Police Using “Terrorist Surveillance Tools” to Find Petty Crooks

by Ryu

Bushi says!

THIS is how a police state looks and feels. Any WN who lives in the US today can tell you what its like.

There is nothing shocking about this story. We publish it to confirm suspicions.

The American police have a tool called “The Stingray.” It allows one to trace cell phone calls in real time. It was originally designed for special use against …..…..”terrorists.” Eventually, it is used to catch small time criminals like bicycle or iphone thieves.


Many times in newspaper accounts, the methods used by the police are left out. Usually in these cases, it is a confidential informant, traffic camera, or cell phone tracker that was used.

The USA is a police state here and now. Most people are apolitical and don’t notice. Only the dissidents truly feel it. If you asked the average Soviet or German during the time of their police states, they would not know what you were talking about.

“Stay out of the computer” is a saying criminals have. They know the US is a police state, and that anything electronic leaves an obvious trail.

15 Comments to “Police Using “Terrorist Surveillance Tools” to Find Petty Crooks”

  1. Briefly, Lincoln started oppressive laws against “domestic enemies” during the Civil War and FDR trashed the remaining USCon liberties during WW2 – all in the name of “National Homeland Security!”

    The problem is today, Nationalists want a nation that resembles them: Halfrican Migger Muzz. The MINO Machine. The MMM. The FFOL.

    Today, the MOST DANGEROUS TERRORIST is the WN Boogeyman – the McVeighite – who threatens to put on his white hood and run through Wormville.


    Quite often, Ryu and I write timely articles where it’s either bigtime Piggist authors directly copying us, or a prescient post where we have our finger on the pulse, often outpacing even Teh Drudgie. It proves how wise we are. Even Teh Gawd says in his Bibble: Trust a prophet whose prophecy comes true (I paraphrase, and rely upon TD to provide the full, accurate and complete GawdQuote wrangled from his 40lb. Bibble…)

    • The true boogeymen are the ghosts of white Supremacy. The enemy of “us” is no more than a strict antithetical. “We” are white Supremacists… “They” are “white” anti-white Supremacists. ALL “others” are a combination spectator, heckler and cheerleading collective. But at the apex is one in the same. The white Supremacist and “white” anti-white Supremacist all in one head. A head divided. ALL “others” then take on the role of facilitator. “They” keep his head divided never to spring forth genuine white Supremacy while perpetuating a continuing “white” self-annihilation.

    • I’ve got a drone, FP. I plan to write my own article on it soon. Piloting them is a specific skill. IMO, their best use is in surveillance/as a lookout. They are noisy – like a weed whip. One doesn’t learn that from just reading.

      • What about a drone with attached audio and amplification devices that repeats a meme while moving up and down intented neighborhoods?

      • No one sits outside anymore, TD. The drone would be playing memes while the people are inside, watching TV.

      • Lol… So true. But there are drones and then there are the applications. Both aspects are critical, but very different. So utilizing a “drone” can mean a lot of different things.

      • My experience is that people only learn one on one, person to person, in privacy. Like this perhaps.

        No education occurs in classrooms or public spaces. Education takes time and conflict. It takes time to resolve the conflicts. Teachers or educators of any sort, just don’t have the time in a public forum to answer all the questions.

      • I’ll not say too much on this other than I agree. It is a skill and they are an incredible force multiplier.

        If one were so inclined, and had some knowledge of basic electronics / radio, one could vastly increase the range of an off the shelf drone. If one had a basic knowledge of physics one could perhaps attach other useful tools to said drone. If one had a basic knowledge of chemistry, well, yeah. If one were so inclined…

  2. With all these outrages I keep reading about I wonder why people don’t just attack government buildings other than they don’t know how. It’s NOT fear of death only fear of pain, nothing else.

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