A Message For the I-10 Shooter

by Ryu

If you continue on your current path, you will get caught.

You are harrassing the opposition. You are embarassing them and pissing in their Cheerios. Soon, they would do and spend any amount to catch you.

They have the caliber of your firearm and a few bullets. The ballistic markings on the bullets will lead to a particular gun. If records show that you own a gun of the same caliber, that gives the police a search warrant.

That gun must be destroyed. Not sold, not hidden, but completely destroyed.

Everyone is looking for you now. Everyone is looking over his shoulder, looking for the legendary I-10 shooter. Even looking suspicious might get you caught now.

You cannot tell anyone about what ……..you have done. Not your momma, your kids, your priest or your lawyer. If you are caught and go to jail, you cannot tell your cellmates. Police stock jails and prisons with informants.

Your hands, clothes and car may have gun shot residue on them. They must be cleaned or destroyed also.

The bullets probably came from the same box. That box must be destroyed, or thrown away. They can test if bullets come from the same lot.

Any receipts placing you in the areas at the time must be destroyed also.

Every little detail needs to be eliminated. The precautions you take before you need them, protect you afterward.

A good sniper knows which shots to take and which shots not to take. His time away from the field is MORE important than his time in the field. His inactive periods are MORE important than his active times.

You have done seen and done things few can equal. Much of this type of knowledge is lost to the penal system. Guard it carefully.

You know what to do. Do it.

29 Responses to “A Message For the I-10 Shooter”

  1. Reblogged this on eradica2015 and commented:
    You, Republicans, will fire back at the law enforcers vying for offending each other through deliberate free speech.

  2. Too late perhaps. It appears he sold the gun to a pawn shop.

  3. nationalists must use caution in identifying support among nutjobs and tards.

    For example, if early support would’ve went to those neckbeard freaks shooting up Batman and Goobi-Gabbi-giffords, then those imprudent supporters would have been made to look as prematurely stupid as Libnazis supporting Trayboon and Mike Brown.

    Beware sullying TRUE, justified, righteous White Pride with any old first shooter who comes along, simply because the rest of the millions of Good People do nothing.

    Action for sheer nuttery’s sake is best avoided until prudent judgement of the motive is established…

    • Right now, order serves the system. Chaos serves those who oppose the system.

      To most Americans, Ted and Tim are nutjobs. Today, Jefferson and Washington would be considered turrists. All the sane people work for the system. We are needing people with a good dose of insanity and reason.

      Any action is good when most do nothing. Most will not even leave their computers or video game systems today.

      It is my observation, that one must be able to act, before one is able to act for good. That is to say – it is easier to train an action guy in WN, than a WN in action.

      I have heard that the American Revolution had a strong element of criminals, pirates and blockade runners. Now, I believe it. One has to recruit from the criminal element, because the “average, good” man, will do nothing.

      • True, but glorifying actions for the wrong reason is the mistake Flagwavers make with respecting Jordies and HeroCOPS.
        It makes them look foolish.

        If you look foolish, no one worthy will follow you but another fool.
        If you lie down with dogs…

      • I have mentally abandoned most of the WN movement, FP. I really only need one follower, to pass on the teaching.

        Only a fool would fight against such odds. Like a sucker walking into a Vegas casino, with no edge, not knowing the rules. In a way, those who avoid WN are smart and reasonable.

        But if the fool persists in his folly, he becomes wise. Many a fool does not play the part long enough.

        One day, even if we succeed, even if WNs get their own ethnostate, decadence will return. The founders too knew that their country would be decadent too. A thousand years, back into the same position. All human activity has this folly in it.

      • Ryu: Murka is all about the $$$$, just as PUAs is all about the pussy. 2 things that are most important to most men, and Murkan men, in particular, are excessively greedy for them. What are you trying to take on? I see a rev 2.0 as a lost cause, but it’s not, if the men involved, are real about their agenda. The motto is that the elites have taken all the money and pussy, and we don’t have any. Barbarians in the past just looted, pillaged and raped!

      • Remember the steps and procession Murka’s Degeneration took to arrive where we are: PUA was the last ditch response of dis-empowered, emasculated males to the dominance of entitled Feminists – a part of the FFOL.

        That PUA was handed to unworthy Dillennial Slackers, is a result of the audience quality, NOT the quality of the doctrine itself.
        Just the same as WN/WS…

        You cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

      • Something real funny is happening with that Chicago/Fox Lake manhunt, FP. They aren’t pursuing it the way they’d normally do.

