Making Terrorist Threats

by Firepower

I normally avoid Alex Jones, but I saw this on Twitter from Gatewaypundit – itself blocked years ago for refusing to call the spade a spade. They also blocked me: I gots Durbbbbed!

Whatev. The facts are there, and also abundant in other places.

It is also a fact that killing all whites is a natural tendency of blacks, just as eradicating Injuns was good for 19th century fork-tongued devils.  It was good for Napoleonic England to kill Frogs, etc. and so on throughout History.

I’d better write these Grand Thoughts down before DarkAges 2.0 turn everybody under 35 into Morlocks.

Even though it’s like the fiftieth incident of…….. Black Racism calling for Mass Cracker Death, FOXist Hammityites won’t ever report it when a 20 year old says:


Now, 99.99% of today’s 20’s are complete morons – with still more coloreds that age being total genetic idiots – but radicalized 20 year old childrens once was normal and expected. Still, any intelligent person grudgingly respects the coloreds’ fight when white SWPL wussies pat themselves on the back for having their sister and girlfriend give threesomes to their black buck pal “posse.” Black kids fight. White kids blight.

We used to have “free speeeech” but that was killed by Hollins’ white benefactors back in 1964, so I do find that part ironically humorous.

When he made his statement, he opened himself up for arrest by the SWATZIs when he specified “in the town of La Plata.”

Louis Farrakhan, called for 10,000 black Americans to “rise up and kill those who kill us.”

Black Looie’s been conning and jiving Whitey for decades so he knows how to do it without getting WACOed: He uses the qualifier “those who kill us.”

I can’t say “Rise up and kill every local MINO known to you on your street because they are accessible!” Because that’s plain hurtful and wrong; it’s just NOT tender-roni.

But I can say rise up and kill those who kill us – and believe me, you’ve seen plenty of colored murders of whites.  UncleBEAST will never arrest a big time colored rabble rouser like Fartkan anyway, so pretty much whatever he says you can copy in safety by just juxtaposing black for White in his well-crafted, crafty messages.

You can’t say “blow up BIGov’s SStormTroopers!” (in Timmy McV fashion) to avenge all the WACObabies that got cooked. Nor can you call for the direct untimely demise of our MINO Ruling Class by specific name… but you can use just about anything said by The Founding Fathers – and especially Old Tom J.:

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots – and tyrants.”

If you read even three of the books in my now dusty homepage list, you’d have learned The Founding Fathers in their powdered wigs and dainty laced cuffs where as violently bloodthirsty to kill tyrants as any Leninist or colored lives matta activist. That…is why it worked.

There’s so many inflammatory statements from Jefferson, Madison and Adams you’ll need to whittle it down to only the most fitting.

Give the LN/MMM a taste of its own medicine. I’ll be too old to enjoy them watching behind their backs. The money it will take UncleBEAST to surveil every pissed-off Murkan by 2035 will drain even their military occupation budget.

27 Responses to “Making Terrorist Threats”

  1. Interesting news, FP. The Spearhead is gone! We may outlast everyone.

    • Spear-head… The first broadbased de facto homo movement disguised as “men’s” movement…. WHAT has actually been accomplished… “Our” society has less actual white man than before. That’s the only metric that counts. This ^^^ Is the real “legacy” of the Squeer-head.

    • @Ryu

      Interesting news, FP. The Spearhead is gone!

      Interesting? lmao, that’s hooooooge.
      Toldyaso long ago that they’d die.

      One cannot have a functioning communications site allegedly operating on truth while lying to a dim readership of other enemies needing to be engaged; murmz always were in denial that while (for their war) female feminists were the primary enemy, coloreds & miggers are the secondary enemy and the MMM/FFOL the tertiary – but ultimate – foe.

      I told Welmer/Price of this but he was too stupid to listen. Fuck him. Fuck him hard.
      Why The Mens’ Rights Movement Fails

      One of us, or both, must write an epitaph to celebrate the death of another abortion of premature philosophy that was SpoorHead. That simpering sissy Hawaiian Slobertarian lists as “great men” writers some of the worst sellouts – like Goofi Lil Piggi.

      No wonder Spoorhead and its lactating Dadginas prematurely emasculated...

      • Both. Then we’ll see the difference.

        Apparently, it has been closed since Dec 2014. I only rarely check MRMer sites.

        [HL said Welmie “quit bc he got married again and had another kid.” nothing like repeating the same mistake of burying yourself twice to show how a Great Leader internalizes all the Femonster Tales told on his site…]

  2. An ugly brute even by Negroid standards.

  3. I think the blacks can get away with it because of their race, not because of their great strategy. Minos can say what they like. It is whites who need to watch their butt.

