The Phineas Priesthood

by Ryu

I have found a rare treat – a forgotten and glorious WN DA group. If you choose to watch the study, note how the group got caught. The cost is 23 minutes.

All groups over 2 in the US today fail because of infiltration or rats. And 2 is probably too much. “The land of the free” has more spies living in it today than either East Germany or the USSR during their peak. This is a police state.

America is a snitch society. Do – not – join – groups. Do not trust anyone, even me.

Case 55: Forensic Files: Line of Fire

Today’s study is 23 minutes long. It covers a series of robberies that occurred in ………..Spokane in 1996. The group is the Phineas Priesthood.

This occurred on April Fool’s Day, 1996. A pipe bomb was set in the back of a local newspaper place. The bomb exploded but no on was injured.

11 minutes later, a US bank was robbed by 3 suspects. The bank was 30 blocks away. 2 men entered the bank. Wits saw a third outside waiting. The surveillance camera got a very good look at one of them. Parkas and ski masks were worn.

A pipe bomb was left on the counter upon their exit. The robbers made 50K on that job.
A letter was left at the bank with the Priesthood’s logo on it.

The FBI used perspective analysis to guage the height of one of the suspects. He was about 5’6″. The FBI had a photographic analysis unit at the time.

3 months later, the same MO occurred at another bank and a Planned Parenthood storefront. The Planned Parenthood pipe bomb used buckshot. That buckshot would be individualized and lead to a greater sentence. The take was 35K.

US Bank then offered a reward of 130K for anyone having info leading to an arrest.

Buckshot is made from recycled car batteries. There are many impurities. An FBI used GC-MS to individualized the buckshot.

***A CI (confidential informant) dropped a dime. He wanted the 130K reward. The group had tried to recruit him. He positively IDed all three members.***

The men were Vern J Morell, Robert Berry, Charles Barbie. All lived in Sandpoint, Idaho. Their next target was a US Bank in Portland, OR.

From that moment on, the group was under constant surveillance. The system ran background checks on each member and planned the raid. Morell was a nuclear engineer, but left to become a Phineaus Priest. Barbie quit ATT.

As the group was leaving for Portland, the system worked a plan. They told the US Bank branch to lock their doors and close. The men drove away. They were followed both on the air and in the ground.

When they stopped for gas in Yakima, the raid was popped. The buckshot tied them. An HP inkjet printer also tied them to the notes.

Blue jeans can develop individual characteristics – the wear pattern on the seams. Blue jeans are made of white cotton dyed blue. A hill and valley pattern is created.

More forensic voodoo. The FBI photo tech used “point by point” analysis. He had a buddy wear the jeans and try to match the posture and draping of the video. Then he compared the two.

A mistrial was declared at the first trial during March 1997. One of the jurors was sympathetic. There was a hung jury.

A second trial was held 3 months later. All 3 defendants got mandatory life sentences. (Apparently, double jeopardy laws no longer hold in the US. David Lane has noted this also.)

working in a group
trying to recruit people for the activity
not eliminating their clothing afterward
leaving notes
using bombs, which leave ALOT of forensic evidence

13 Comments to “The Phineas Priesthood”

  1. Now you’re talking radical autonomy.

  2. In many ways, “we” are the ones to carry out the Final Liberation. Although, on whose command makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE.

  3. Another mistake was not quitting while they were ahead yes?

    • This is something that few understand, Erin.

      But one can become addicted to action, once one overcomes the fear of it. Then, one thinks the day is wasted if one does nothing.

      Bank robberies are not that profitable. I remember the average take being about 5K. Robbing the bank trucks is much more worthwhile. The order did this and netted millions. The ordinary bank robbery is always having to pull another job a few months later. They set a pattern and BOOM, are caught.

  4. Using the same buckshot twice.

    I’m not buying the jeans evidence. They just wanted to convict someone. It’s all circumstantial in my opinion AND like you said how come they got tried twice?

    • That is an error that the public doesn’t know about, Erin.

      Circumstancial evidence…CAN convict you. If there is enough.

      You might be surprised at one can be individualized. A lot of things can. I agree, the jeans thing is voodoo. But much forensic evidence can be. I now have this skill.

      The system owns the legal system. David Lane was tried twice. I learned from him that once the legal system has you, it’s mostly over.

  5. A jury also shouldn’t convict if there is a reasonable doubt either but most jury members probably have no idea what those words mean.

  6. I know, she’s just a crappy older woman but she’s on death row for her bravery.

  7. Although she may not have actually been there. Might have been cartel hit like with JT Ready. In fact, there are a lot of similarities between the cases.

  8. Watched a few seconds the other day of some network FBI show featuring a Muslim agent in a headscarf dealing with the challenges of such an ignorant culture as the USA. Was so mad I wanted to put a bullet through my TV. They even elevated the muslim bitch over the gay agent.

    • @bloodrage

      They even elevated the muslim bitch over the gay agent.

      The FFOL employs a rigid caste system based upon the total features of each MINO – a sort of “hand” held in a game of MINO PC Poker.
      Muzz are the cause celebre – the fashion of the moment – and stupid societies are fascinated by trends and fashion.
      The stupider, the more they are fascinated.

      Therefore, in this deadly serious game, your “Muzz bitch” would be trumped by a combo of Hispanic-Female-Lesbian-Murkan.

      The more the hyphenation, the more worshipful the nation…

  9. One day it may be possible to run conspiracies anonymously and untraceably online, maybe through Tor were the encrypted chatter is fractured among all users of the software and then reassembled disguised as https packets. Or like ghost computing.

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