      • Hey, you’d better up your research game: From over a week ago, it looks like ZEROCop offed himself. It’s a hoax.

        Toldya anybody with a hairdo like that flattop was fucktindahaid.

      • That is the rumor, FP. But they didn’t come out and say it yet.

      • Ryu: There are some stunning young French women, who are part of the Quebec separatist group. We have no decent women in our camp.

    • Smartly, it appears you nuked some of my current content. This is in your favor as it will keep you decidedly free, not chained to a metal bed, -raided by LE-, or having to answer questions that seem absurd. Sort of like this…

      “I, I…I… yes! I own that domain, but but… it is for informational purposes only!!!” LOL

      [ed note: I nuked none of your content. Nor do I respond with servile simpering to BIGFed while exercising my RIGHT to Free Speech. you exhibit too much fear.]

      The truth is, this will never happen to you, they don’t care, and you are not a threat. The tempo is increasing now and bloggers from fly-over country are fairly low priority. Real-talk niggas with background from NY and DC are -ultra- high priority.

      Let’s talk about this though— “Action for sheer nuttery’s sake is best avoided until prudent judgement of the motive is established”

      Agreed, and I said as much recently. But inaction waiting to become The Ghost will net you what? Fuck all… you ain’t gonna get it, ever, period. Especially in 2015, and *most* especially near any modern metropolis. I have so much fucking heat on me I should NOT be posting here, or anywhere. Yet what? Here I am…

      I just setup a website on wordpress dedicated to insurrection and asymmetric options. POOF… it is gone. Not surprised, and why shouldn’t it be? Google owns WP and Google is an arm of the FFOL, don’t doubt that.


      “But if the fool persists in his folly, he becomes wise. Many a fool does not play the part long enough.”

      You have described me. This comes at high cost however, and requires ACTION, remember that? Once you’ve been stripped of any ‘agency’ ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agency_(sociology) ) you are no longer a player. This means you cannot work, vote, or influence most anything of value. You’ve been stripped of any weapons most especially firearms as they are the -most- important things ever. Period. We know this because the radical left tells us so. Firearms are from the devil and ALL people must be stripped of them, at gunpoint.

      Once you do that these people are ‘clean and clear’ to support big.gov. You can now vote democrat, claim disability, live on the gub’mint dime, live in District One, and become a loyal and important sheep.

      There are certain things plebe, sheep, and generally neutered non gun-owner we infer. One, you are now completely harmless and will live a quiet and peaceful life support big.gov since you know we can and WILL point machineguns are your fucking ass for -nothing-. Why else would you live in District One?

      Remember firearms! 2nd Amendment! Once we have gotten rid of this, sheep from coast to coast will all unite under big.gov, and we will experience a lasting Pax Romana, a peace for centuries. One SWAT raid at a time!

      These other things? Too much brainpower required. We know guns! They are scary and go in straight lines very very fast. Point A to Point B, don’t be caught in between. Get them away from everyone ‘cept SWAZI, FFOL enforcers, etc. and we will live in utopia. This is the fallacy of the brown IQ. The unintended awesomeness of having MINOs control most of the country is that they only have MINO IQ to build upon. G U N S !!!!

      This is where the somewhat maligned people discussed above come in. The Batman/Joker kid, Ted K, etc. were fucking geniuses, because well… white guys. Yeah. They just couldn’t channel this creative genius past social retardation and manifestos. Woe unto fucking thee for a European that has the following rare traits– high IQ / intellect, book smart, well socialized, city dweller, up on current affairs, diverse background, great career.

      Radicalize THAT nigga, and well… who knows? Some fun words though you could speculate about— chemistry, physics, security, ballistics, telemetry, encryption, espionage, kinetics, infiltration, forensics, stealth, and creativity. Just to name a few.


      • Alex, That’s correct, niggas and LNs from NYC and Washington DC, are the kingpins that need to be eliminated. Who gives a fuck about the Michael Browns of Ferguson and Detroit Ghetto ? You destroy the den, and everything is easy.

        You are correct, MINOs want to disarm wheatie, because they are dumb, and this is a good point.

        You are also correct about the Euros, who are more cultured and calculating, not reactive.

      • I will tell you something interesting, AP.

        A smart operative minimizes his time when the exposure is heavy. He doesn’t take any more risk than he has to, in order to achieve his goals. There is no emotion or ego in this decision. It is a calculation.

        You are too impulsive. If you “should not” be posting here, then do not. Everyone knows what they need to do. But they lie to themselves. They hope for the miracle, or that the expected will not happen somehow.

