Elite Manhattan Stockbrokers

by Firepower

You don’t have to be a jew to work for jews.

No TDO, but a glimpse from inside on how they live – and more importantly: Why they think of you as shit. The Elite really do view everyone in wasteland flyover country as peasant swine meant to shovel their feces. It cannot be rammed home enough until it becomes ingrained in your brain:

Every year, children learn a valuable life lesson: Santa loves rich kids more,” and “Each comma in your bank account adds an inch to your dick.”

Priceless commentary abounds.

‘Rules are for the obedience of fools and the guidance of wise men.”

Note Choate: It’s where all the Kennedy’s went to be groomed as Elite Child Masters.

It’s a whole different level in Hong Kong, where the maids give blow-jobs, lunches are three hours long and include $300 bottles of wine, and white ex-pats basically get away with murder.”

Ah, Labor Day! These are indeed the kind of childish douchebags who fucked you out of ….…..mortgage money in 2008 – then got BIGov to pay their tab with your pennies. Both Pantload Bush and King Obongo served/serve them.

Lipton is sitting on the couch. His pants are around his ankles. Some chick is on her knees, blowing him. And another chick is standing on the couch, completely naked, with her knees slightly pressed against his shoulders,” LeFevre writes. “And there he is, our head of hedge-fund sales, who makes more than a million bucks a year, married with kids, sitting there, eating out some prostitute… After they party, Lipton leaves him with the bill so his wife won’t see the receipt.”

It’s why when OWS called for these elite swine to be tortured and decapitated I agreed.

The world takes note of Murka. Both FOXBiz and CNBC act so very, very shocked when ISIS wants us dead. Good riddance.

Note how much acceptance the fucked-up writer got from his bosses then imagine how much more debauchery he’d be privy to if he were also a jew.

Happy labor day; now get back out there and suck more elite cock.

written Sep 6, 2015

24 Comments to “Elite Manhattan Stockbrokers”

  1. OWS are losers. They deserved to be eradicated, because they are the same lazy dirtbags who they are against. I went to one of their meetings and suggested that one needs to violent confrontation to scare the status quo, not peter pansy peacenik, beggar speak. They told me to leave, because OWS isn’t about violence.

    [then they lost a valuable voice, for OWS hasn’t accomplished shit, except shitting on copcarz]

  2. That’s nothing, read this: CONTRABAND WOMEN
    — A special report.; Traffickers’ New Cargo: Naive Slavic Women

    And as William Pierce points out:

    “What the reader must understand is that these crime gangs don’t have a real Russian in them. They are entirely Jewish, but the agreed-upon subterfuge used by the newspapers in this country is to refer to them as “Russian” rather than as Jewish. Thus one reads in various news organs about the recent takeover of organized crime in many areas of America — especially the East Coast and Los Angeles — by “Russian gangs” and of the viciousness and cleverness of these “Russian” gangsters, but there is never any mention of the fact that they are not Russians at all, but Jews from the former Soviet Union.”

    “One of these girls, Irina, a 21-year-old, green-eyed Ukrainian blond, was interviewed in Israel. She told how her Israeli employer took her to a brothel soon after her arrival in Israel. He took her passport away from her, burned it before her eyes, and told her that she now was his property and must work in the brothel. When Irina refused, she was beaten and raped. Luckier than most of the Slavic women lured to Israel, Irina eventually was swept up in a police raid and sent to prison as an illegal alien. She was awaiting deportation, along with hundreds of other Russian and Ukrainian women, when she was interviewed. She lamented the fact that the Israeli who had raped her and forced her to work in the brothel was not even arrested. Indeed, according to Jewish law, the rape of a Gentile woman is not illegal. Nor is it illegal in Israel to buy and sell slaves, so long as the slaves are not Jewish.

    • Honestly, I don’t give a fuck about some Ukie slut 4000 miles away who wants to ball coloreds.
      Just like I don’t care about Ukranian Pandas too weak to fight for the soul of their nation against Putin.
      Nor do I give a squirt of shit about some dead Muzz toddler on a beach.

      Jews aren’t hard to find in Murka.
      They’re not guarded by SSS gunmen.

      You hate them.
      They are accessible.

      • FP, there’s a certain military weapon I’ve heard about. Rumor says that during Iraq 1, the USG had green lasers that could permenantly blind enemy soldiers. You ever heard anything about this?

        [ed note: briefly, but no confirmation. the CIA has plenty of MERCOPS employing experimental violations of the Geneva Convention, just like GITMO and Abu Ghraib]

    • I’ve heard about this, G.

