Good Kill: Fly and Fry

by Ryu

I found a gem here. This movie is about Murka’s new drone warfare. It follows the life of a drone pilot. Below is the full movie at an external site and a preview at youtube.

Think of a drone pilot like an exaggerated sniper. He has such a ballistic advantage that he can shoot the enemy, but the enemy cannot shoot him. He gets to see and feel the life of his target. He puts in his 8 in a trailer killing, then goes home has a BBQ.

This is Murka’s new style of war. A double tap is when the dronie hits a target, then hits it again. Usually the first responders die.

Are drone pilots aware of the disparity and the video game nature of their work? Absolutely. Lotta white in that drone program. Lot of men/boys too.

It is interesting to note that…….. the drones often do overwatch for field teams. Those drones see better at night than during the day.

Snipers expect dramatic payback if they are caught by the enemy. When drone pilots are caught, if ever, they can expect far worse.

Line of the movie: “How’s the war on terror going? Kind of like the war on drugs.”

4 Comments to “Good Kill: Fly and Fry”

  1. Many a young white boy have been drone training for quite some time all cost-free to UncleBeast.

    • …and I believe many would be happy to play the hero, defending freedom and liberty, from 25 miles up in the air. It must be fun for awhile to do it. Then it becomes real.

  2. Once police robots become sophisticated enough all is lost.
    By 2037 president Malia Obama will have no trouble mandating mandatory location monitoring for everyone out in public.

    Or possibly exploding neckbands.

    • I look forward to robo-pigs. Whites should not be allowed to be cops or soldiers anymore.

      We are in the worst possible situation now: a soft genocide. Hard genocide is an improvement for us, because it will draw into a war/siege mentality.

      Ha. You like Running Man?

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