Reader Mail: Jack Donovan – Literal Cocksucker

by Firepower

Today’s love letter comes from Ireland via a Miss McNmnælðnad Sclçrthðne – pronounced Gladys Smythe, for you idiots. Couldn’t you FIGURE THAT out?!?

when somebody mentions an Eradica post around Jack on the internet, there’s nothing but crickets.  Frankly, I think he avoids Eradica because it will challenge his position and right now things are good in Jack’s world.  I don’t interject my own thoughts in many conversations because I would be blocked from the group as was Paul Bingham for challenging the soldiers in Donovan’s camp.”

Jack D is a homo. That never bothered me. What bothers me are their universal…….. feminine, little-girl-like emotional responses to threat; in that way, they are like blacks who react with the same female tendencies.TX Miggers GOOD

JD used to write a blog about soldier worship with…tada…a soldier. I fired them my Jordie bomb theses and they hated it. They lionize soldiers like homos do; i.e. The Village ppl. Homos bring sex into every aspect of maleness and warriors are the ultimate male.


Anyone – anyone – who is blind to a certain issue when they clearly are aware of other similar issues is an idiot. And a faggot. A Faggidiot.

San Giorgio is the typical sociologist/academic who, when asked about a new theory (like Eradica’s) immediately turns the subject back toward them or their latest book nobody gives a shit about:

“Mamma MIA! enough about-a Eradica! letsa talkabout a-me!”

What interests me lies not in attacking spicks: Nobody white has the balls to do that. Texans are full of mega-brag about their cowboy past, but irl, don’t do jack shit when they see this morning’s wave of miggers a mile long filing past their barn in flipflops and milkjugs.

The “don’t mess with TEXAS!!!” EMPTY threat is particularly laughable, since they have more Miggers per capita than Miggerfornia.

No. What I care of is if the news stories of how “dangerous” EP is are true. I’ve lived in danger and I see these news bleats as mere show.

54 Comments to “Reader Mail: Jack Donovan – Literal Cocksucker”

  1. The whole alt-rite is rife with “white” faggots running from our left to find refuge behind “white supremacy.” The “alpha” queers then command legions of little female-hating fap “masters” thereby continuing the general soiling of all things white Supremacy.

    • Convince me.
      I see no leftists adopting our Manifesto.
      JD is just like any other rare MINO colored or jew – like Thomas Sowell and John Stossel – who happen to see things “our way.”
      JD just happens to like Man Mayonnaise.

      2.7% of a population do not a plurality make…

      • I think you misunderstand me. JD is trying to make faggotry “manly.” I think “we” both saw this long ago. This is a radical liberationist galloping all around the alt-rite with nary a single individual “seeing” the problem with attempting to socially construct a “manly” faggot who somehow is able to gloss over those inconvenient facts concerning his sexual aversion for female and his equally perverse sexual attraction to males? Now, JD, “manly” alt-rite “white” homosexual, is more representative of “white supremacy” in the minds of the Dillenials than a David Duke or George Wallace. Yes, this is a problem.

      • FP, you remember El Cheapo? That Mex drug lord?

        I think the US has the world’s worst prisons. Mexican prisons aren’t like Murkan ones. If you’ve got cash, you can have anything – private quarters, women, internet.

        [ed note: but, in Miggerprison, if you’re white, you’re oppressed. OTOH, in Murka if you’re a Migger you get preferential treatment]

        “While detained at Puente Grande Federal Prison from 1993 to 2001, Guzmán was allowed to host his family for a vacation inside the prison grounds, held multiple parties for friends, and had female inmates brought to the all-male jail for his enjoyment, Mexican journalist Anable Hernandez said in an interview.”

      • You either rev alone or with foreign whites, if upheaval is your thing. Murka is a lost cause, and in the bottomless cesspit. Eurots are following suit, because they now want to be cool with Uncle Beast.

        There were a few Spaniards I knew in Manhatty, who were hardcore MurkanBrandons wannabes. They will be not going home, and have been bitten by the zombie beast, so they’re literal dead like many of their dillenial buddies.

      • There were a few Spaniards I knew in Manhatty, who were hardcore MurkanBrandons wannabes.

        This is why Murkan GENBrandons are lazy and stupid: They and their Western counterparts were bought by the materialism merchants of Manhattan and Hollywood.

  2. There’s crickets because there is little to say about the matter.

    The two leaders of the MRM today are a fag (Jack) and a Muzz (Roosh). These two are not fit to lead straight white men, who are the real audience.

    • Much applause… Nor to lead as another “black” President no matter how hollow the office. The symbolic and psychological perversion is more than enough for absolute denouncement.

      • Obviously, Jack and Roosh both have a shield so they can say and do things no real white man is “allowed” to. Both are a form of mino.