    2035? Think Murkans will be ready for a fight then? I’d like to see that.

    • Oddly, its going that way in Europe at the moment. Though not if you follow it on the meedja, natch. Seemingly, 80% of Germans are not pleased about the sand monkeys Angela has been inviting in to improve the vibrancy of the cuntry. A recent, rather rigged poll, for the Brits would indicate a similar number. Don’t expect to hear about it from the BBC though.

      • Despite my hatred for the Angrysphere, I think Germany will sink into abyss faster than any Anglo nation. Their immigration is out of control, and their african gorillas are shacking it up with wheatie ladies, more than their wheatie males. Then you have a Gooker, who once held office, dictating that he was the new Hitler for the Germans. Just an all around out of sync nation, ready to implode.

        [ed note: toldyaso: Eradicating Germans]

    • Blacks simply do not desire the type of freedom that is desired by the white Supremacist. The best that can be said is that blacks desire a freedom equal to the “white” self-annihilator. Although, in this fundamentally equal desire is not exactly equal results. Whereas most blacks silently understand the value of nigger in relation to “white supremacy,” nary a single lamestream whitey could identify a single redeeming quality in the “white degenerate” in relation to the black collective. In fact, “white degenerate” is the scapegoat helping nigger get off the hook in the mind of the “white” self-annihilator. The delusion is with a “white” self-annihilator who cannot “see” that he is indeed a “white” degenerate in his own right as he invisibly stands hand and hand with the nigger in a degenerate “solidarity.”.

      [ed note: THAT is one hellacious amount of Niggerspickiking! Remember, the black does not need freedom to beat TOTE any more than a regimented Nazi or religiously hidebound ISIS Muzz needs it to kick ass; all that’s required is action]

      • That’s good, TD. FP has noticed also. Only whites have the spirit of 1776.

      • ACTION encompasses a lot of action, but if the mind isn’t right — and “we” all agree that the “white” male mind isn’t right in the majority — then the only real task is to NOT BE COLLATERAL DAMAGE amongst all this chaos.

        Who exactly fits the profile of a “killer of genuine white Supremacists?” I’m drawing a blank?

      • A killer of genuine white supremacists? That would be a white cop or soldier, working for white liberals. He is a WS in body, but not mind. They have everything correct but the mindset.

      • Ryu…

        Fundamentally, it is a deracinated mindset that allows the “white” pig/mercenary to shoot those white men most fervently desirous of their God-ordained free will. It is a pathological mindset to be blunt.

      • Anti-white supremacists don’t believe in race, which it comes to whites. The AWS doesn’t believe whites should know about race. But to the WS, it is central.

      • Ryu…

        The anti-white Supremacist, whether he be a fanatic leftist, a projection of Neo’s reaction or the liberated “Christian” attempt to separate origin from end. “They” have been so “successful” that the deracinated state is the default state of “white” male. Furthermore, the logic of the severing necessitate uncertainty, ie., identity crisis. For it is one thing to sever one’s self from his origin, but it is to another sublevel that one questions his very origin. And of course, questions require answers and the “white” self-annihilator with both high IQ and a badge.

      • And of course, questions require answers and the “white” self-annihilator with both high IQ and a badge… Has answered that question with their AwS.

  4. This might be a telltale sign of what’s to come in Germany, with its colored problem:

    BMW Honcho collapses during a presentation.

    [ed note: dont know wtf you mean…]

    • BMW Wheatie falls to the ground, as his Germany is overwhelmed with 3rd world coloreds!

      • Then, to the victor go the spoils.

        Coloreds and muzz deserve congratulations for conquering Germania, without even a shot, when it took the combined Soviets, USA and British Empire years of History’s bloodiest struggle and millions of lives. To get Today’s Germies to surrender their nation themselves is an even more extraordinary accomplishment.

        Coloreds – AND ALL MINOS – know how to make terrorist threats, then back them up with deeds.

      • No use crying over spilled milk, JS. If someone is not willing to save himself, we can’t force himself to do it. They’d just stop doing the work after we left anyway. I liked Germany too, once.

  5. I like it when blacks make violent public threats against whites and it makes me like them more because I understand them better.

    It’s the Elite Powers that won’t allow such threats.
    They don’t want a fight because they don’t want to stop winning.

    • @maximumpossiblehate

      It’s the Elite Powers that won’t allow such threats.

      The Elite, jews and our BIGov Rulers allow it by MINOs against Whites because whites are the majority that need reducing; SO76 is a gun-dangerous threat to UncleBEAST.

    • I like it too, Max. The blacks have balls. Of course, its easy to do when you aren’t Wacoed for doing it.


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