Criminal Profiling in Reverse

by Ryu

Most know that the police can use profiles to go from a crime to a criminal. But did you know that one can use profiles to lead a criminal to the crime he ought to commit?

Every crime has a profile associated with it. The profile contains a description of the type of man who commits a particular crime. The successful commission of a crime depends upon certain personality traits.

Confrontational types favor aggravated assault and robbery. This type “tends” to be less educated and more impulsive than the other type. Profiles are a guide, not a hard and fast rule. This type also tends to be younger and male.

Non-confrontational types favor arson, bombings, burglary and sniping. This type “tends” to be intellectual and high IQ. Older men favor these type of crimes. Pigs like to use the word “cowardly” with these crimes….cowardly meaning, “Damn! We can’t catch this guy!”

Homicides vary. There is the disorganized, emotional, opportunistic killer. His strength is his randomness. Then there is the organized, calculating killer. His strength is his planning and how little evidence he leaves behind. Both methods have had their successes.

Killers tend to be both male and white. Especially serial killers.

One of the best examples is Ted Kaczynski. Kaz wasn’t even on the suspect list until his own brother turned him in. He had a phenomenal run even with a task force after him. Typically the system forms a task force when all other avenues have been exhausted and when they are getting pissed off.

3 Comments to “Criminal Profiling in Reverse”

  1. Being unusual is a good profiling defense, but it’s dangerous to be too consistent
    I used to think I was invisible going for night walks for years on deserted rural roads until I got interrogated by the cops twice in one month

    • Cops make their baseline a “normal” person. A normal American.

      The problem is, you got seen walking on that road. They would not just drive by a man walking a deserted road at night. Just give it some time. Americans have short memories. Even with field notes, the cops will forget you if they go by there are see nothing.

  2. A Profiling State is a hybrid police/nanny state. It is a necessary result of a mass of radical autonomists whose defining “essence” is an “in-your-face” invisibility.

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