        We ought to study together, AP. Shall I begin a site, for that purpose only? It will be boring for you, but you must get stronger.

  4. FP: You brought up an interesting point. Yet, there are a gazillion PUA coaches littered on the web, who promise those dillenials of the world with easy women. Roosh V aside, although I think he’s a blogger and not a PUA, these gurus charge a fee for their expertise that includes self-motivation and empowerment. It leads me to believe that these same guys who pimp other men to be good with women, are the same manginas, who enable the status quo either inadvertently or deliberately, because of their fear of retribution.

    • FP: You brought up an interesting point. Yet, there are a gazillion PUA coaches

      Remember, PUAs all started out as wusses – that’s why they learned PUA: to advance and conquer a defect.
      “Naturals” who look like Brad Pitt and get hb9s begging to blow them “have confidence” and have no need of PUA.

      In this, I respect puas. They found in themselves a flaw and they took action to remedy it.

      • Yes, and why did the PUA movement fizzled out? PUA is mostly a Murkan phenomenon, as a result of all kinds of defective social interactions. Ever step into a cafe in Murka? In NYC, chumps are glued to their laptops and bitches are plugged into earphones while they sip their coffee. I can’t say the same about Montreal. But I’m beginning to think I’m somewhat of a loser for leaving. Murka is for sadomasochists, who want to win!

      • The reasons you left your native country would be far more informative of your psyche…

        however, PUA did – and still does – have many innovative techniques. It fizzled from a low quality audience. The Flock of Stupid necessarily attracts greedy hunters the way Dodos attracted nets and clubs.

        The moron parrots were incapable of perceiving the intricate genius of it all and instead glutted themselves equally on The Greed – as did their Gurus. Like spending a fortune to go to Cordon Bleu pastry school to learn the art, but gorging yourself until you ballooned to 406 pounds then croaking from a heart attack.

      • Murka is the big show, the Manhattan of the world. Everywhere else is nowhere.

        If you want to be happy, leave the US. Staying in the US, everyone is a little crazy.

        I think if anyone does WN, it would be white Americans. Only we have the freedom of speech AND the guns. All other white countries are disarmed, except the Swiss.

        Did you look into the French Sepratists? I imagine what you’ll find is the old bones are all that’s left. Like Golden Dawn, the vitality has left their movement.

      • FP: Do you have any links to heavy PUA material? I want to take a look at it, to see if I could innovate like Machiavelli and apply rev 2.0 concepts with it!

      • Like everything else JS, if you want the good stuff, you need to look to the past. With PUA, that is 2001-2005. Get “The Game: Penetrating the world of pickup artists.” It is a book.

        PUA became contaminated with capitalists. Soon, game was not just about fucking women, but fucking over students by stealing their $$$ for 2K/ weekend workshop.

        All the old/free sites are gone. Then the “new authors” ripped the material, changed the names, and made it their own.

        The very best PUA was Mystery. Go to jewtube, and listen to his OLD stuff. Not the new shit.

        [ed note: i 2nd ryu’s specifying EARLY material – and the book. It’s huge but worth every page; a good read. I read the whole damn thing in ’06 iirc]

      • FP: Do you have any links to heavy PUA material?

        look for David Shade, DavidX*, early David DeAngelo, Neil Strauss Annihilation Method and Gunwitch – before he shot his bitch in the head ala Gunbitch and…
        the most important of all: Early Mystery Method.

        you’ll be pleased to know dx is from Montreal…I most identify him and resemble his tude.

  5. PUA was simply a money making venture. Imaginative writers cleaned up! I never expected those degenerates (most not even European) to lead a revolution.

  6. Look what Tyler Durden is writing now. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-07-11/guest-post-coming-era-civil-disobedience

    With or without “free speech” there are still Germans willing to get out there. You won’t see this on the six o’cuck news!

    • Our OWS was a complete failure. Unsurprisingly, because most millennials are the waste products of Murka’s culminating degeneracy and the emasculation of the wheatie male.

      Euros failed in their rev 21st century, but at least their GenBrandons made an effort, unlike our lazy asses.

  7. I will check out all that material. 2006 is ancient history, and anything pre-Obongo is antiquity in my book. The quality of young Murkan women today are atrocious, (and that’s only appearance wise), as are the Brandons, Justins and DilliJohns.

    Today I met a Millenialboy in Montreal, originally from his Portyland Hispsterville. He called Murka a shitshow for laughs. Couldn’t disagree with him on that!

  8. Ryu: Or better yet, Murka is one big shit show. Quoting from a GenBrandon whom I met in Montreal, originally from Portyland.


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