The California Newhall Incident

by Ryu

Every story can be told from two points of view. Police academies tell this tale for one reason. It can be told for another. “Scumbag” is police slang for “someone dangerous to me.”

On April 5, 1970, two heavily armed and well-prepared criminals shot and killed four California Highway patrol officers. They did this through superior preparation.

There is also an excellent chapter on officer safety on that site. As with all system media, read it in reverse:

3 Comments to “The California Newhall Incident”

  1. but they did not plan their getaway well. if they did we will be hearing about them even now.

    • It takes a special skill. A clean getaway, IMO, is HARDER than planning the action itself. This is because the “getaway crime scene” is much larger than the “action crime scene.”

  2. That would have made a great episode of CHIPS, only no one would have been killed, and they would have caught the crooks alive.
    Bruce Jenner could have beat them all up during one of the episodes she replaced Erik Estrada.
    In fact they never drew their guns during the whole series.

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