      Its hard to say if the woman or the jews are more to blame. We know the game. Women think they will move to paradise and make a ton of money. The recruiters allow the recruit to lie to themselves.

      A lot of people are greedy, and this is used against them. Its used against American workers. Come work for us! We will treat and pay you well….

  3. I used to want these things, FP. They made Gordon Geecko as a cautionary tale. But he became an idol for many white men, myself included.

    The tales of Big Lib Eastern wealth are amazing. I just saw a story about CEOs making 20K/hour! That’s who can afford to live in Manhattan, and who can commute with a helicopter. They’ve got those huge mansion with enormous yards and those driveways that go for a half mile.
    [ed note: you need to tell JS these folks live on Manhattan, but they just didn’t hang out at his bar and neighborhood bodega]

    As long as a trader makes the firm money, he can do just about anything he likes. It’s still a male world. Did you see the comment on how some were racist? Mostly white and jews work there.

    ‘Rules are for the obedience of fools and the guidance of wise men.’  That’s a great quote. Goes for WNs too.

    • Ryu: Yes, there are those guys in NYC. There are helicopter landing pads, in some of the office buildings in Manhattan.

    • New York City as a whole, is becoming unaffordable, and it now appears that coloreds are complaining as well, because FP (take note), that coloreds could no longer live in the South Bronx.


      What’s interesting about this, and this also applies to greater Murka ,as a whole, is that this nation has become a fucking gridlock, for those who want to leave. They don’t even have a dime saved up, when it matters. Murkans are so broke, that they can’t even escape to another 3rd world shithole if they ever needed to. I won’t be surprised if Murkans wanted to illegally cross the borders to Mejico, to take part of their underground economy/black market economy, because it allows them to make real money, fast and easy. That’ll be a laugh, for those complaining about illegals south of us.

      • Gentrification occurred in Manhattan – more blatantly than anywhere else in Murka – back in the 80s.

        Such obvious discrimination is censored when the offenders are PC-Approved jews and Libnazis.

        Skid Row, Hell’s Kitchen and then Harlem were cleansed and rebuilt with expensive real estate.
        Then it spread to Long Island and Brooklyn.
        All went from dangerous, ethnic toilets to HIGH RENT.
        That way, the jew can profit legally – even from criminality.

        All other major Murkan cities were not “saved” in time and finally, destroyed by coloreds.
        This is because Manhattan, in militaristic terms, is an isolated area easier to control. But more importantly, it has the richest inhabitants in all Murka with the cash necessary to re-conquer its territory.

      • Wow! The median rent is 2700/month.

        I don’t think that’s a problem though. There are plenty of suckers who still want a piece of the Big Apple. They think they will go and make it big. As long as NYC gets a few years out of their slaves, they come out ahead.

        [ed note: yes. nyc uses what i call “serial slavery” of “commoners” to support the lavish lifestyle of its generations of Our Rulers/Betters… ]

      • There are cheap places to live in Murka. Here’s the catch: Lack of jobs, vital services and most important, poor COLOREDS with a small wheatie population.

        The cheapest functional place to live in NY is Syracuse, with a population of 40% nigs. One that threshold exceeds, then it becomes a baltitoilet or fergushit.

      • I wouldn’t mind living in Mexico, JS, if I had the right information.

        There’s thugs with badges and thugs without them. Thugs without uniforms are not as bad. The Mex gov seems to leave the people alone for the most part. They just stay in Mexico City and count their tax money.

        I just wish ***I*** could get refugee or political asylum status in other countries. Those brownies are lucky.

  4. Ryu: I’m sure many of those who play dirt, get rich quite easily in Mexico. Everything is the blackmarket and underground, and off the books. A honest worker in Murka, gets taxed to death and pays his housing costs up the roof. It’s sad that the average Murkan doesn’t have a dime saved up, if they ever decided to camp outside of the country. Essentially, they are stuck in a dead gridlock.

  5. FP:

    nyc uses what i call “serial slavery” of “commoners” to support the lavish lifestyle of its generations of Our Rulers/Betters…

    Yes, and plenty of Jews and LNs living on a subsidized lifestyle, funded by incoming wheatie chumps, for those who dream big and screw themselves at the end. You know them, the stupid genbrandon 3Fers, who live in Manhattan on mommyndaddy’s money.

    Do you blame the Jews, who think gentiles are stupid!!!

    This picture is from my nemesis, LoftB:

    [ed note: you showed us this very pic months ago. it’s NO MYSTERY where TOTE lives, but what do YOU DO about it? You and all the other Niggerspickikers, filled w/ such virulent, overwhelming vocal hatred… does you only tweeeeeetz?]

