Mourning Gomer SWATZI

by Firepower

ONLY A Tool Has THAT Hairdo At Age 50…

Poor fellow died “For YOUR Freedom!™” – ya’ll ungrateful fucks.

Lake County’s lakefront homes filled with whitebread families fleeing that first colored who moved on their block in ’98 and took in those engineer dads and lawyer moms – danger personified!

Chickenshit pigs always gravitate to the burbs, and the fancier the better. Rich kids cower in fear when you pop a boner while …..…. turning on the lights and siren to bust ’em for having open beer – but ghetto monkeys fight back. The only cops who stay in colored urban ghetto cities are adrenaline junkies. Whites are sheep; coloreds are dangerous.

White cops LUV♥ to put on the SWATZI camo gear and paratroop in on whitey. It’s whyLois Lerner persecuted the TEA Party and not Rev. Al. They can’t do that to coloreds – das rayciss – and they’ll be outed by the New York Times and Bill Maher. But it’s OK to WACO Whities. That is why even back then the FBI and ATF attacked Mt. Carmel: They attacked despite the fact there were kids inside. They knew it all along. They deliberately attacked. That is why you never see SWATZIs attack known gangland Miggers with bambinos. Tens of thousands of colored gangs in Murka, yet not one gets the SWATZI treatment. Open your fucking eyes. Only whites get murdered by BIGov employees. Fox Lake, IL: Waterfront Crime Empire of Illinois!!!

Fox Lake, IL: Lakefront Crime Ghetto of Illinois!!!

FOX News is increasingly ridiculous each day. They constantly run a silly picture of GI JOKE in an Xmas pic, getting a picture taken next to Santa…in his black SWATZI flak jacket. Jaculatin’ G-Ziss Khrist.

[ed note: If any of you have that pic I want it for this article; it’s fucking ridick.]

I’m sure FUXNooz will drop his corpse the next Malaysian airliner that hits the drink. Fox always bemoans the excess BIGov employees in the IRS and VA, etc, but as a NewsTEEM 7000 EXTREME!™, never quite can get the scoop how HEROCops! and HEROFireguys! are the largest, most expensive BIGov employees ever. Guess they forgot about those “herocops” ignoring Lois Lerner and Killary Krimes. Go Fox.

Odds are, it’s mainly whitebois who shot Our Hee-Roe: Wyatt Earp with a buzzcut wouldn’t have the nads to pull over a carload of coloreds – even though they’d stand out like three turds on a tablecloth.

You see, Gomer Joe was a fan of the Western like all Murkans. The lone lawman facing down perilous odds. Outnumbered by the Dalton Gang, etc. We like outlaws, Jesse James and the shootout at the OK Corral – the whole theme. Cops are the same. They all want to be Wild Bill on the stage, pursued by a slobbering press hungry for lurid tales of his shootouts. They want to be Wyatt Earp and Pat Garrett telling tall tales of how they shot it out and beat themthar outlaws. It’s all the same today, with FOX pumping the Yellow Journalism Banner for The Daily Spittoon, drooling over how Wild Bill shot it out one-handed, surrounded by “19 bad guys” one lonely ‘ole night in the saloon…


8 Comments to “Mourning Gomer SWATZI”

  1. Man, they dumped this story like a hot fucking potato. Always happens when they don’t get their man.

    I am proud of how the killaz have done. 3 people is a problem. If they make it another 2 weeks, I’ll do the research and find all the good stuff that the police are suppressing right now.

    It’s no longer a manhunt. Now it’s an investigation. Different ball of wax.

    I can’t find your flac-jack pic yet. This one was funny though:

  2. I like how Firepower criticizes a class of men considered above (white) reproach. Whites are ordered to pretend they only benefit from this class.
    The correct perspective is often an outside one.
    Like how the War Nerd slams the historical English, even if he otherwise defends tyrants.
    The cops serve whoever has the power, and the power is a strange coalition (minorities, feminists, bureaucrats, immigrants, pansexuals, islam).

    With the exception of unionists, this new order has become an anti white male coalition.

    • SWATZIs do not care about Whites – or even plain whites, for that matter.
      SWATZIs do not care about “law and order” and the protect n’ serve sloganeering horseshit.
      They ONLY care about their fattest of BIGov paychecks n’ pension.

      …the War Nerd slams the historical English, even if he otherwise defends tyrants.

      You see the greatest example of this hypocrisy in today’s Liberal nazis who fought The 60s Establishment at universities, then turned them into Re-education Camps now that they rule.

      You also see equal, great hypocrisy in Flagwaving WarHicks who mock 1776 Redcoats, yet line up to enlist and obey a Commander-In-Chief Obongo who sends them off to die in ISIS/Iran for Wall St. jews who sit home and plot new ways for the NSA to spy on their dad – and them, when they come back baconfaced with three stumps…

    • What do you know about War Nerd? I don’t read him often. I know he is good at analyzing junk.

      Who is this man? Is he a multiculturalist or a racist? Liberal or conservative? Does he do sports?

  3. Now you get it…

    Sorry for my absence, I have been busy -living- this story. The worm has turned now completely. I will commend FP for saying one thing and I think even Ryu is maybe getting it now. Race is no longer really the issue in 2015. This is again, why I come here because we need visionairies who see past the old memes.

    Thought Experiment- In 2015, you are on the run from the police or, you have 2 people only 1 you can choose as an accomplice during your escape. 1) Former military white guy, well trained, knows the ropes and evasion pretty well. 2) Nigger, see what I just did there? I said the most dangerous word in the English language 2015. This nigger has been incarcerated many times, he also knows the system, the ropes and evasion pretty well too.

    In this 2015 reality? Which one do you take if you are truly in fear for your life and on the run from the PoliceState™

    Choose carefully! Your WN status will be revoked instantaneously if you choose wrong plebe…

    • Actually, I’ve gotten it since 1990.

      It’s 99.9875% of who did/do not and need coddling with sweetypie PC words.
      Most STILL DO NOT get it.

      “Nigger” is not a powerful word. Maybe it was in 1915 when they got lynched, castrated and hung. Being less effective after a century is a lot of things – but winning is not one of them; thus, I’ll leave it up to you what you want to label it.

      “Nigger” is empty venting – all niggerspickiking is – with the same PUA effect of hungering to go out to “the club” and PU hb9s, but instead staying safely home and jacking-off in a sock.

      As for your hypothetical, anyone reduced by USG to fleeing with one compatriot has not planned properly and therefore, the only solution would be to have planned a backpacknuke.

      9/11 was a victory for Osammer and Murka’s resulting Iraq/Stan Adventure a loss for Bushi…

    • Are you who I think you are, AP? Never mind, I already know. I am glad you left District 1.

    • I’ll take the nigger, AP. Whenver I need to break the law, minos are always better at it.

      The ex-mil white guy did it all with USG backing and permissions. It’s totally different to do it on your own. He is an expert at acting when everything’s going right.

      Military training doesn’t mean jack. Means a dude sold his ass to the USG for 6 years. Soldiers and pigs just have to do the 1%, the action. They don’t know about the other 99%, which is why they make poor criminals.

      Minos know and understand that the police and mil are tools of the USG. They knew it long ago. They might sign up, but they don’t drink the coolaid.

      The USG is a bigger enemy than any mino group, except the jews. Just like a memember of the AB could work with a NOI or Panther against the prison guards, if needed.

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