The MMM CAN Survive on the 1%ers’ TaxBux

by Firepower

one on the top, one on the bottom and one on yer face

There is mounting evidence that the FFL can indeed survive on taxes from the 1%.

After all, even ConserviTARDFox Nooz repeats, ad nauseum, how 51% of Murkans don’t pay any taxes and the top 5% are the ones footing the bill for all our glorious Velfare Staat Shit.

Well…if they already do pay the cost to be the boss – what’s stopping them from……. funding a Mass Murkan Plantation? Answer: Nothing.

FOX omits how even poor slobs – in their version of Flyover Country – pay for car license plates, road fees, Staat FeeFees, FeeFeeFEES, sales tax, and SS Social Security, etc. There’s one lie of suspicious omission.

If businesses that depend on customers’ voluntary choice to make quarterly profit focus on the profitable 1%, so can USG – at the point of its many, many guns.

If there’s enough $$$$ to go after in slim 5% profit margins of airlines, then a 35% taxbux bonanza from trillions made by Murkan Overlords who own Chinese slave factories can indeed foot the bill for all our future Colored/Migger Prezeedentz wildest LN/Socialist WetDreamz.

There’s your Feudal Murka. The one I’ve illustrated from Day One.

The Great Brown Murkan Sea of Shitpeople – fed by White Farmer-Slaves growing all the food – paid for by stock market capital gains taxes extracted from Manhattan/Frisco robber barons who made NYSE piles from their slave labor factories in china that pump out $50 LED Idiot Boxes.


14 Comments to “The MMM CAN Survive on the 1%ers’ TaxBux”

  1. I think extracting taxes from th poor and middle class is designed to keep up from having money to invest in stocks, businesses, etc. Banks could give out more low or no interest business loans too but they will only do that for foreigners.

    • That is one of the many reasons BIGov taxes.
      One of the major reasons is to feed its luxury and very existence, the way 1776 Great Britain did. As BIGov ever-increasingly becomes BIGGERGov, it requires nourishment to feed its grasping tentacles.

  2. They can survive…today. But what of the future? Increasing medical costs? Interest payments on our national debt? Crumpling infrastructure?

    There is enough money to sustain a few cities like DC or NYC. The rest of the country has to go to hell. When a people grow poor, they either work harder or turn to crime.

    It will be interesting to see how the USG deals with a dramatic rise in crime.

    • They can survive…today. But what of the future?

      It will be neither Soylent Green or Hunger Games where an all-seeing, oppressive authoritarian regime grinds worm-eating peasants into the muck with HiTech laser spaceboots.

      In reality, such totalitarian regimes don’t give a shit about what the people do – so long as their kind stays out of the Golden Fortresses.

      Manhattan does not give one squirt of piss what Ferguson coloreds or NRA Whites bitch about or burn so long as Tiffany’s is stocked with new diamonds. That’s their secret.

      To save money, they’ll let every road rot and every bridge collapse except theirs. The Elite know most of the Ferguson/NRA talk is just that – bluster. They never drive a mile away or even kill enemies on their street. They just tweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet about it.

      Note Today’s Detroit & LA wasted away for decades and Manhattanites didn’t stop eating their $50 salad. They didn’t even yawn when Staten Island was destroyed. Does New Orleans look restored to you?

      • I think they will need those robots, FP.

        Diabetes, obesity and autism are rising dramatically, as IQ falls. The system is not loosening its grip; it is creating more laws, more fees and fines. Someone has to sign up as tax collector/cop. Have you seen kids today? They are worthless. In the future, even more worthless.

        There’s always a little bit of doubt in the elite. It shows on TV sometimes. I saw the Pope on tv and Obama touring a prison today. Boy, those guys roll in heavy. Even with cameras avoiding the security, they were noticeable. There’s alot of white males in the secret service.

        They might know most wouldn’t make a move. But they fear the lone wolf who would. That’s why Obama’s always 500 agents deep. He’s confident, but not confident enough to loosen security.

        No tyrannt has endured forever. The elite know this. In a way, they are waiting for the revolution. They also know that the long it takes to occur, the more total the change.

      • Not only has no tyrant not endured, but his “wealth” was plundered and entirely dissipated while he forthrightly meets a gruesomely fit Final Liberation as “consecrated” by his creed. It is ENTIRELY orderly and this Order will befall all true tyrants at sometime or another.

      • Perhaps that first part threw *you* off…

        “No tyrant has endured” is a basic truth.

        But the Truth is actually MUCH MORE HARSH for the true tyrant where “endurance” is not even relevant in the big scheme of things. To the extent that the “endurance” of a tyrant even matters, “WE” STILL HAVE TO SEAL HIS FATE… Enforce the Order… Re-redistribute the “wealth…” BRING Final Liberation to ALL tyrants both systemic and petty. Logos is the weapon of choice. Backed by the SO76, of course!

        [ed note: sparkly phrases won’t make it so. many tyrants endured: Stalin, Putin, Mullah Mohammadd Omarr, every Ayatollah. and THATS just the past century]

      • No sparkly phrases at all…

        True tyrants DIE HARD. This is basic truth to be forced fed to all burgeoning petty tyrants in the making. In many ways, “our” tyrants are an insult to the true tyrants of the past so much so that they can barely conceive of an original master plan worthy of violent reaction.

        The legacy of the Tyrant has been anti-white Supremacy since it ever even mattered.

      • FP: Yes! Yes! Manhattan Hovel returns. I will eat my $200 plate of pasta at Rao’s, while staring at the Tyrones walking by on the cracked sidewalk. Who cares?

        FP: Excuse me, I’m here in NYC on a trip. Can you tell me how can I get to Staten Island?
        3Fer Dillenial: Huh, where is what? I live in Manhattan. Just moved here from Kansas.

        [ed note: to get to Staten Island, change your name to D’Aginellio and get a NYC gov job…]

  3. A pessimistic post but damn if I aint feeling even more rage than usual this week.

    • A pessimistic post but

      I assure you it is not pessimism.
      It is pragmatism.
      It is the Truth.

      Are today’s readers so tender & timid they blanch at every revelation that’s lain plainly before their eyes for decades? Does Today’s GENBrandons require happy angelbunnies flitting around his helmet as he marches off to war.

      If you want to attack BIGov and somebody says “beware, they have SWATZIs in MRAPs!” – is it pessimistic or the Truth?

  4. And FP: Rao’s is actually located in MINO land, known as East Harlem, once a gangbanger paradise, now, a staid wheatie section of manhattan for the feastive fussfuckers, with colored remnants who live nearby.

    [Gentrification IS a bitch, no?]

    • Yes, but who wants coloreds around, especially the nigs. Even other miggas don’t want them. I met a cucaracha today in Montreal, born and raised in LA and his parents are originally from Mejico. He told me he wanted to get away from the Hollywood Jews, and tells me he dislikes the kind of people, who were responsible for the Rodknee King riots.

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