Millennial Maggots, Guccione Style

by Firepower

Even son of filth and publisher of shit Bob The Knob Gucccccione can get it right. Perhaps his proximity inside the steaming toilet pile of ass-squeezin’s is what gives him unique insight and perspective from below the brown stain line.

This is a good summation of what’s wrong – and as I see each day, why it will get worse until the aqueducts fail and colored b-b-barbarbarians use once glorious monuments as piss posts.

“Guccione is as outspoken as he was when he called out Live Aid in 1986 for funding Ethiopia’s military instead of tending to famine relief. But his issue today is …..

…….the “corporatization” of music — even at concerts. “What music festival doesn’t have its Verizon tents?” he complains.

“The problem now is that nobody’s blowing the lid off anything,” he says. And it’s not just music that’s in the ditch — it’s pop culture, too. “TV ads aimed at kids all have a perfectly diverse group of perfectly attractive people jumping up and down, appearing to be perfectly happy.”

This over-the-top political correctness, as he calls it, comes at a price. “It’s the exact opposite of rebellion and innovation,” he explains. And it has ceded so much control to Corporate America that even Occupy Wall Street was a joke: “There was no agenda there other than rich people are bad, and yoga is good. At the end of the day, how useful is that?”

A politically correct puke big-shot behind feeding niggers for Live Aid – who also decadently beds five porn chix at a time – must be feeling the burn if even he lifts his head from the shitpile to bleat out his discontent.

Sick fucks like him are what caused the filth that is Murka today. Now, they want a do-over.

Next, Joe Francis will remove his cock ring and go door-t0-door evangelizing, convincing widows to accept like, G’Ziss, and shit.

My guess is some niggers moved into his fancy ‘hood.

26 Comments to “Millennial Maggots, Guccione Style”

  1. Millennial Maggots or GenZombieWaste, is a product of Murka’s ALL WESTERN NATIONS’ degeneracy and downward spiral to low culture and barbarianism.

    Aesthetically, with an exception of a few cities, Murka is ALL WESTERN NATIONS ARE an ugly wasteland. Ever been to a carnival at a beachfront, with idiots bumbling around?

    [ed note: FTFY…]

    • How you like your new city, JS? I’m waiting to hear when the snow starts flying.

      [ed note: when js discovers The People’s Republic of Canadastan prohibits criticizing government, he’ll flee back to NYC and seek Spanish Asylum]

      • I like it, and percentage wise, not as many MINOs, especially blackies. The bad ones are isolated from civilization. People don’t criticize the Canadian gov’t like Uncle Beast, because it’s not as dysfunctional.

        Montreal is very “White”, for a major city that has many immigrants. It’s only 9% nigga relative to wheatie.

  2. One cannot limit his critique to just Dillenials… There are a lot of sorry azz GenXers who are completely oblivious to their X status and deracinated to the point of mindboggling parody.

    • I’m wondering who are the kids behind the GenBrandons and GenBritneys. The current crop of locusts, in their late teens and early 20s. They seem to be less human and functional than their older peers. GenZombie?

  3. He complains about PC, but he’d be the first to complain against truly revolutionary ideas. Being pro-gay or pro-feminist is no longer edgy. WE are the radicals now.

    One learns the true value of diversity and tolerance when one says no. I have learned that it’s all Murkan BS. They don’t believe those things at all. They are the first to censor when they have a shot. Only the dissidents need freedom of speech.

  4. Those Chicago guys are still free, FP. Think they’ll make it?

    • I think they have a good shot, lol…

      Such a shame it would be for KopKILLAZ to be caught after killing a gomer who got his pitchertook for Xmas in his…flack vest.
      did you fucking see that?

  5. I was glad to hear that the king of porn lived out his last days in poverty.

    The global warming is the result of his soul burning in hell.

  6. The first Disney show with a transgender character can’t be far away. They will use a real female actress playing a former boy.

    • One episode will deal with bigotry experienced by her muslim best friend. The class’s math/science genius will be black but the blond hunk will be a total airhead.

    • Peter Pan was played by a chick in the 50s.

      The Millennial Maggots of 2025 will expect Miley’s Mulatto Pickaninny Spawn to play, the by-then ubiquitous Halfrican Hero.

      • FP: So what is in store for the wheatie Brandons, Britneys and Justins in the next decade? They aren’t different from their young colored friends. One group lives off mommy n daddy, and the other, Uncle Beast foots the bill.

      • I couldn’t tell you much about young white girls.

        Young white males come in two camps. Cool whites who are popular and ballsy know pieces of the truth. It is the loser whites, the liberal computer nerd types who are the true white liberals.

        It takes a long time to put together those pieces into a cohesive picture. Many still believe in Murka and military/cop service.

      • @JS

        FP: So what is in store for the wheatie Brandons, Britneys and Justins in the next decade?

        You’ll be disappointed, but GENBrandon will do fine. They have plenty of mommy money to continue playing, gaming, feasting & fucking.

        It is only when MommyDaddy croak and they burn thru that cash that they’ll finally be forced to a reckoning at the failing age of 45. Watch the national debt; that will be when the bell tolls for them. It will be longer than 10 years until GENBrandon suffers.

        It is their kids who will suffer – and they’ve yet to even be born. They will be forced to care for this worthless scum when their Millennial parents get old. SS checks will be tiny. Many will get what they deserve and be tossed into death camps because coloreds won’t pay their medical bills.

      • Ryu: I can tell much of the computer nerds in Murka suck, because our startups are just a rehash of other startups. In NYC, tech startups are just enablers of more 3Fering, with an overrepresentation of programs and apps, that help you locate the best restaurants and best apartments, in Manhattan. In Montreal, techies actually come up with meaningful startups, like programs that help create an efficient business.

  7. I can’t even imagine GenBrandons at old age, especially in Murka. However, you maybe right. I hear stories of millennials getting screwed. But it doesn’t seem that way, AT THE MOMENT.

  8. And Ryu: Any place infested with coloreds is no good. Look at NY’s tech startups. I might be cherry picking for pictures.

    Now tell me how the fuck these sporadic niggas become a positive force to humanity. They’ll never hack it in tech. All they do is loaf around and pleasure every minute of their fucking life.

    So yes, Murka deserves to be destroyed from within, because it is very contaminated with the black mold and miggas in general.

  9. Now this is your typical tech gathering in Montreal. I was in one of them. Not single nigga in one of them, and very few coloreds, with a sporadic gooker or curry dot in the mix.

    Canadian GenBrandons might be stupid, but their Murkan cousins are beyond hope.

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