Running the Cop Con on the Cops

by Ryu

The cops run a long con on the Murkan public. It says we are uncorruptable champions of justice, whose only thought is the public’s safety. It says we are unbiased and objective defenders of society during protests and strikes. It says that cops don’t lie on the stand or in the interrogation room. All of these claims are false.

There is a beautiful symmetry in life. The police have parasites of their own. Tactical gear vendors are one such group. The most voracious parasite is the feds.

All the lies the public believes about the police, the police believe about the feds. Federal corruption is just a larger version of departmental corruption. At the top of the pyramid is a group of politicals, businessmen, drug lords, terrorists, arms dealers and lawmen all with the same interests.

Sometimes a cop wants to expose …..….police corruption. They select an “objective” group like the feds. The feds have their own agendas though – they want indictments, they want big budgets, they want power.

“Prince of the City” is a beautiful movie. The feds suck a cop dry. By the time they are done with him, he has betrayed his family, his department, and his partners. The feds string this guy along for years. His handlers are promoted thanks to his evidence and they move on, but he’s stuck testifying for years on end. He pays a very high price to have a ‘clean conscience.’

…and through it all the Earth abides. The cops sells security, the priest sells redemption, the technologist sells progress, the politician sells change, etc etc. Every group has their game. But what isn’t a game?

One Comment to “Running the Cop Con on the Cops”

  1. Revenge when the desire is first felt. Too succeed it must become a game though.
    The resistance can be a single man against the united evils of mankind.
    They would gladly press the doomsday button though it would kill them too.

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