    Those ugly complexes on the far right are occupied by 100% Jews. Not a single gentile, either wheatie, gooker or colored. They fought hard to keep non-Jews out, and they pay a cheap dime to live in a nice part of Manhattan, at your expense. Sheldon Silver, their muscle man, ensured no coloreds would live in them.

    • FP: I left Murka to get away from it all, and of course, Manhatty represents what is wrong with it, to the extreme.

      There are 3 reasons as to why you want to stay in the toxic USApool.

      1) You’re a sheepy mangina OK with the status quo

      2) You’re a sociopath, out to bank heaps of money and bang bitches, along the way

      3) You’re one of the fellows on the right o sphere, like your readers here, fomenting a rev 2.0, if they can. But I see no action.

      [ed note: you neglect LOVING GUNS AND SHOOTING THEM and free speech – where I can say Obongo is a colored racist who should get the King George Treatment. You can NOT do that in Canuckistan. Being in a backwards, second-rate Murka that just happens to be retarded in ITS state of MNOist Socialism is NOT a good reason to be there. you’ve jumped from a hot frying pan into a just slightly less hot fire]

      • Do you know where to look for the action, JS?

        The vandals cutting fiber cables have continued, free. ATT upped the reward to 250K.

        The I-10 shooter is still clear. That reward is 50K now.

        The Chicago-Fox Lake manhunt suspects are still free. Manhunt is off.

        The MSM is not just going to write headlines: Eric Frein Shoots Pig and Gets Away with It! News at 11! You’ll have to dig for the good stuff.

      • There are many gun totting wheaties, but are they making good use of their credentials? Whether Uncle Beast wants to strip away the pistols or not, it doesn’t matter anyway. Most of them are collecting dust.

        I’m thinking propaganda might work. Just tell Murkans out in the spotlight, how fucked they are, in their own country. Listen, I’m in Canuckistan, that’s why I’m here. But again, much of the public deserved to screwed, because they don’t care, so why should I care for their well being?

        [why do you keep asking me questions I wrote posts and answers for years ago? Propaganda IS the answer now, but I suspect it does not work on enough Western Whites to foment change. IF whites permit MINOs to destroy their civilization IT WILL be destroyed, unless Whites eradicate MINOs and coloreds. It really is that simple.]

      • I think the time for propaganda is long past. Very few people today, even few whites, are able to be educated. It is a long and thankless process.

        Only desperation will work now. So it is largely a waiting game for now.

      • Ryu: Read what FP said about many of our GenBrandons. They have a long and fun time, before they squander their parents’ money.

  6. I now understand the extreme violence after the Russian revolution.
    It probably ended up destroying Russia forever but was inevitable.

    There truly is no stronger emotion than hate, but like an explosion it is very hard to focus.

  7. DC is on the same track. There are places in DC I just freak the fuck out when I drive through now. They were -very- dangerous areas 10 years ago, and 15 years ago they were almost guaranteed robbery/murder zones. Today? Starbucks on the corner, farmer’s markets, sculptures, dog parks, and well fuck… basically SWPL. But remember, these are DWLs all day long. They know that black people are suffering, that their skin tone is from the devil, and they should be murdered and robbed, but they DO have graduate degrees from higher learning institutes!

    And CRANES man, construction cranes -everywhere-, and as I said in another update just a few posts down, I will never be an WN because I guess since I’ve been here so long, at the end of the day, I’m a nigger lover.

    Whole blocks of rowhouses, old buildings, etc. being steamrolled, torn down, demolished. And up from the ashes like the phoenix, half a million dollar condos and apartments. Mainly occupied by young white liberals with massive cash from YOUR pocket you fucking racist flyover hick.

    Like this ^^^, these places only a decade ago, were open air drug markets sometimes. Go to McDonald’s order a BigMac meal, you drive up a little more and get a 50 rock of crack cocaine, and a little farther and you get a fucking blowjob from some fucking crack whore for 10 bucks. RealTalk™ nigga, this was DC. Now? SWPL flabby white libby kids and the bruthas are REALLY angry and as I said, I don’t blame them actually. Who is more dangerous? The nig-nog who will always be a savage, or the well meaning young fatbodied white libtard that can turn the entire political system upside down? You know already…

  8. Ryu: From now on, I will play 2 modes. In Canada, I’m laid back, normal and tame. In Murka, I play the game of the sociopath, in order to achieve any sanity. You need to be crazy, in order not to be crazy.

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