Coloreds KNOW How To Kill

by Firepower

To those of you who think they’re still dumb niggras with cheap ass Saturday Night Specials, think again.

Whiteys simper out in BFE, over idyllic, pastoral scenes of grazing cattle while coloreds bring their guns right out in front of the Sheriff’s office. No pussyfooting around.

They come right out and plainly say “shoot all fucking cops!”

…While whites in BIGTALKTexas!™ – the sacred Holy Land of Take NO Shit blah blah – cower in their 2,000 sq.ft. gun room on the ranch, peerin’ thruough the blinds as endless traffic of Future Rapist Miggers parade right on by with their milk jugs full of water and their Obamamnesty Get Outta Jail FREE Card.

Well, them niggers got guns now – as good as yours – and they ain’t doing it as deluded Preppers fixin’ to save their Mt. Carmel WormWranch either…

15 Comments to “Coloreds KNOW How To Kill”

  1. This is an amazing post, FP. I read it weeks ago.

    Colored can do this sort of thing. There were no reprecussions for them. If Wheaties did it, there’d be hell to pay and a big confrontation.

    And now da coloreds are targeting pigs, and also getting away with it. In the Murkan poker hand, a black life trumps a blue life.

  2. I increasingly notice how WEAK white men appear to be.
    Way too polite, mainstream, bourgeois, placating, conformist.
    Like they’ve been gelded almost. It makes me sick.

  3. Niggers know how to kill superfluous aspects of the host (stupid, self-annihilating liberals) in order to be served up a more bountiful smorgasbord of UncleBeast’s “gimmedats” at the county or the pen. For the nigger, civilization IS MUCH HARDER than prison life. This formula doesn’t really work for degenerate whitey. Civilization is hard for him too, but prison life will be much harder give the ubiquity of nigger. So nigger kills liberal whitey to feed freely off of collective liberal whitey. It’s the “progress” of the human parasite.

  4. “Coloreds, like SWATZIs, accept killing and then practice it, thereby perfecting it.”

    This is the crux of the issue. White people are only allowed to kill anymore if they wear the Badge of Justice & Right™ State issued, inscrutable, inculpable, and ALWAYS looking out for you, sheeple.

    Coloreds kill, nothing for them really has changed since Europeans discovered the dark continent 400 years ago. As much as humans (read: European White People) may hate me for saying this, there is something to be said for consistency, innit?

    Africans haven’t fundamentally changed much in 400 years. Savages through and through, invented nothing, subsistence living, slightly more elevated than animals. 2015 Detroit, Shitcago, etc. Any different? No, not really. Same tribal shit (gangs), same low IQ primal predators barely higher than animals, same culture and acceptance of killing and death. This is not entirely a bad thing. Europeans so called ‘whites’ have lost their killer edge in some part. Vikings? Teutons? Visigoths? Romans? Gauls? Celts?

    Gone, tamed, they became bankers, pilots, policemen, scientists, retailers, accountants, mechanics, gardeners, repairmen. Said a different way, they birthed modern civilization, but then (and let’s be honest here) J E W S did what they do best, they infiltrated. They took 100 years to teach that European innovation was shameful, bad, and wrong. They turned women against their men, they poisoned the culture and the norm. They basically created the DWL / SWPL culture, and they did it all in the shadows. Amazing infiltration and if you want to learn how to be the BEST at stealth, watch a Jew, they will teach you all you need to know.

    • And yet you fail to blame WASPs and Euro elite sociopaths who run their nations to the ground, like a gambling addict on runner’s high, when he rolls his dice.

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