothing more. Disunity is how you lose a war, not win it.

        Back in ’06 IIRC he was outed and quickly recanted his “virulent and icky anti-semitism” after boldly daring to ask: ” do jews run the financial world?” [lol]

        His jew bosses immediately pulled his leash and put him back in line.
        That shows me who the real Boss of Roissy is…he is the Leonardo da Vinci of the Cathedral – the term he luvs so well: He’ll spout “independent thought” but as soon as some hebe in a popehat objects he scurries back to the hand that feeds him.

        Never trust a man when another man controls what his ‘truth’ is.

      • Ryu: Yes, it’s funny to say the least. But this…

        I’m still taking your word about Uncle Beast. Murka is the beast to be taken up, because we have the most brutish of LEOs, one of the most credulous populace, with the most coloreds and the most LNs that work hand in glove, in the entire Western Hemisphere. A concerted effort involving global allies like our World Wars, is needed!

        [ed note: simply put, Murka is the visible result of what happens when jews completely take over a White Nation…]

      • Murka is the belly of the beast. If the US fell, WN could work in other countries.

        We supply the money/bodies for the wars and the culture that everyone else emulates. We’ve got the most prisons, the most prisoners, the most brutal police. More brutal than even the Communist Chinese or North Koreans. They’ve killed 601 civilians this year so far.

        We’ve got the biggest police state ever. My research shows it began in 1975.

        The US has to be destroyed, for the white race to live.

      • No, the Soviet used that strategy, with a lot of succes. Behind every unit of conscripts they placed an unit of NKVD-comissars to shoot anybody who tried to flee.

      • 2 oogenhand

        Behind every unit of conscripts they placed an unit of NKVD-comissars to shoot

        You are using the example of an 80 year old tactic that is totally inapplicable in today’s world.
        Mr. Heetla “inspired tens of thousands” to action with speeches.

        Does that work today..?

  12. “His jew bosses at FINRA put him back in line.
    That shows me who the Boss of Roissy is…

    LLLLOOOLLL ok, see this is an age issue dude! I ‘stumbled’ into the so called Manosphere in about late ’08? So he fucked up early as I can bet you dollars to dime I can get a PHOTO of this dude in 2015 based on what you just said, it is not difficult at all.
    [ed note: i’ve been circumspect regarding roissy, but he’s not done squat for me since ’06 or ’07 when I started posting there. i can’t recall precisely when i began. i contributed much; i owe him nothing. certainly not loyalty]

    Why don’t I tell you more about me? I’m just as ‘famous’ (I’m not) as Roissy or RooshV.
    [ah, you are Virgil Kint. ryu wants to garrote you, btw]

    Their game is pussy. I am a master. Go stalk around especially the CH website and he is learning something there I already have known for a while. Remember ‘Erin’ whining about my choking? Ohhhh! Uh! Oh! You have never dated a white woman!

    Bitch puuuuhhhhllleeeez. I’ve banged out model hot women for the most part. What CH is learning now is what I talked about 3-4 posts down. Women are reptiles. So are men. They talk mad shit but at the end of the day, if you may EAT them after you fuck them? YOU WIN.

    I choke, abuse, and strike fear into white women. Not Americunts. REAL white women, east of Berlin, on the regular. They fucking love it. Why? Because it is like their own men but with success, and a future. It is like dat nigga dick but out of prison, and with high IQ babies. Apex Predator? You goddamn right…
    [roissy began RIDC in ’05 thereabouts – when the blog craze hit. if you began blogging then, you have a huge audience. it doesnt mean the blog is better, in fact, they’re stale. it only means you got there first. it’s the same reason more dimwits watch Survivor than did The Sopranos]

    • “[roissy began RIDC in ’05 thereabouts – when the blog craze hit. if you began blogging then, you have a huge audience. it doesnt mean the blog is better, in fact, they’re stale. it only means you got there first. it’s the same reason more dimwits watch Survivor than did The Sopranos]”

      Truth… and that nigga is still soft and scared. I can post there if I wish under my -real- IP and well known pseudonym which is “preapproved” but also which is dead and fucking buried since SWAZSI and the Fed have taken an interest in my ass (real truth). I don’t have to ‘await moderation’. But just for fun, I posted there and linked here under a hardened encrypted IP address that does NOT point back to me.

      *crickets* Post was nuked, as it should be. He is scared of his own shadow and I dunno man maybe I would be too? If I had a VERY high profile blog in his city I may be that paranoid. I’m totally fucking paranoid with good reason and I’m just a ‘really good poster’ here, sometimes there (CH) and other places. Not here to judge but I agree with this statement though at the end of the day— Disunity is how you lose a war, not win it.

      p.s. I’m sure Ryu wants to do that, but I above just described 2% of my working knowledge i.e. surveillance. If I vomited the other 98%? Good for no one, me most of all. But I will continue as long as I can to move around here. Virgil Kint is a totally apt analogy btw. THAT is how you hide in plain sight. Look weak, dumb, crippled, soft, and scared. BigFeds? They are not too fucking bright. They see in straight lines which befits their low IQ and unquestioning loyalty to orders including killing Europeans at the word if asked. Never forget that. They will gun you down with glee, go to Burger King afterwards, go home and fuck their wives. Wake up, and do it again the next day.

      • They see in straight lines which befits their low IQ and unquestioning loyalty to orders including killing Europeans at the word if asked. Never forget that. They will gun you down with glee, go to Burger King afterwards, go home and fuck their wives. Wake up, and do it again the next day.

        That is the tactics of Victory.
        Romans did this.
        Both Hitler and Stalin did it.

        The RED Chinese do it today, as do Muzz.
        Wns do not.

      • Spoken like a true keyboard warrior. I lol’d.

    • My last comment was directed at “Apex Warrior”.

    • If reptile is the way the game is played, then WNs already lost, as they cannot impregnate enemy women and accept the offspring as their own. How to win a chess match in which you are not allowed to take the enemy Queen, and to stay on your own side of the chessboard? You can’t.

      • “to stay”=” have to stay “.

      • How to win a chess match in which you are not allowed to take the enemy Queen

        The black is the lowest form of human life. It is the least advanced thru evolution, therefore, other strategies apply.
        That “war is won” – the way Whites won it in the past victories.

        Is there a way to improve your position by breeding with inferior races? No. You get what you have today: Mass social structural failure.
        Therefore, the colored must be subjugated and eventually, eradicated.

  13. Murka is the visible result of what happens when jews completely take over a White Nation…

    A more apparent result is Manhattan. You know, that overpriced, ugly cesspit of muliticult.

    [ed note: i know full well – for I am the one who discovered the concept]

  14. @Thordaddy, WN is not about hate. Do you work for the SPLC or something cuz you sound just like ’em.

    WN is about having homeland for Europeans. Nationalism…nation….get it?

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