        They have something to teach. The kids’ stuff, the basics. But it takes a white man to teach white supremacy. But there’s a small appetite for the advanced material. Most get caught up in the intermediate.

      • Jack and Roosh both do their respective, tired 2004 act:
        1. Be mean to pussy
        2. Praise Jordie

      • In terms of Rooshi hatin on Murkan bitches, he is correct. This is the reason why I left the Murkan Cesspit, along with the MINO problem.

        Reading my countless comments, you do know, I pretty much dislike everybody in Murka with a passion.

        [ed note: heh, judging from your leaving Espana, that says you hate them even more…]

    • Rooshie has good material. However, most of his commentators suck.

      • He has “good” info for males into radical sexual autonomy… He has no information for the white Supremacist.

      • You’ll make millions. You must start TDGame:
        1. Be 6’4″
        2. Be massive
        3. Be ripped
        4. Be a dick about it

      • FP… Am I the only one who thinks you are serious AND hilarious?

      • The two go together. If one was serious and not funny, it would get tiring quickly – for everyone involved. Someone funny but not serious, they are just a clown.

      • Disenchantingly, it is probably true.
        I strove to make a new, successful WN with broader appeal than the creepy David Dukes and the buffoonery of Peter Panzer costume display.

        It fails because any potential Murkan audience has half the intelligence of what it had 50 years ago.

      • Most do. But because he has so many, I’ve found a few I like. Same at Amren. Often, the commenters are better than the original article.

      • “It fails because any potential Murkan audience has half the intelligence of what it had 50 years ago.

        This is the sad crux of it sir. As I said a few posts ago, I am a -very- rare animal as I’m finding out. I don’t exist for the most part. You seem to be cut from a similar piece of cloth. I have no solution to this problem unfortunately. I have seen what so called ‘WN’ has to offer and it is mainly utter shite. Just beyond that you have the Jared Taylors of the world who are very erudite and learned and scared of their own fucking shadow much less some nig-nog w/ his pants hanging off his ass.

        Middle ground? None. Does not exist. Smart, well-read, moderate European men with a proclivity for action and perhaps even ultra-violence when utterly necessary? Find me ONE, I’ll give you a cookie… Either too much left to lose, feel the lost cause, or just too fat and happy. ‘Bread and Circuses’ has been working for over 2 centuries. If it ain’t broke? Don’t fuckin’ fix it.

      • @Apex_Predator

        Just beyond that you have the Jared Taylors of the world who are very erudite and learned and scared of their own fucking shadow

        Murka is the first nation in history to be taken over by jews. That is the daily incongruous insanity you perceive and that which makes you feel angry.

        If so-called “White Leaders” are, in fact, actually scared of their shadow it is out of fear of BIGFed.

        If UncleBEAST can indeed put that much fear into a “Free Man” then that man is not free, but a slave. He’s also a self-deluded liar and Pied Piper of fools to keep spouting LoneWolfi/Screamy Eagle slogans and promoting USMilitarism.

        Active Deactivation
        Why White Nationalism Will Fail
        Why the ALT-Right Will Fail: The altright is SWPL

      • EDIT— 2 millennia! Please correct that editors, you get the idea…

    • I’ve never heard of this fag of whom you speak, “Jack”.
      {ed note: In Oirland, don’t they have McGoogle?}

      As disgusting as they are, they – fags, have their uses. Besides, mocking the afflicted and diseased, whilst fun, has always been a cheap sport.

      Their tendency to ride Liberal arse, has always been my chief objection, to these diseased deviants.

  3. A central issue of the rooshi/jd/piggi problem is they are repetitive, trite and dull.

    Yet, they attract massive audiences and slavish morons because they provide child-like fantasy solutions that keep the stupefied audience believing “something can be done!”

    This yet again proves how stupid Murkan Millennialz iz and why they likely deserve to suffer and die – NOT be saved by Leaders like me.

    • Yo, you remember those female rangers who graduated Ranga school? It was a setup, FP.

      • Dykes, by definition, are biological cannon fodder. The U.S. military is the most radically autonomous entity in earth. Ergo, it is the Self-annihilating Industrial Complex and dykes in general and blacks dykes in particular are the lowest on the evolutionary totem pole. But of course, the ripple effect felt by the general white female population will be chaotic and unpredictable insofar as who’s daughter ultimately goes the route of devout dyke and gets wasted on a battlefield in a manufactured war?

      • he ripple effect felt by the general white female population will be chaotic

        Likely so.
        But, this will take decades to be realized, to the extent that Future Whites “do something”, and by then, you’ll have been dead 20 years so…wgaf

      • ^^^ [whose] daughter gets wasted…

    • You can hardly blame them for churning out the same repetitive, trite and dull shite. When its a formula that’s worked out so well for most media kikes.
      Providing entertainment for the masses isn’t the same as providing wisdom for the masses. My wife likes Hello magazine at € 3 a pop FFS.

