MINO Machine: Ruler of The US Army

by Firepower

General Lloyd Austin

All you Flyfarmers & Worm Wranchers: Does this look like the kinda guy who’d shoot on Murkan citizens at a WACO/Bundy Ranch Tparty rally?


Previously he was Czar of Iraq and we saw how that went. The Right Hon. US Sen. John McLame reallyReallyREALLY shot him a …..….dirty look at the last Senate hearing by golly!

All the troops he trained in Iraqistan plotted all along to stick it to da man and upon grad-gee-atin’ they handed them all over to Al Quaeda.


See, Jordie: This is who you fight for. A black general/commander installed by Our Historic Black President – and black racist. Just imagine Murka’s first hardcore nigger President; the Al Sharpton kind. Imagine Murka’s first Migger Presídenté and the kind of Black Panther/La Raza activist types in charge of the black helicopters. Yeehaw…

Good thing Muzz don’t believe in African-irmative Action or they’d be speaking Ebonix…

29 Comments to “MINO Machine: Ruler of The US Army”

  1. I think this guy is part of the strategy to be honest with you.

    Do you notice that the assault on Europeans has increased about ten fold even since the start of 2015?

    We are in full court press now on all fronts. Europe itself is being overrun, literally. Camp of the Saints? http://tinyurl.com/pjmt6gk

    This is happening. This is real. Brown muzz are swarming across Europe with one goal. Race replacement compliments of “free shit” brought to you by white people who have lost their will to live. Not just as individuals, but collectively, as a race. (I’d even say species as we are effectively a different species than brownies).

    So we have the muzz swarm infesting Europe in record numbers, we have the brown US swarm from south of the border. And if you dare question either. Racist!! Jews are -really- good at what they do. 100 years man, one hundred years of infiltration you cannot even begin to imagine. Turning cultural norms upside down. And most importantly, turning women against their men.

    I just read a great article at another website (that may or may not have been takimag) that states very eloquently for all our high minded ideals, that we are not terribly evolved. The -vast- majority of ‘refugees’ from ‘Syria’ (read: shitskins from anywhere in the Middle East who know Europe has free shit) are men. Fighting age men at that. 17-40ish. A small percentage are women and children. These are not refugees. They are opportunists. The same said article I referenced speaks about how these Muzz will come into Europe with nothing to lose, swagger around like white men use to, and grab willing women to procreate with. Don’t defend your women. Period. They are NOT loyal. Their brains are as hardwired as ours, reptile brain. Strong, capable, provider, defend me because I’m weaker—> Fuck a baby into me now.

    That is all you need to know. 60 years of feminist horseshit does NOT erase 100,000 years of evolutionary fitness. Those mainly Eastern Euro countries know this reality. This is where I’m happy that you seem to be recognizing that PUAs / MRAs do have -some- benefit. Your position seems to have softened and this is a good thing. They are the last gasp and dying breath of a lost civilization. Will they become radicals or freedom fighters? Sadly, no, but they serve a purpose.

    I did see your last ed:note FP and it must have been my fucked browser that nuked my own content. That being said though, if you had walked a mile in my shoes you would change ‘simpering servile fear’ to healthy self preservation. I’m on the front fucking lines homey. And not only that, I am a DOER not a talker. So think what you want and say what you want but at the end of the day, I’m in your corner even though you are not exposed to my world. The things I say here are not keyboard warrior bullshit. They are real, they are happening, and I’m at life threatening risk.

    If I had well, even TEN of myself? Or one hundred? You’d see things you have only ever dreamed of in your wildest imagination. But I appear to be an incredibly small minority.

    • I believe Murka’s matriarchy is a result of a Judafying process. Jewish culture produces beta males, who let their money grubbing women push them around. And you’re seeing it now in Murka in full swing!

      • There’s a lot to that point; the decline of America’s decay into “Murka” coincides with the jew taking national control around the turn of the last century.

        Because of our Constitutional freedoms, the jew took advantage, abused and corrupted them and proved forever why every other nation in human history exterminated their jew population.

      • JS, how is your quest in PUA going? Learning anything new?

      • Ryu: I’m still reading. I watched some mystery videos, and also those from the Jew Strauss. PUA is mostly relevant to women in Murka. Clearly, Murka is a fucked up place, when it comes to social interactions between strangers.

      • Ah, you know about that. Some WNs insist that PUA is a jewish money making scheme. I don’t agree, but a good number of mPUAs are jewish. Ross Jeffries, Mystery, Style.

        Style has written some good stuff. He had a book called Emergency on becoming a survivalist. I just read an article where he gets treated for sex addiction. He still practices PUA. Whatever you do, pay for nothing. There’s enough free shit for years of study.

        I do like Rooshy though. He is making some good progress. His site is the only true PUA site left. I’d bet that he goes back to Islam, one day. He is not the right one to lead his white audience.

      • You’ll need to read, not just watch easy videos.

        Read the early Mystery Method stuff. The earliest.

      • It is interesting that you know this, FP. Reading a real book is somehow different than using the computer. There is something about the kinesthetic aspect of a book that differs from reading on a computer. I often think that “most” of what I read online goes in one ear, and out the other.

      • Ryu: In Montreal, “gaming” women is somewhat more natural, because the women up here are generally more open minded, friendly and naturally sociable. The door is already open. Murkan females and women from English Speaking Angry Sphere, are just vapid, immature, and morally corrupt women, who only trade sex for money like it was a 3rd world prostitution ring. The door is completely closed, unless you are a stud, and if you have the money. Furthermore, Murkan women are pretty much useless, because they have no insight, talent, and nothing of admiration, for a guy who strives for excellence or supremacy.

