Lone Target: Hiding in Plain Sight

by Ryu

This study covers an URBAN escape. The SEAL has contend with South Korea’s extensive CCTV network. Much like the urban area of NYC or DC today. The cost is 35 minutes. The KNP is the Korean national police.

Don’t think of this as a SEAL vs the KNP. See this as a shooter trying to make an escape from the city or trying to get to a safehouse. Just look at the troubles all those CCTVs cause.

There are 5K cameras in the target city. See you in the shadows.

Keep moving, seemingly at random. Stay ahead. In an urban area, the trail is CC tranactions, cameras and witnesses.

Lay a deception trail. Draw all assets to one area and…..…… slip out. Use their tech against them.

The KNP cordons off a 4 block area. Let himself be seen and then tipped off on. Buy a room at a hotel. Change clothes. He slips out a window.

Timing is everything. They canvass the surrounding blocks. Get into the back alleys.

*****They get the LP of his cab. Their technology allows them to track that car any time it passes a cameras.*****

The police set up roadblocks. He forgot his backpack. He goes into the woods. No cameras there. Skirt the treeline to reenter the city.

LKL: Last Known Location

He crawls across an open field. It takes time and leaves a clear trail. They catch his spore. Interestingly, they don’t use dogs to track the SEAL.

Again, point of entry is important. Best camo is natural soil and vegetation. A helicopter comes and runs search patterns.

He has a choice: either stay put or a risky move across an open field.

He stays in a cave overnight. There’s wind in it, so it has 2 openings, leaving an escape route. He makes a can string detection system.

Even thermal imaging doesn’t have the detail needed. The KNP waits until first light.

He jumps into the back of a truck into the city. Then the cameras start again.

***Ah, finally! He enters the sewers. All rivers flow to the sea. He watches the flow of water.

The harbor is shut down. The KNP lock it up. But that’s where his extract point is. He runs and jumps into the water.

He’s boxed in and caught. He says technology beat him. Stay out of the big cities!

22 Comments to “Lone Target: Hiding in Plain Sight”

  1. You present a paradox.

    If required to avoid cities, then the only alternative is to resist Liberal nazism where – In hillbilly/Jordie rural areas? Even Sun Tzu would say you have to fight your enemy where he actually is.

    If a lone action provides the “plus” of a best defense against informants it also has a minus: not having allies in a team means no one to extract you. Such exercises prove a need for groups.

    CCTV is the reason Murkans are paralyzed. A million people can be controlled by one camera watched by five DC bureaucrats.
    Thus, Murkans apparently are hopeless cowards willing to sacrifice their freedom for comfort.

    Even 1776 patriots defied Britain knowing the penalty was a tortuous, ugly death.

    • Contradictions can’t exist. I’ll resolve it.

      The size of the city determines how many cameras there are. NYC and DC I regard as untouchable. You can’t move without being recorded. The only people getting away with it there are getting lucky.

      The primary concern of my system is getting away with it. BEFORE effectiveness or quantity. People are afraid to act because they keep getting caught.

      There are plenty of minos in mid-sized flyover cities. The security there is not so tight.

      I have scoured this Earth, FP. Studied many WN groups and actions. Virtually all are caught. No WN group has ever committed an action and got away with it. Not a single one.

      If you know the enemy and yourself, you need not fear the result of a thousand battles. We may draw the enemy into areas of our choosing. Certainly there’s no shortage of minos or LNs anywhere in the US.

      You must watch this episode, FP. See how easily the SEAL is tracked. Using cars is risky, as LPs can be automatically tracked today.

      • The SEAL should* have prepared with disguises, masks, changes of clothes and “hi-tech” gadgets that defeat FRS.

        Magic has an incomplete reputation as a mystical art, when it is far more a premeditated science of practical physics than anybody assumes. Perhaps in overlooking that lies a place where many problems are solved.

      • Now it is interesting you should mention that. Mystery inspired it. It is a matter of illusion, theater and practice. My avatar is of an illusionist.

        I watched that vid many times. I think Joel is easy to spot because he is a wheatie in Korea, and because of that god-damned hat he can’t seem to take off. His demeanor is weird too. He is just rushing around, twisting that head back and forth.

        One has to be careful with masks. If too obvious, it shouts “I’m suspicious!” There are good ones available, for about 700 bucks. These are hollywood quality. A few bank robbers years ago used these to change their race.

        You seem ready for a more interesting type of WN.

      • I remember a white who used an old guy asian mask to get in..Korea! I think iirc. He got caught bc he failed to liver spot age his hands, which appeared youthful.