      • But you can blame them for getting schooled by white racialists and then failing to step up their “alpha game” when hard racial truths got slapped across their face.

      • Nah Thordaddy. I can’t blame them for that either. That’s just the way the system works nowadays, if you want to make money out of the media, you have to go with the establishment shit. There’s no mainstream money to be had out of telling the truth about your pavement primates.
        Hopefully this situation will change in the future. Business is business, whilst its nice to be ethical, one must also be pragmatic.

  4. Yes, GenBrandons are stupid and lazy.

    Worse, are the Murkan wheatie sluts, who are overrepresented at our colleges, learning fluff, and yet I don’t see them studying. Go visit many major learning institutions, and the most studious students are the H1Bs. I see wheatie sluts do what sluts do best, and now they sleep with Tyrone at the colleges, borrowing heaps of money for a piece of paper, which shows us what they’ve achieved exactly that, for a steep price.

  5. I didn’t leave Espana on my own. My parents brought me to Murka.

    [ed note: spoken like any TRUE Spaniard: you blame your parents]

    • You are a lucky guy, if you have Spanish citizenship. You could just move to the Canary Islands and leave all the multicultural madness behind. I have heard that some Euro nations allow citizenship if one can show that one’s parents were born there.

      There’s little corners of Spain that few know about. The Atlantic coast is like this.

      • Ryu – Yes I can go back. At the moment, I don’t. I’ll see about it, after a few more months of Montreal. By the way, I was able to speak to some of the Quebec Separatists. You’ll be surprise that quite a number of normal looking women are part of the group. They have a healthy dose of racism, not the irrational kind you find in Murka. The group of people whom they dislike the most are the Anglos, and initially they didn’t want to talk to me, but I told them in English, that they were doing a good thing to be defiant. They believe Anglos, bring the most multicult filth, and corruptible culture to the western world. This I don’t disagree. They also tell me that money brings the kind of things like multicult, and Anglo nations are the most money driven, and the most affected.

        On the other hand, I still want to take a shot at the Murkan Liberal Nazis.

    • Beautiful country and nice people, there’s so much to like about Spain, JS.
      Though right now their biggest problem is Frau Merkel thinks they need more niggers. A friend of mine was over a couple of months back, he told me that Barcelona has become infested with them.
      He used to live there three years back, so I guess he has a good feel for the nigness of the place.

      • The Master Plan of the Worldwide FFOL is to paratroop coloreds into every White nation and area – the way Obongo ships coloreds into our Idaho and North Dakota, etc.

        They want to cut off White Flight before it happens, thus crushing the final spirit – or provoking armed NRA White Revolt. With this strategy, they hope to use that Colored affirmative action monkey-general I just wrote about to General Sherman the dwindling SO76 Whites.

        Or any of the future 143 Lesbian-Female African-American-Hispanic Generals under President Malia Obama and Commissar North West-Kardashian.

      • Colin – You are correct. Barcelona and also now Madrid, are becoming infested with afro illegals. However, I’m still proud of my Espanolas, because they haven’t caught the jungle fever like Merkel’s ladies, with their black boyfriends. Germany is a dead nation like Murka, ridden with the multicult disease. This could all change, but I’m still adamant that Southern Europe is more defiant than their weaker, money oriented, northern Alpine and Nordic cousins.

      • “adamant that Southern Europe is more defiant than their weaker, money oriented, northern Alpine and Nordic cousins. – reasonable empirical point JS. Sadly, we can’t learn much from it.
        As it ignores the bravest defense against nigrification being offered by the former “Sov” Eastern European countries. The boss of Hungary, Victor Oban, should be an inspiration to all politicians.

      • In a perverse way, Murka really needs another conflict, via race, religion and ideology to strike the hearts of men. This way, mankind cleanses and progresses, not stall in a cesspit, lather in fecal sludge.

        Coloreds would agree, had they see another Malcolm, who said segregation was the only equality savior.

  6. And by the way, you guys do know that many Spaniards are Self Hating Jews? Cervantes and Don Quixote, are both Jewish creations. LOL….

    In my time throughout the Murky nation, it’s the nigs that are the most problematic, and continue and understood to be the case. And I’ve been reading up on material that mulatto spawns are worse than their pure bred afro brethren, basically by mixing undesirable black traits with white ones, produces the worse miscreants. This I believe to be 100% correct, since Murkan blacks are the vilest of all the nigs, with considerable white admixture.

    • Eh – Come on, if I was a Jew, I would hate myself!

      • Jews in Spain were the “Miggas” of their day. You have less faith on our coloreds today. None of them will ever assimilate, and are too stupid and talentless to join the ranks of nobility.

      • too stupid and talentless to join the ranks of nobility.

