Killer Cops

by Ryu

This is a story about a cop who kills. This cop actually killed someone off duty.

Forensic Files: Cop Out

Today’s lecture is 22 minutes long. This is a really interesting one. It’s about a gay cop who killed his lover. The time was 2004.

Cops in general do not make good killers, despite their forensic knowledge. Almost like they want to get caught.

Did the killer know the victim? Yes.

TTD? 12 hours.

CS- Crime Scene
MICES – why murder – money ideology conscience ego sex
“Coward” – when used by an LEO, means someone impossible to….…. catch and track
unsup – unknown suspect
ME – Medical Examiner
vic – victim
POI – person of interest
“Make a square” – take 2 right turns
CI – confidential informant
Types of Fingerprints: latent/visible/plastic
PC – probable cause
Common evidence: fingerprints, DNA, fibers, soil, blood, tire treads, hair, tool marks, glass, ballistics,

UCR Crimes: homicide, assault, robbery, burglary, larceny, GTA, arson, rape
Important properties of glass: density = mass/volume, refractive index = speed light vacuum/speed light medium

University of Missouri was a nearby school. The area only saw 80-90 murders in the last 25 years. These events occured in June 2004.

A body was found between two apartments. There was a knife wound on the throat. There was alot of blood there. The body was wearing only shorts.

Jesse Valencia was a prelaw student. He worked as a clerk at a hotel. No sign of foul play or struggle. No defensive wounds. Used condoms were found in his apartment.

*Once the vic is IDed, you always start with victimology.***

They looked up Jesse’s cell phone records. They find some guy, who Jesse was screwing. Jess was gay.

Steven Rios was a 3 year veteran. He had a family. Rios cooked up an alibi. Said he was in bed with his wife at the time of the crime. The police needed more.

The PPCT shoulder pin restraint system. It’s a headlock with the right arm and head together. Right arm through, Hold right arms with left hand. Jesse had marks consistant with the PPCT used incorrectly.

I got a good look at the police training file:
“Name of Student Steven Arthur Rios

Pre Service
Test Scores
Constitutional Law 89
Human Behavior 86.67
Crimianl Investigation A 75
Patrol 82.98
Missouri Statuatory Law 70
Traffic 77.05

Criminal Invetigation
Defensive Tactics
Criminal Investigations
Technical Support
First Responder
Report WRiting

Handgun Score 84
Shotgun Score 78

PPCT Defenstive Tactics Not Certified (below 80% is fail)
Oleoresin Capsicum Aerosol Training (OCAT) Not Certified
Improved Field Sobriety Testing Not Cerfified

Ranked 46 of 51 students”

NA69 *9200

When hair contains the root, it has DNA evidence. The cops found 3 hairs from the chokehold wounds. They did PCR and matched it to Rios.

Rios and the vic met during a loud party. Rios cited the vic and detectives found out by checking the records.

Rios was convicted to 1st degree murder and got life in prison.

Important Names
Jeff Nichols – Homicide Detective

2 Comments to “Killer Cops”

  1. “Cops in general do not make good killers, despite their forensic knowledge. Almost like they want to get caught.”

    How can you know that? The ones who do it successfully get away with it and so there’s no data to draw upon to make a judgement. The only data we have concerns the cops who got caught, which is only useful for gauging the competency of those who failed, nothing more.

    • I’ve studied them. That’s how I know.

      There are rumors of course. Some say the best hitmen in NYC pre-1980s were pigs. They would be the ideal person to make a hit.

      In Mexico and many other 3rd world countries, this is still true. Sometimes they’ll parole a real killer and let him do the job. American cops tend to wear a big white hat and believe in their Murkan dream crap.

      The intellectual horsepower necessary to get away with it is not in most police. It takes a very special person indeed. The data is out there, if you ask the right questions. You will not find this in the UCR.

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