        The other was a colored in an armed robbery with a white guy mask. He was only caught bc he did too many successful robberies and the bank alarm got him. The cops recognized it as a stock mask and knew he was in disguise.

        There’s a new show called The Carbonaro Effect. I don’t know if any is faked, but seems likely a bit is in today’s fucked-up Hollywood biz. He does seemingly amazing things spontaneously. Watch for one where he does “quick-change” gags in a dry cleaners.
        They make such clothing…

  2. There isn’t just Big City and BFE. There are plenty of mid-sized cites where you have anonymity without cameras everywhere.

    Sometime enemies even choose to vacation in such areas. You just have to do your homework.

    • Why would WNs camp out in some flyover podunkville? I have to say, leaving NYC, I have lost the intensity in terms of my hatred for nigs, just because I haven’t seen a lot of them up in Quebec.

      Any WN needs to be in the midst of their enemies for a cause, or else they lose their purpose.

      • Podunk is a term coined by jews to denigrate places with wholesome jew resistant (for a time at least) communities. Same with this flyover country shit. Anyway we are talking hypothetically about a HERO on the lamb from FEDGOV hiding out in one of these towns, not some little run-away like yourself.

        And if they’ve been a hero, they don’t need to lose their purpose. They have already fulfilled it. All they have to do now is avoid detection.

        Read the paper for ideas on how to hide your identity. Mexies do it all the time.

      • You’ll never lose it totally JS. But you are right. I rarely see nigs but have lost some hate for them. But I see many, many beans, so the hate stays.

        And with the jews, a little dose counts for a lot. Those people are super-annoying.

      • Ha. Thanks for the tip, Rastas. I did not know what Podunk was.

  3. Halloween allows mask wearing without suspicion.

  4. At Christmas-time you can dress as santa or one of his helpers with a big white beard. Use your imagination. Movies are full of ideas.

    • I agree, yet with Murkans being the most brain-cooked zombies from watching 300 movies a week, there’s a disturbing, complete lack of ingenuity in every facet of WN.

      I’m sure a gooker (ironically, probably a Skorean) already invented FRS defeating glasses, ballcaps or lotions.

      • FP: Not to discount the west’s problems. But all oriental societies, from muzzie, curry dot to gooker, are degenerate materialists. It appears that the west has more of a multicult problem, but we are heading into the same direction of money grubbing apathy.

      • I have a question for you, FP. Were you “awake” when 911 happened? What did you feel?

        I myself was not. I was only a PUA at the time, so my response was like an average Murkan. Might have even signed up to toast some A-rabs.

  5. You don’t have to HATE to want power and prosperity for your own people.

    Most of our HATE should be directed at the federal government rather than some powerless negro or spic.

    • I agree. WNs should be looking at the big pig, the facilitator. The US makes mino suppression of whites possible. When the USG is out of the way, things may proceed.

      • The USG, LEOS and WASPS are all the sworn enemies of WNs. WASPS are elite wheaties, with their typical Ivy League credentials and do nothing jobs, that scam society, and they get rich from it.

      • How is the security up there, JS? On the same level, or lower than Manhattan? Do they have tons of security cameras everywhere?

  6. Reblogged this on eradica2015 and commented:
    the war has just begun…

  7. “The size of the city determines how many cameras there are. NYC and DC I regard as untouchable. You can’t move without being recorded. The only people getting away with it there are getting lucky.”

    Truth, and I am not lucky, but I -am- good. Because why? Years exposed in this environment. I don’t think there are any true ghosts in those cities, or if there are, they are single digit numbers.

    Let me give you the real life play from one of those fortresses. Cameras are not all there is because you are at the epicenter of District One even though it exists in 2 cities. If you do not comply utterly, you do not need a camera, you will be violated, post fucking haste, and will learn to never question or disobey again.

    Even MENTION that you are doubtful of your government, that violence may sometimes be a solution, that brown people are invaders, that police are not your friends. This is VERY scary talk, and if you add owning a weapon bigger than a squirt gun to the mix? SWAT Raid Ma’fucka… welcome to your new reality.

    This is not conjecture, this is not exaggeration this is truth.




    Three random selections in a SEA of Gestapo Raids, etc.

    {ed note: wp held this comment for automodding bc it trips at a limit of 3 links, nbd}

    • I too follow the American Gestapo closely. It’ll only get worse in the future.

      America is a police state TODAY. But only dissidents will feel it. Just like the only people who need freedom of speech are the rebels.

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