        I’m reading the PUA material, because it might serve good material for me to use in the future, when it comes propaganda and manipulation, that is, for any radical and revolutionary ideas.

      • The PUAs write guides by city. You are right. I’ve heard about Montreal also.

        Here is the “I luv Montreal” datasheet:

      • Murka is only about $$$$.
        There is no honor or virtue. Probably never was.
        Then again, when European nobles were starving peasants living in muck, there wasn’t a whole lot of wonderfulments either – especially from your Espana. Napoleon saw fit to conquer the once strongest nation on the Continent.

        In a place where only money talks, there is little to sway the people with talk of honor and virtue.
        Only when they loose their money
        Do they begin to kill

        And that includes your Muzz-kissing Spaniards.

      • Ryu: The problem with many PUAs is their mediocrity. I believe in striving for excellence. You need to be badass dude all around, because knowledge is power, and all kinds of knowledge is good. I believe in the Renaissance Man. It’s harder in Murka, because the culture is very lame, but one can stand out and go past all the BS!

    • It is indeed part of the strategy.

      But there is no need to be upset about it. This was predicted decades ago; by us and many other writers. The white race, as it is understood today must die.

      Even doers must be patient. A soldier spends 99% of his time NOT being shot at. It is boredom punctuated by brief periods of high intensity. One must make good use of the peaceful times.

      A man has to understand the art of timing. This is not our time. What some call fortune is when opportunity and method come together. Everything has to be in place. Not too early, not too late.

    • BTW, I have a present for you, AP. For your next comment, create a suitable email. Only to be used once. You will like it.

  2. Reminds me, i got a good one for the glossary: dindu

    Or “dindu nuffin”, a pejorative term that originated on Reddit to mock and criticize black people during the numerous riots throughout 2014 and 2015. The phrase is derived from a bastardization of “didn’t do nothing”.

    My personal word of the year, calling Barry the dindu-in-chief is just hilarious!
    It’s great because it immediately sounds offensive, even when you never heard of it.

    • Dindu is not from Eradica.
      The Glossary Eradicanus is for words and terminology created here.

      [however, i wholeheartedly encourage the use of dindu as an effective epithet]

      thx anyways

  3. I like that a negro now runs the Army. It is my hope that all white men are BANNED from military or police service.

    They have been of no help to us at all. There is no skill one learns that is useful to WN. Mostly, cops and soldiers are obedient to a very high degree. It takes 20 years after retirement for them to even start to think alone again.

    It is totally different to work on one’s own, and to work under protection. American soldiers make poor revolutionaries and American cops make poor criminals. The mindset is not there. Somehow, basic grinds it out of them.

    • It is my hope that all white men are BANNED from military or police service.

      Before anyone else did this, I started tweeeeeeeeeeeeting my Jordie Philosophy, awakening many. I instruct them to keep their relatives from enlisting; everyone within their sphere of influence.

      I reach more people than I ever could IRL. I’ve planted many seeds.

      • I like that pic, FP. Reaped any fruit? Or have the birds eaten your seeds?

      • like that pic, FP. Reaped any fruit?

        Propaganda matters most if it’s disseminated. Today, there’s no expense for paper or ink. It’s free – so that requires mass distribution. I know that if 100 get a message of mine they’ll triple the impact and so on. There are many times I swear Ann Colter has read my works.

        I think it just spreads.
        It’s Truth.

      • That’s a good pic. Gonna pass it along.

    • Murkans in general, are obedient. But it’s not simple as black and white. It’s purely a consumption society, very capitalistic, which obedience is required and drilled early on. The wheatie cop needs a job, and he wants good pay, to give him a fix of happiness, when he spends that money. It is simple as that!

      • Murkans in general, are obedient!!

        Yes. I’ve known this for years. Therefore, the important issue becomes the next step: Why are Murkans “obedient?”

        I know the answer, do you?

        Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.

      • I think I do.

        It comes down to responsibility. If I work for the USG, they take the heat for my actions, since I am “just taking orders.” They will do all the planning and clean up the mess.

        When a man acts on his own, only he is responsible. Of course, everyone wants the profits. But few are willing to take the losses.

        This is the quintessential American paradox. They are greedy and want the money. But they aren’t willing to take the risk to get it. Too lazy to work, too scared to steal.

  4. FP: Yes, but we are surrounded by Murkan bitches and MINOs, which makes it worse. Furthermore, we have dillenials. Espana doesn’t have these problems, at least not to the extremity of our major metropolises.

    [ed note: what’s dumber, a nation that caters to coloreds that IT IMPORTED via slavery, or spain a European nation importing Muzz eradicated an eon ago. you STILL don’t get it: ALL Western societies are failed…did you not fight a 1939 civil war where supposedly Nationalists WON???]

    • Yes, you’re correct. I will remain reticent on this matter.

    • Although I have to say, most of Muzzies that were kicked out from Spain, eons ago, were native Spaniards with turbans. The same reason why exiles like the Castros, were driven out and then later become tyrants of Cuba. Spain throughout the centuries, is known to cleanse of its citizens, who don’t fit its national character, regardless of their origin or creed.

  5. Ryu: This video is for you. LS’ Freebird.

    Looking at the old scenes of Murka a few decades ago, nothing has changed at all. The same rotting country, with the same credulous, clueless people, and the same coloreds, who were the same wild animals, before the LNs promoted them to civilized imbeciles.

    The theme of the song is I can’t change, perhaps Murka can’t change!

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