Who Do the Police Fear?

by Ryu

Defense attorneys.

Their books indicate a tremendous fear of being ripped up on the stand. A good defense attorney can destroy a case that took months to put together.

Catching bad guys is just one part of the criminal justice process. It’s the glamour work. The suspect has to see a judge, then the district attorney has to determine if a case can be made. Just because someone was “arrested” doesn’t mean they are guilty, or that the story is over.

A good cop cannot just be good in the street. As he conducts an investigation, he has to keep an eye to the next steps in the….… legal system. Everything will be scrutinized later on. One mistake, and the suspect will go free.

It’s so important to not give anything away. Make the police do their own damn work. It is quite rare for the police to catch and prosecute a suspect completely by the strength of their own case. Usually, they get the suspect to help them.

There’s alot of hate directed towards defense attorneys who are paid to defend the accused. Many pages devoted to how to act, what to say, common tactics used against them.

2 Comments to “Who Do the Police Fear?”

  1. The proper legal term for attorney cross-exams of HEROCops is…interrogation – what HEROCops! do to “civilians.”
    Now, these community college morons are playing in a Master’s Degree JD game where the enemy has the rule book – and uses it well to fuck a cop a new bunghole.

    Turnabout is fair play. What’s good for the goose…

    Firepower says: It all depends on where you’re standing in the world as to how big an asshole you are.

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