        On the contrary.
        I provide the example of “Jay-Z & Beyonce”: Ultra black racist coloreds with even the requisite monkeyname. They bought their way in. Obongo invites them to both public and private parties. They may not be part of the Official Ruling Class of jews & WASPs, but they will form a “counter elite” (as they do in all else) of Rappaz, Affleets and shit.

        One day, coloreds will be the only ones in the White House. Ironic.

      • Hang on JS, El kike espanol – was a far bigger deal than the lowly migger. They formed the Safadi Jews when they got kicked out of the country. These guys did money not lawns FFS
        If one is to understand a parasite it behooves one to study them.

      • Colin, Spain ruthlessly purged all of its miggas in the past, including its own people, who don’t fit the mold, and didn’t allow their hybrids from Latin America to enter. The country would not have lasted this long, had they not wrought a heavy hand.

        Britty Sissies invites their colored subjects to their homeland of UK. And now, Spaniards have learned to feel the same “Wheatie Guilt”, coming from their Anglo rivals. Muzzies are coming back to Spain, and they are offering citizenship for their long lost kikey cousins, who were driven out of Spain eons ago.

      • Murka’s coloreds/miggas are completely useless.

        Spain purged all of its miggas, and lost money in the process. Murka loses nothing by purging all the Tyrones, Jamals, Laquishas.

      • JS- “Jews in Spain were the “Miggas” of their day.

        I can’t decide if you are this naïve and are just ‘taking the piss’ like your rotten toothed Brit friends from the north of Spain say, or you are just truly not in the know.

        Allow me to retort… NEVER, ever, not even once, were Jews this. They were -looked at- as miggers yes. But what is different? About 50 or perhaps in some sad cases even 100 points of IQ. Don’t ever underestimate raw intelligence. It is what separates man from beast. Jews are better than you JS and you too Colin. They have been for 1000s of years. See what I just did there? The true ‘WN’ (as FP said, David Dukes or Peter Panzers) cannot say this. Ever. And they will impotently rage into history books, perhaps from the trailer park? Perhaps on the next welfare check. I care fuck all about them.

        All weak minded dogma following cretins should be culled from the herd. This is the -only- place I agree with the Hitlertards. He understood the idea of the ubermensch and acted on it. The comical part is, many of the people that fap to Mein Kampf would have been in an asylum or maybe even gotten the ‘special shower’. Ironic, that, innit?

        I generally don’t go all fucking Alex Linder but there is a time and place for it. Let’s keep it real, shall we? Jews have survived 3000 years. Let me say that again brah. THREE THOUSAND FUCKING YEARS.

        Let’s look at some other peoples in that time period. Visigoths? Huns? Saracens? Vandals? Scythians? Philistines? Sumerians? Babylonians? You getting it now? These motherfuckers have -survived the eons- and lived to tell. I.E. They are automatically better than you. Want to learn how to save (wait for it WNs) WHITE PEOPLE? (dafuq does that even mean?) Learn to blend, manipulate, lie, control, cajole, cohort, backstab, and any other thing you can do. Jews are a minute fraction of any given ‘white’ population yet if you look at the finance, banking, politics, and media their influence is one thousand times larger than their numbers.

        Watch and learn white nigger- you are a rank amateur, they have been at this for millennia. Once you know how this works, you can then install whatever orcs or puppet enforcers you need. Control the dialog and the zeitgeist, and define the narrative for the next century or so. They tried it very directly a few times and it ended badly. The last time would be Bolsheviks and the Russian contingent. They went back to the well, with subterfuge and infiltration. It paid fucking dividends as we are now barreling towards extinction. Watch and learn…

        [ed note: good stuff, Apex_Predator. it is totally acceptable to admire one’s enemy – TOTE – though we still keep in our hearts the desire to completely eradicate them. I admire deer; I still kill and eat them. I admire, respect and fear snakes – same ending. One who fails to analyze the totality of an enemy and instead Niggerspickikes about them is a goddamned fool]

      • AP…

        And still this reality changes not one wit the fundamental fact that the Jew qua Jew is the archetype perpetuating self-annihilator. ALL self-identified Jews are infected with an “on the brink of extinction” psychology that then serves as “rationalization” of “any means necessary.” In other words, modern Jew is the “perfected” primitive. And he now “inspires” a plethora of imitators. ALL are then relentlessly provoked by the ghosts of “white supremacy” in a game of liberationist cutthroat.

  7. I had no idea soldiers had to buy their own medals.

    It’s incredibly easy also for veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan to be declared terrorists by the government, as well.

  8. @ JS Fuck me, did you get your knowledge of history on the internet as well?

    • Ha! Some of it. I learned it in school. Sephardi Jews in Spain were useful. So were the Muzzies. The Catholic rulers in Spain depended on them before they were driven out. Murka doesn’t need Miggas at all, except for entertainment and sport fucking, either with the ball or wheatie sluts.

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