USG Complaints: SpecOps Too White!

by Ryu

It is rare for us to find any good news in America.

The article below details the USG’s program to diversity SpecOps. The numbers bear out the idea that SpecOps is basically all white and all male today. They’d like to change that, but they’d need to lower standards.

I read an article recently where pro-system forces were complaining about how white all the best soldiers were. The USG must keep the US military majority white or it….….. will lose combat effectiveness. Here’s the article:

We can throw some numbers around now:

8 of the 753 SEAL officers are black
Whites make up 70% of the 1.3 million person US military
45 out of 2242 SEALS are black
85% of 1,494 Green Beret officers are white and 4.5% are black
…and so on.

A third world population creates a third world military. A non-white US military would be far less effective and efficient than a white one. We encourage them to make this change.

The problem is the willingness of whites to fight for others.

Even in South Africa today, the best soldiers and trackers are white. No doubt there are still little white boys who dream of defending “their” country. The selflessness and loyalty the Boer feel is used against them.

Some misguided souls think it is good for whites to join the military because they gain skills. This is incorrect. Those skills often serve only the USG.

Soldiers do gain skills…but action is only 1% of what we do. The other 99% is the intel, planning and exfiltration.

The other 99% of the skills need to be developed on your own. No soldier or military group in the US works completely alone, funds its own work or plans its own ops. The DAA’s only equal is the CIA’s NOC.

Not only do our DAAs need to be good soldiers, they need to be good criminals. They have to learn how to escape the local authorities. They need to learn evidence and investigations, to cover the backside. They need to learn how to break the rules properly.

20 Comments to “USG Complaints: SpecOps Too White!”

  1. This attempt at “equalizing” the U.S. elite forces is the most straightforward, empirically self-evident act of anti-white Supremacy that your average secularized “white” male could possibly comprehend.

    DOES HE THOUGH? “We” cannot be certain.

  2. Ryu: Maybe this is good news for you – A gun substitute?

    But still expensive. A flame thrower, for $800, is a lot of money, to many people!

    • That’s some real firepower, or what I call Greek Fire, from the ancient days!

    • Yeah, but the vic screams too much. Probably makes a real racket before he croaks. Plus, the flame is visible from a distance away. And – those packs are heavy!

      Believe it or not, outside of those Big-Lib Eastern cities, one can get a gun without background checks or all of that. Money for product, as capitalism should be.

  3. What a surprise. Its by and large what you would expect. I’m sure America’s enemies can’t wait for the day, the powers that be start applying “positive discrimination” to your military elite.

    • And now think of the logical descent required by UncleBeast’s insatiable desire for radical autonomy? UncleBeast’s most “elite soldiers” are very soon BOUND to be the dumbest and most unprofessionally barbaric soldiers in the military by the Laws of Liberalism.

      • TD, are you aware of Sarte? Your writing reminds me of him.

      • Ryu… I’ve heard of the name… I have not read him. I have not read any major authors past or present. I have not even read the Bible. Everything I’ve gleaned has come from contemporary bloggers and my own informal profiling.

      • Interesting. You may be interested to know that he refused the Nobel Prize when offered it.

        FREEDOM is the central and unique potentiality which constitutes us as human. Sartre rejects determinism, saying that it is our choice how we respond to determining tendencies.

        Man is condemned to be free. – JEAN-PAUL SARTRE, Existentialism Is a Humanism

      • The argument over determinism and predestination is an interesting one. I believe “perfection” is the only human “instinct.” I’ll check out the link.

      • Philosphy is an area you belong in, TD. Problems of existence, freedom, free will and so on.

        Sarte’s most famous dictum is “existence precedes essence.” Hell is other people.

      • Nietzsche said hell is the absence of reason.

        That sums up the existence of
        being a WN blogger …
        in the 21st century

  4. Don’t worry, the dindu in chief is on it!

    From a commenter over at UNZ: “Obama has now appointed as many black officers to four star rank as all previous presidents combined. He has appointed few, if any, non-black minorities to four star rank.”

    Meanwhile, the Chinese soldiers resemble clone troopers

    • If Obongo appoints MINOs to run the FFOL governmental/political apparatus one can only believe the same applies to the military – and teaching.
      The MINO Machine
      Minority Government RULERS:

      Murka has only known colored Attorneys General during His Reign.

      Because we live during the most astounding achievements of the MINO triumph over the once greatest nation in history, we presume them nearly infallible, yet hubris will overtake them as it does most Mankind. They are no exception.

      However, their mistakes will be exceedingly costly as they built their empire on artifice.

      MINOs ruling Murka is old news. Thank steve anyway. I’m more interested in what happens next because of MINO rule: White guys will be discriminated against and passed-over for promotions to coloreds with 79 IQs. The military will ultimately resemble today’s shabby remnant of the once-finest education system in the world: Fat, colored feminist Generals shouting orders in a Mad Oprah Tone to skinny little obedient white girlz.

      Until then, black bucks will inhabit the empty barracks, lured in by mercenary pay and beneifts. These ARE the US Military that will fire on American citizens. Especially Whites – and especially NRA Whites.

      In fact, buck soldiers will be overjoyed to do so.

      • Yes, again and again. Manhatty’s important workforce is all MINO. Wheatie is either BaristaBrandon or the Gordon Gekko thief.

      • Can’t disagree with that analysis. Though they’ll have to keep whitey on for doing stuff like sums and flying aeroplanes and drones.

      • How long do you think it takes to replace whities doing sums and flying aeroplanes and drones – with gooks and dotheads?

        The LN/FFOL Goal is to eradicate the threat of NRA/SO76 Whites and their 2nd Amendment reverence, then replace them with docile coloreds in all variables according to their nature.

      • I’m waiting for it. But psychologically, if whites see white pigs and white soldiers, maybe they can lie to themselves that they still have some power. The system probably understands this.

      • Well now FP. Murica could kill two birds with one stone, if it bought some cheap combat aircraft off the Chinese for the niggers to crash. And then blamed this misfortune on shoddy Chinese workmanship.
        Can I have my job at the White house now please?

      • Good! I’d ban all white men from the US military and police myself, if I could.

        One doesn’t need to join da military to learn how to kill. “Professional” soldiers have not done better than ordinary criminals in this.

        The worst possible situation is right now – a soft genocide. People are allowed to lie to themselves, because they don’t see the guns pointed at them. It would be better to have tanks in the streets and armed soldiers on the corners.

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