The System’s Worst Nightmare

by Ryu

A seriel killer of cops.

One can always tell what is most effective, by what is most demonized, and what draws the highest system response. Nothing draws more heat than a dead cop.

The system’s enforcers make tyranny possible. They fear death more than anything. There are many artifices used to disguise this fear – the sunglasses, uniform, body armor, the attitude, their PR.

If you decide to watch this, listen to the tone. Read between the lines, beyond the music, beyond the rehearsed body language and phraseology.

4 Comments to “The System’s Worst Nightmare”

  1. Real life wild cards. In the unlikely event they are captured alive they have it made in prison, but they must enjoy their notoriety in solitary confinement. Probably spend the first month under round the clock observation sitting on concrete in their underpants. Best they can hope for is a heart attack.

  2. You must be a real faggot Paparazzo

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